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greg THOMPSONSigned: 02:51, 24/11/2015
Mariya PampovaSigned: 16:10, 21/11/2015
Giang VeSigned: 03:26, 19/11/2015
Elizabeth FehrSigned: 00:15, 19/11/2015
Joanne DohertySigned: 21:09, 18/11/2015
peter brunschwilerSigned: 16:39, 17/11/2015
"I vision I can believe in; Resource based Economy"
Hing Loong Benjamin SehayekSigned: 11:12, 17/11/2015
"Since the age of 13 I have suffered from a chronic illness, always to be misdiagnosed and unable to get proper treatment due to having to work and pay bills because of my family's situation. I have spent my life being someone I never wanted to be and doing things I never wanted to do all because of the current systems in place and this is what I have always believed in. Thank you for coming up with this because im so tired of the way things work that I constantly think of taking my life having to be a slave to the system and not being able to do something more meaningful with my life."
Irene RivetSigned: 01:56, 16/11/2015
Melissa ShepherdSigned: 17:04, 14/11/2015
"ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou We can all share our skills and talents and love and sustain and grow and inspire!! No money No boarders No power One Love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Greg DeeSigned: 13:58, 14/11/2015
Karen CrisselSigned: 12:59, 14/11/2015
Jo LeathSigned: 12:57, 14/11/2015
"“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead "
Sarah BrownSigned: 23:58, 13/11/2015
"3. Earth's natural resources are the birthright of all its inhabitants, and free to share in the combined common good. (Click to agree..)3. Earth's natural resources are the birthright of all its inhabitants, and free to share in the combined common good.I agree ? 4. Every human being is an equal part of a worldwide community of humans, and a free citizen of Earth. (Click to agree..)4. Every human being is an equal part of a worldwide community of humans, and a free citizen of Earth.I agree ? "
claudia aubinSigned: 22:56, 13/11/2015
"humans will cause their own extinction if things dont change. All humans desrve a good life not just greedy bankers and corporate elites. This current state of affairs is not how life was meant to be here on this beautiful planet, WE NEED CHANGE "
Shawna LawtonSigned: 17:47, 13/11/2015
"This world is terminally ill. The way things are going, we will destroy ourselves sooner than you think. The greed, the corruption, the lying cheating governments, the complete lack of humanity and compassion. Masses of people who can not do anything about how they are being treated. How the rich just get richer and no matter how hard they work, the poor just get poorer. If there was another option to living on this planet, I would take it............"
janice behanSigned: 16:50, 13/11/2015
Francois DurivageSigned: 10:37, 13/11/2015
Marc DionSigned: 23:00, 07/11/2015
michael marriottSigned: 01:30, 05/11/2015
Sujeewa AbeyasingheSigned: 01:59, 04/11/2015
"If we believe this is the way it should be then "All That Is" will provide us with the opportunities to act and make it our collective reality."
Jonathan ThifaultSigned: 19:10, 31/10/2015
Gilles GarneauSigned: 10:32, 31/10/2015
genevieve dubostSigned: 16:24, 30/10/2015
Martine PelletierSigned: 15:31, 30/10/2015
Pierre NormandeauSigned: 12:49, 30/10/2015
"Il faut aussi reconnaitre les besoins essentiels pour vivre en santé sans médicament grâce à un logement décent, de l'Air pur, l'eau pure, l'exercice, l'alimenmtation frugivore-végétarienne, l'exercice, le repos, le sommeil, les loisirs et le travail créateur et utile. "
claudette rochetteSigned: 02:40, 30/10/2015
"Je souhaite que cela se réalise , j'y crois "
Katia PoulinSigned: 01:09, 30/10/2015
Louise PerrasSigned: 01:01, 30/10/2015
Danielle GenestSigned: 00:40, 30/10/2015
Chantal DesormeauxSigned: 00:39, 30/10/2015
"Il est temps d'arrêter toute cette barbarie et commencer à vivre!! "
Danny BaillargeonSigned: 00:06, 30/10/2015
Carl SimardSigned: 23:05, 29/10/2015
louise hudonSigned: 13:38, 29/10/2015
Melodie PaiementSigned: 12:41, 29/10/2015
marc ducharmeSigned: 11:57, 29/10/2015
"Wow c vrm mais vrm nice!!! G pensé à cela il y a déjà 3 ans et on ma traité de fou!!! G jamais écarter cette idée et je suis plus qu'heureux de m'inscrire et de signer!!!! :)"
Gabriel RichardSigned: 07:08, 29/10/2015
Luc LebelSigned: 00:49, 29/10/2015
Frederick ThiviergeSigned: 00:30, 29/10/2015
Steeve DuguaySigned: 22:47, 28/10/2015
"tous unis pour un monde meilleur ! "
kimberly tebbySigned: 22:13, 24/10/2015
George BiroSigned: 16:17, 16/10/2015
James BeckerSigned: 23:11, 13/10/2015
Jeffrey M WacheskiSigned: 00:05, 05/10/2015
"I had independently come to these very conclusions, thanks so much for writing them down for me."
Susan DeynakaSigned: 15:41, 03/10/2015
"I was a single parent with 3 children . I worked 12 hour shifts and still couldn't afford much. Some days I went hungry so there would be enough food for the children . I would move the food around in the cupboards, and cry. what was I to do? Life seemed so unfair. I gradually went to depression. This was a rough situation , a rough life. People working in the oil Field were making huge amounts of money. I worked in the hospital looking after the old and sick. I made so much less money than them. why? who is in control This wouldn't have been able to happen , if there was a different system . Much less suffering for children and single mother's, or anyone that didn't have the luck of others, if you can call it that"
Shannon McArthurSigned: 04:12, 02/10/2015
"We've got a long way to go but we're in good company. To realize these ideals is a worthy goal."
gualter medeirosSigned: 19:26, 26/09/2015
"only problem is i can see the people in power wiping this out"
Brian RoySigned: 18:03, 26/09/2015
Ryan GuilletSigned: 16:42, 26/09/2015
Charlotte CareySigned: 14:21, 26/09/2015
"This is a great idea, hope to see this in my lifetime."
Brett HallSigned: 10:03, 26/09/2015
"These sum up what I often try to express (as a Layman) to my peers: a world system, one without borders and money. I still remain relatively alone in my views."

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