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gérard st-pierreSigned: 02:40, 25/01/2017
Jean HudonSigned: 02:31, 25/01/2017
David ZantolasSigned: 20:04, 16/01/2017
"I've been hoping someone would start putting these ideas together. We need to move forward fixing our world, it's the only one we have."
Craig LewisSigned: 07:17, 13/01/2017
"I Craig G, Lewis, will do, above and beyond my own abilities, and capabilities, to Stand and Support the Free World Chater. It is ALL our Futures. Craig G. Lewis Friday 13, 2017 Well it's Friday 13, 2019 Time we get reconnected :) Blessing for this oppertunity to Server, Share and Save, our World! "
Josanne SinclaireSigned: 16:44, 02/01/2017
Chris MacdonaldSigned: 00:50, 01/01/2017
Fedor TcherkachineSigned: 18:20, 30/12/2016
Sandra ScowSigned: 00:30, 23/12/2016
Walter DullemondSigned: 22:48, 11/12/2016
Frans DullemondSigned: 22:37, 11/12/2016
"Let us get rid of money and banks!"
Bailee ClowesSigned: 03:22, 10/12/2016
Matthew SmithSigned: 19:31, 09/12/2016
"This is brilliant! Thank you so much for doing this. You have summed up my beliefs in totality. I would love to help promote this cause. Best of wishes, Matt "theProphet" Smith CEO and Founder of The Infidel Netwerk Artist, Musician, and Philospher Collective -"
Ryan WhittekerSigned: 20:34, 04/12/2016
Tibor RozsahegyiSigned: 23:43, 26/11/2016
Anna PascalSigned: 11:53, 26/11/2016
Richard WrightSigned: 03:54, 18/11/2016
"The Galactic Federation is here to assist us with this plan. I am 100% certain we will attain these goals. "
Lloyd Allan MacPhersonSigned: 22:20, 17/11/2016
"Hey, I've been a hard-core contributionist since 2009. I've logged thousands of hours of volunteer work towards music, photography, video, historic property restoration, and fund raising - I want to flip the paradigm and create fundraisers for municipal units to do so. "
Tyson ShamanSigned: 15:26, 11/11/2016
Maureen CollinsSigned: 15:55, 10/11/2016
Robert GrammerSigned: 09:02, 03/11/2016
richard benoitSigned: 22:14, 30/10/2016
"pour l évolution sa c est génial, la pleine liberté pour tous et mettre ses talents au service de la société..bravo."
Cynthia McMillanSigned: 14:18, 29/10/2016
Lori MellomSigned: 11:30, 29/10/2016
Andrew HallSigned: 00:46, 27/10/2016
James LottSigned: 18:04, 26/10/2016
"I'm ready for revolution."
Ibrahim AbdurazagSigned: 17:53, 19/10/2016
"Free World. we need to make this happen and every one needs to wake up "
Adam ChammourySigned: 03:45, 19/10/2016
"This needs to be shared to every single human being on this planet so we can finally overthrow the elite 1% and reclaim our planet as a new evolved species of human. "
Jacob ScowSigned: 19:27, 11/10/2016
Hila RussSigned: 23:40, 09/10/2016
K TSigned: 21:06, 09/10/2016
Deanna LaValley Signed: 17:03, 09/10/2016
Byron BarwickSigned: 16:56, 09/10/2016
carol seligSigned: 13:28, 09/10/2016
Stefan SeligSigned: 13:19, 09/10/2016
Derryl ReidSigned: 18:19, 06/10/2016
Nathan Isbister Signed: 17:42, 04/10/2016
Emily YaegerSigned: 21:35, 29/09/2016
phil canuelSigned: 05:53, 26/09/2016
Vincent RoySigned: 02:12, 26/09/2016
William James (Jim) PappsSigned: 02:06, 26/09/2016
Johnny GagnonSigned: 19:48, 24/09/2016
Laurie TaylorSigned: 19:33, 24/09/2016
AJ AndersonSigned: 06:09, 24/09/2016
"Been saying this for years. But how to actually make it happen...."
Mike Ralston Signed: 20:24, 23/09/2016
Chanel Letourneau Signed: 01:43, 19/09/2016
Colin ThompsonSigned: 01:37, 19/09/2016
"This needs mass public awareness"
Sheldon MolitorSigned: 19:14, 15/09/2016
Thomas HaySigned: 05:47, 15/09/2016
saeed khamenehSigned: 03:32, 04/09/2016
"you are absolutely right, I have down over 25 years of global solution research, if we put our collective thoughts together and start movement with many like minded people world will be a different place.#saeedkhameneh "
Lis LubySigned: 03:23, 04/09/2016
"I uphold this vision."

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