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Charleen GordeySigned: 14:21, 23/03/2016
Lorna RichardSigned: 05:10, 23/03/2016
"I HAVE A DREAM! In this dream I live in a world without opposites. I live in a world in which all are living from the language of the Heart, the language of true LOVE and not the idea of love. I live in a world in which an individual no longer makes decisions from the fear of not being enough. I live in a world in which an individual no longer makes decisions from the fear of not having enough. A world that understands it is Source and is expressing The One Source and that Source is LOVE! In this world the heart opens to flow the love of its own Source. Living from this Source of Love gives way to a life free of suffering. In this even compassion dissolves for All are living from the truth of their true nature and seeing with the eyes of Divine Love. The body transforms and becomes the expression of IT’S DIVINITY! I DREAMED IT, SO IT ALREADY EXISTS. ALL I NEED DO NOW IS TO Hold This Vibration ALIGNING MY PHYSICAL EXPRESSION WITH IT. "
François CôteSigned: 17:50, 22/03/2016
Alexandre PaquinSigned: 03:47, 21/03/2016
Hanna McFarlaneSigned: 21:08, 20/03/2016
Denis BoulianeSigned: 19:04, 20/03/2016
Josh KarilaSigned: 23:35, 18/03/2016
Dennis AtchisonSigned: 00:12, 17/03/2016
Kenneth Michael FlecknellSigned: 17:57, 15/03/2016
"Ideas that you have stated have been used in Star trek and are perhaps the reason the series had such great appeal to the main stream. High time that people were made aware of this ideology. As for myself, I have always thought this would be a better way. Money creates so many problems. Society cannot sustain this madness. "
Michelle TremblaySigned: 16:21, 14/03/2016
C SeelySigned: 02:29, 14/03/2016
Christian LiretteSigned: 01:11, 14/03/2016
"Many Blessings to you and may all live in peace and abundance! "
Gail JonesSigned: 01:53, 13/03/2016
"Yes by all means , this sounds like UBUNTU !"
Mike LabaSigned: 21:15, 12/03/2016
Robert MielkeSigned: 14:04, 12/03/2016
"How does the charter differ from the Ubuntu movement? Is there a developed method for integration from a private property setting to one where everyone is entitled to everything? I am in love with all of these concepts and look forward to seeing how the charter grows in open sourcing a blueprint for integrating this crumbling capitalist system into a sustainable, equitable and compasionate world. Keep up the great work."
jay lSigned: 04:18, 12/03/2016
"Will this be a collaborative effort with TVP"
Tracy KolenchukSigned: 21:14, 05/03/2016
"Why do I need to select a country? If I have no country, am I not eligible?"
Bill BourneSigned: 17:11, 05/03/2016
"Love is the greater part of intelligence - way beyond the brain. The brain is useful for logical processes but the heart is essential for wisdom and true progress."
chris boudreaultSigned: 00:38, 03/03/2016
jeff anweilerSigned: 00:25, 03/03/2016
"Capitalism has become a Cancer and the 1 % of population that grotesquely benefits, has too much power. It has to end."
Laura Marie Joan StewartSigned: 22:22, 02/03/2016
"Thank you for creating this charter of human rights and freedoms. It seems to me to be based on God's principles as found in the bible as well as from principles found in indigenous cultures. This charter is deeply respectful of humanity."
gisele boisvertSigned: 20:07, 02/03/2016
"vive la nouvelle charte "
Stephen SmithSigned: 16:35, 02/03/2016
Ron ForthSigned: 01:33, 02/03/2016
"A brilliant vision of the future. Hopefully it would actually work. Certainly a first step would be to get everyone up past the poverty level, a basic level of living, providing them the freedom to do what they could to benefit society. Getting rid of money is one way, distributing it in accordance with the principles is another, IMO."
Barbara JoannidesSigned: 21:38, 29/02/2016
Lu EmanuelSigned: 19:37, 29/02/2016
Luviah PereiraSigned: 20:42, 28/02/2016
Rene AriensSigned: 22:03, 27/02/2016
".... if we can't be good to one another, then what good are we?"
Brandon CramerSigned: 17:33, 26/02/2016
Anna KaniaSigned: 14:47, 25/02/2016
Monique Auger-PoulinSigned: 19:04, 21/02/2016
royston marplesSigned: 22:28, 20/02/2016
Jocelyne PatrySigned: 23:54, 19/02/2016
Isabelle LoignonSigned: 01:57, 19/02/2016
Lamarche GinetteSigned: 23:09, 18/02/2016
Ardythe BashamSigned: 04:58, 18/02/2016
"What could be more obvious and sensible than these principles? "
Vincent Desgagné-TrachySigned: 02:53, 12/02/2016
"It's the only way to save this world."
Christophe ContantSigned: 23:05, 09/02/2016
"Amour inconditionnel et réel bonheur !"
Bryce Murph'AriensSigned: 05:35, 09/02/2016
"I and my family practice permaculture and have an off-grid medieval style experimental farm where we explore sustainable small scale agriculture and food forestry in Ontario Canada. Our transportation is via horse buggy and carpooling, and our income is mostly derived from perennial plant and excess food sales at roadside. We also receive a good income through tithing as we educate about post fossil fuel transition. "
Shane WittmierSigned: 17:26, 08/02/2016
"Thank you for helping to build a new society!"
Ahmed AliSigned: 07:17, 05/02/2016
Adley GSigned: 03:38, 05/02/2016
Jean GravelSigned: 02:46, 04/02/2016
"I strongly embrace these principles into my daily life and encourage everyone in the world to do so as well. I actively participate in creating this new world. Change can only happen if we embrace it, accept it, and make it happen. Everyone must play their part. "You must be the change that you want to see in the world" ~Gandhi~"
stéphane lavoieSigned: 01:19, 04/02/2016
"je crois en ce nouveau monde, en ce projet mondial, il est temps de faire un grand changement... et pour le mieux. "
shauna narveySigned: 21:51, 30/01/2016
Mark CidadeSigned: 00:17, 28/01/2016
Don RobinsonSigned: 05:56, 26/01/2016
Kevin WestermannSigned: 22:35, 25/01/2016
""If your life's work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you're not thinking big enough." (Wes Jackson) "
Steven DanielSigned: 23:57, 16/01/2016
"I Swear Allegiance to Humanity, Mother Earth and All It's Inhabitants. We Are All One. Namaste'"
david schwartzSigned: 09:49, 16/01/2016

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