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Eric GrenonSigned: 19:13, 01/02/2015
"Save the trees by building from basic renewables materials such as hemp,straw,earth (ram earth construction),sand,clay,stone,cob. Let's built a paradise for all species! "
Mari VerchereSigned: 02:05, 01/02/2015
Randie RabideauSigned: 19:52, 31/01/2015
"In #8, I believe it will be in our highest good to seek guidance not just from our minds and logic, but from our Source!"
Marisa FerreraSigned: 19:49, 31/01/2015
"I feel that principal #8 is missing an important component. What about using our connection to Source and inner Knowledge to access guidance from the Higher Realms when seeking solutions to problems?"
Allan BeilSigned: 03:34, 28/01/2015
Bruno BoileauSigned: 14:32, 25/01/2015
stephan GagneSigned: 02:31, 22/01/2015
Tim ScottSigned: 00:52, 21/01/2015
Samantha DouglasSigned: 19:50, 19/01/2015
Keith OrganSigned: 13:07, 19/01/2015
Ian GrindallSigned: 22:05, 18/01/2015
Marcel DuguaySigned: 00:02, 13/01/2015
Jeffrey BowenSigned: 18:18, 12/01/2015
Deb St.JeanSigned: 20:38, 11/01/2015
"Years ago, I read Celestine Prophecy, a fictional novel that wove history and human development into a compelling story. It and the following books suggested that technology is to free mankind. That freedom would allow everyone the ability to pursue their dreams or natural talents, the only obstacle being themselves. It showed mankind could evolve as a symbiotic parasite, that enhanced itself and every thing it interacted with. Currently mankind's aspirations now are based on what one can afford or the debt one is willing to take on. Remove that limitation, creativity and abundance in all areas will be unleashed exponentially! We as a species are behaving as the worst kind of parasite, one that is knowingly killing its host. Current behaviors, if continued, lead to extinction of mankind and most other species. The planet will survive, wounded for innumerable eons possibly forever. Choose: Change or Extinction. I choose CHANGE!"
rene ariensSigned: 21:25, 06/01/2015
juanita coletteSigned: 14:11, 05/01/2015
Dianne LindalSigned: 19:07, 31/12/2014
Charles GardenSigned: 18:30, 31/12/2014
Richard BurleySigned: 17:15, 31/12/2014
"Fantastic idea... this!!"
Lori MeierSigned: 17:07, 31/12/2014
"What a wonderful world this would be if we could just have compassion and love for one anther, where greed would take a back seat..."
Charlie WilsonSigned: 02:52, 30/12/2014
"To believe in a world where abundance, sustainability and and fairness reign is a dream I'm willing to invest in. Thank you for putting the time and care into crafting this document - and may we all prosper!"
John RumleySigned: 17:00, 29/12/2014
"Hanta Yo!My native ancestors were on the right path before my white ancestors came with their monetrary system andscrewed everything up. We truly need to get back to a society that gives instead of takes. "
Elizabeth LenaghanSigned: 07:50, 29/12/2014
George BiroSigned: 12:28, 21/12/2014
Goran PopovSigned: 05:24, 21/12/2014
"Already know and support 'Venus Project'; Humans need to be HUMANE first and then anything else. These 10 principles are a complete guides to a new, humane and prosperous human society; Let it happen soon."
Dean BoilySigned: 05:25, 20/12/2014
Lonnie GambleSigned: 00:40, 20/12/2014
David Lafantaisie Signed: 11:02, 18/12/2014
"This is great! I've always thought this."
Sabrina BoehmerSigned: 09:25, 18/12/2014
Mandy CheungSigned: 07:36, 18/12/2014
Stacey AustinSigned: 03:21, 18/12/2014
Colleen MorrisSigned: 03:05, 18/12/2014
Tristyn DaveySigned: 02:37, 18/12/2014
Sean DaveySigned: 01:57, 18/12/2014
Trevor BroeskySigned: 01:48, 18/12/2014
Andromeda DrakeSigned: 00:48, 18/12/2014
Guylaine MartelSigned: 09:22, 12/12/2014
"Cessons d'être des esclaves de l'économie mondiale qui n'aspire qu'à soutirer l'essence et l'énergie du vivant, de l'être humain et de la planète Cease to be slaves of the world economy which aspires to extract the essence and energy of life, of human beings and the planet Dejar de ser esclavos de la economía mundial que aspira a extraer la esencia y la energía de la vida, de los seres humanos y el planeta"
Paul BaileySigned: 19:02, 11/12/2014
"Imagine what we could accomplish if progress was more important that monetary profit. This is the next step and if we don't take it we will end up killing ourselves for a larger piece of an imaginary pie. It's time to stop keeping score and realize we are all on the same team. Competition for progress is they key, forget personal profit. Money is an ancient tool that we used to build our society but it is now holding us back. We are limited to what we do by whether or not it is profitable. Why make tires that never wear out? What is the value of free energy if you can't charge anyone for it? Progress is the answer not profit. If we can take money out of the equation the rest will take care of itself. If everyone can have a huge mansion then having one wouldn't be such a big deal anymore would it? In fact people would more likely be looked down on for being wasteful rather than being admired like they are now and living below your means would be something to be proud of."
Terry McLennanSigned: 23:59, 07/12/2014
rance foulstonSigned: 15:00, 07/12/2014
"On the face of it, there is very little not to agree with on this list. My concern would be the possibility of centralized governance and homogeneity. Technology is available, or could be made so, to allow for decentralized communities in cooperation with each other,but more or less independent in terms of needs. We don't all share the same ideals or aspirations or standards of behaviour for that matter. Our differences must be accounted for in some fashion without forcing social cohesion. I love the vision though."
Denis BourassaSigned: 17:20, 06/12/2014
"voir aussi les vidéos de Paul Ponssot à ce sujet!"
Jianjun XiaoSigned: 15:22, 05/12/2014
Sarah JohnsonSigned: 00:05, 04/12/2014
"Time to shift ourselves. Let's do this!"
Richard WrightSigned: 22:51, 03/12/2014
Mario MartinSigned: 16:45, 30/11/2014
"Cette charte exprime tout ce que ma défunte Mère rêvait depuis son tout jeune age. Pinces moi quelq'un car je crois rêver. I est grand temps que ce rêve se réalise.Amen. SALOMÉ. "
Nicole FriesenSigned: 04:18, 30/11/2014
Douglas Simpson-DietrichSigned: 00:58, 30/11/2014
Louis SauvéSigned: 16:05, 29/11/2014
Rajinder RatajczakSigned: 01:08, 28/11/2014
Aron KeriSigned: 18:41, 27/11/2014

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