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Brian Boi-DokuSigned: 18:12, 27/11/2014
"I agree with all of the principles but disagree with the grammar and some of the language. It is my understanding that for legal and lawful documentation to be unequivocal they must be written in parse syntax. Please research :David-Wynn: Miller: the worlds leading authority on correct quantum grammar. Also some of us are not hu-man... Some if us are simply man. Thank you. Peace and love. I believe in the cause."
Paula GignacSigned: 05:27, 27/11/2014
jennifer nielsonSigned: 02:15, 27/11/2014
Travis RankinSigned: 01:39, 27/11/2014
Paula WarrenSigned: 01:25, 27/11/2014
Darlene MortonSigned: 23:52, 26/11/2014
Love JesusSigned: 23:40, 26/11/2014
"Love prosperous abundance and co-operation are possible when you let your heart tell your mind what's possible, Harmony and Creation you are Beautiful Creatures. "
Fern RancourtSigned: 23:19, 26/11/2014
"I don't understand the purpose of this but I do belive in these 10 statments! "
Lenn DelorieSigned: 20:54, 26/11/2014
"I hope this initiative sweeps through the world like a raging fire. This is the only planet where you have to pay to live, and it is wrong in so many ways. If we can't free ourselves from money, we need transparency in all of our dealings. "
Nicole LerouxSigned: 19:48, 26/11/2014
Brianna CernanecSigned: 19:10, 26/11/2014
John CernanecSigned: 19:09, 26/11/2014
Josée Arsenault Signed: 18:44, 26/11/2014
Monica Friesen Signed: 18:22, 26/11/2014
Michelle LaperrièreSigned: 17:33, 26/11/2014
"For years I have been thinking along these lines. I am glad that somebody came along to enunciate these thoughts and beliefs clearly and succinctly."
Alannah TylorSigned: 17:19, 26/11/2014
"Thank you! It is so wonderful at 72 to feel gratitude every day for the partnership of humanity that is expressed and shared through my little IPad with messages and info you and others provide. My karma of financial fears has moved to appreciation thanks to the unconditional love that you pour into our world."
Arlene CurrySigned: 16:43, 26/11/2014
Odette PerrasSigned: 16:14, 26/11/2014
Steve BoutinSigned: 15:47, 26/11/2014
Patricia FlahertySigned: 15:01, 26/11/2014
Jeannine SchulzSigned: 14:43, 26/11/2014
Dianne MacEwenSigned: 13:48, 26/11/2014
Glen SimsSigned: 13:41, 26/11/2014
Christine EdwardsSigned: 12:42, 26/11/2014
Alan ElfordSigned: 11:08, 26/11/2014
Steve BeckowSigned: 01:05, 26/11/2014
"Thanks for the work you do from the whole team at the Golden Age of Gaia. Together we will build Nova Earth, the society that you write about here."
Philippe LegerSigned: 03:40, 25/11/2014
"Great job, I support you."
Mikellena NettosSigned: 19:49, 24/11/2014
Lois PumfreySigned: 04:07, 24/11/2014
"Peace to ALL beings."
Shellie GleaveSigned: 15:27, 23/11/2014
Caroline PetrementSigned: 15:17, 23/11/2014
Jim PappsSigned: 21:46, 22/11/2014
"No comment required, this is simply common sense."
Karissa AnzlinSigned: 21:17, 22/11/2014
"I am overwhelmingly excited and happy that I have finally found this. I am 100% on board with this plan and these ideas, and probably have been since I was born. I have always had the urge to scream out for change, and have been stumped into how I can get more people to act upon it. I have many ideas that would possibly help humanity as a whole. Please let me know what more we can do. Can we set up group meetings, somehow get more people together? Thanks. change has to happen N O W. Karissa Anzlin"
Nancy LeducSigned: 01:38, 19/11/2014
Barbara BekeSigned: 03:53, 18/11/2014
Sean DallaireSigned: 20:48, 17/11/2014
"What a beautiful system to believe in.In order to obtain this, we would have to all come together soon before the world as we know it is completely destroyed.The real individuals who control the world will not give it up without a fight. Peace and harmony to all."
Richard SmallSigned: 18:00, 16/11/2014
Daniel GaronSigned: 15:39, 16/11/2014
"Que notre r?gne ?cologique arrive et que notre volont? d'harmonie soit faite pour les si?cles ? venir."
Costel MunteanuSigned: 03:10, 16/11/2014
"Would be nice (and democratic) to poll the results for submissions which do not have all the statements checked and the possibility to comment on each statement. This form is a "black or white" agreement. Democracy could not be reduced to a initiative of one (or very few people who agree) but a general consensus with all its nuances. This way better formulations would come to life and more people would adhere to the cause."
Carrie WheelerSigned: 21:06, 10/11/2014
"Yes please. This has made me think of some of the things that I personally could contribute to such a society, starting in my own backyard. I can educate and entertain others through the art of storytelling, I can grow and cook food, I can make soap, I can provide care for animals. I am committed to providing these goods and services for free in my own community starting now and encouraging others to do the same."
Cathie CabotSigned: 18:20, 08/11/2014
Nick ChaffeySigned: 04:23, 06/11/2014
joceline brunetteSigned: 17:28, 05/11/2014
"I believe it is time for humanity to truly awaken :D "
Scott AndrewsSigned: 17:14, 05/11/2014
"I 100% agree with this, it resembles closely what Gene Roddenberry had in the future in Star Trek."
Louise coatesSigned: 15:16, 05/11/2014
"this is the world I dream and want to live in."
Cassie KraftSigned: 11:30, 05/11/2014
Annette KennedySigned: 05:31, 05/11/2014
Bill BlaySigned: 05:11, 05/11/2014
"A truly Free world would be the greatest gift for humanity ! "
Daphne RandallSigned: 21:14, 04/11/2014
"Wonderful idea -- an honour to sign this, in the spirit of social justice and environmental sustainability."
James SnyderSigned: 12:35, 03/11/2014

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