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Denis DubéSigned: 05:29, 21/09/2015
"Une Charte Humanitaire se doit de garantir le droit à la Vérité, le droit à la Mémoire, et la reconnaissance de la Dignité Humaine dès la naissance et dans le respect de la réciprocité. La Vérité est épanouissante et permet une saine Mémoire. Dans ''Le Respect'', Édition Autrement, 2002, France, Catherine Audard nous partage que ''la Mémoire est l'ultime tombe des Victimes''. Ceux qui ont connu ces Victimes ont le devoir de porter leur Vérité; on ne peut les faire taire de façon arbitraire et les contraindre à la loi du silence des despotes Conquérants colonialistes qui s'appliquent méticuleusement au révisionnisme de l'Histoire. Comment justifier de restreindre le savoir en Mémoire à l'ère de la mémoire informatisée? Merci pour l'invitation. Je vous propose cette Pétition humanitaire : Denis Dubé,"
ROGER G.Signed: 04:23, 19/09/2015
Gaétan Saint-ArnaudSigned: 22:15, 17/09/2015
lafrance MichelSigned: 22:01, 14/09/2015
Liliana SuciuSigned: 02:08, 13/09/2015
Liliana SuciuSigned: 01:32, 13/09/2015
Gary RochaSigned: 01:12, 10/09/2015
"This sounds like a great idea, let us push it forward."
Renee PronovostSigned: 06:02, 05/09/2015
Douglas TaylorSigned: 15:52, 02/09/2015
Greg AndreattaSigned: 23:59, 30/08/2015
"No matter how much equality you have some will always be more equal than others. Not that i disagree with the principles of the charter just wanted to point out that fact. Also what about people who commit a violent act such as cutting someones eyes out for looking at them the wrong way(and yes there are people who do that) should they be given full equality as well?"
benoit cantinSigned: 02:43, 30/08/2015
Zach SigurdsonSigned: 00:53, 29/08/2015
Octavian PetrescuSigned: 14:47, 25/08/2015
Cole BellavanceSigned: 13:48, 22/08/2015
"I want to make a difference in this lifetime! This is just the beginning, thank you for the excellent information. I'm 22 years old and I know this and the Venus project are two big factors of change I hope to contribute to in the future for I will feel truthfully happy and proud to be human!"
Kalen LeathardSigned: 04:47, 20/08/2015
paul ducharmeSigned: 03:20, 20/08/2015
robert silvaSigned: 02:39, 19/08/2015
Fos KenosSigned: 23:31, 17/08/2015
Brandi PerrySigned: 23:07, 16/08/2015
"We are living in a world where we are told we are powerless by institutions struggling for power in all it's form thinking it is finite and up for ownership. None of us own anything, we are meant to be stewards, using our intelligence for those and that which is less evolved because we are all interconnected. We are programmed with lies from a young way so that we do not see the possibilities of what love can accomplish. We all deserve to be free and enjoy this beautiful planet and live in harmony, but we are programmed with fear. If we all looked in our hearts and realized our own individual power and all came together, we could have heaven on earth. It is time. There is no need for suffering and we can do something about it if we stand together and take back our power, our freedom, and live one another and all that is living. "
Anthony ValezSigned: 23:06, 16/08/2015
Stéphan JodoinSigned: 15:11, 16/08/2015
"Si je peu aider d'une façon ou une autre à la réalisation de ce modèle de société n'hésiter pas à communiquer avec moi."
Mark KennedySigned: 13:01, 16/08/2015
"An amazing idea which is grounded in love and who's time as come! We currently have such a life taking system this new way will bring the life and joy back into everyone's lives and will grow, transform, and bring humanity to a new level of awesomeness! "
Ronald HatchSigned: 20:49, 15/08/2015
"I'm signing this because I'm tired. I'm tired of feeling like a slave. Like I have no choice in what I do. Everyday I go to a job I hate, which could be easily automated. I want to go to school, but can't afford it and I don't know if I ever will be able to. I feel like I have so much potential but this society crushes me, immobilizes me, like I'm caught in a trap. I want a world where every human being can live without unnecessary suffering, and grow to their full potential. "
brandon albrechtSigned: 17:41, 14/08/2015
"There is no hope with corruption What are the precautions to avoid greedy individuals from obtaining power and what's the penalty for those who are caught?"
Shane RodzinskiSigned: 16:41, 14/08/2015
F. Ann HazlettSigned: 05:07, 11/08/2015
michelle doucet Signed: 15:01, 09/08/2015
Steve JoshuaSigned: 09:16, 09/08/2015
Darko MatovinaSigned: 16:48, 07/08/2015
"Getting rid of money and gearing our attention to helping everyone enrich there lives mentally, physically and emotionally will be the best way to move our species to its most effective and efficient form of being. Stop for a minute and think for the greater good of anyone and everything."
Christian BlaisSigned: 13:52, 02/08/2015
"En ce qui me concerne; ce qui est proposé est le seul moyen de sauver notre planète et le future de notre race. Il est pressent d'agir avant qu'il ne soit trop tard et il est déjà très tard. Agissons......"
Glenn HellrudSigned: 04:11, 31/07/2015
Diane GirouxSigned: 04:45, 29/07/2015
André HuotSigned: 14:25, 28/07/2015
François DesaulniersSigned: 15:15, 25/07/2015
David Temple Signed: 18:43, 24/07/2015
Derek TaylorSigned: 13:26, 24/07/2015
"Its high time that humanity rise to its full potential."
Charles-Eugène BergeronSigned: 09:24, 24/07/2015
"En cette 2015 Année internationale des sols (FAO_ONU) La Charte sera lue et propagée par l'IRASD et lors des Journées Sols vivants , les 26-27 november prochains."
Jean-Pierre MatteSigned: 21:18, 23/07/2015
Cecilia de Groot Signed: 21:30, 18/07/2015
"I have spoken about the need for this since u was very young. Grateful that this is finally getting put out to the world."
im tenggokSigned: 07:55, 17/07/2015
Jennifer LoewenSigned: 16:00, 15/07/2015
Diane GodonSigned: 04:33, 15/07/2015
Carolle GodonSigned: 17:01, 13/07/2015
"Pour un monde meilleur et équitable "
Corrie LoewenSigned: 15:30, 12/07/2015
Jackie DinunnoSigned: 05:37, 12/07/2015
D. BourdeauSigned: 22:53, 11/07/2015
Joan AlvarezSigned: 21:09, 11/07/2015
Mike PorteousSigned: 20:08, 11/07/2015
"The elite will fight this tooth and nail! This totally goes against their New World Order! I gladly sign this fully knowing that if the Elite get their chance...this registry will be a hit list for them! And they will try to kill us all!"

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