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Christophe ContantSigned: 23:05, 09/02/2016
"Amour inconditionnel et réel bonheur !"
Bryce Murph'AriensSigned: 05:35, 09/02/2016
"I and my family practice permaculture and have an off-grid medieval style experimental farm where we explore sustainable small scale agriculture and food forestry in Ontario Canada. Our transportation is via horse buggy and carpooling, and our income is mostly derived from perennial plant and excess food sales at roadside. We also receive a good income through tithing as we educate about post fossil fuel transition. "
Shane WittmierSigned: 17:26, 08/02/2016
"Thank you for helping to build a new society!"
Ahmed AliSigned: 07:17, 05/02/2016
Adley GSigned: 03:38, 05/02/2016
Jean GravelSigned: 02:46, 04/02/2016
"I strongly embrace these principles into my daily life and encourage everyone in the world to do so as well. I actively participate in creating this new world. Change can only happen if we embrace it, accept it, and make it happen. Everyone must play their part. "You must be the change that you want to see in the world" ~Gandhi~"
stéphane lavoieSigned: 01:19, 04/02/2016
"je crois en ce nouveau monde, en ce projet mondial, il est temps de faire un grand changement... et pour le mieux. "
shauna narveySigned: 21:51, 30/01/2016
Mark CidadeSigned: 00:17, 28/01/2016
Don RobinsonSigned: 05:56, 26/01/2016
Kevin WestermannSigned: 22:35, 25/01/2016
""If your life's work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you're not thinking big enough." (Wes Jackson) "
Steven DanielSigned: 23:57, 16/01/2016
"I Swear Allegiance to Humanity, Mother Earth and All It's Inhabitants. We Are All One. Namaste'"
david schwartzSigned: 09:49, 16/01/2016
JACO'VIVE LUPIENSigned: 18:06, 15/01/2016
"Je dis nous sommes UN,et je dis IN,LAK'ECH et NAMASTÉ en AMOUR avec Notre MERE--TERRE,,,,,Jaco'Vive paysan-artisan et Fidele Amie de La Mere-Terre......"
Jade-Alex BergeronSigned: 21:57, 05/01/2016
Keith MacDonaldSigned: 01:05, 05/01/2016
Benjamin VilleneuveSigned: 20:04, 04/01/2016
"C'est une utopie à laquelle j'aime bien rêver."
Mathieu WellsSigned: 15:22, 04/01/2016
Andre JacquesSigned: 06:34, 04/01/2016
"equality for everyone , stop the cabal , New world order,Illuminati,stop the federal reserve private banking banking system, bring out free energy that Nikola Tesla created , bring out cures for diseases that our government around the world are keeping from the population to keep funding big pharma , to sum it all up , bring out all technologies that were back engineered from crash Alien UFOs EX: 1947 Roswell crash one of many examples , LETS CREATE A WORLD FAIR FOR EVERY LIVING THING ON OUR BEAUTIFUL BLUE PLANET <3"
Randy DennisSigned: 03:07, 25/12/2015
John RedfieldSigned: 23:52, 22/12/2015
Phillip McDavidSigned: 03:06, 22/12/2015
Melonie PhillipsSigned: 23:27, 17/12/2015
Patrice DupuisSigned: 03:14, 17/12/2015
Maxime GilbertSigned: 02:24, 17/12/2015
Diane BriseboisSigned: 02:07, 15/12/2015
Magali ValleeSigned: 11:05, 14/12/2015
Kelly HoweSigned: 01:25, 14/12/2015
Denis CloutierSigned: 14:41, 13/12/2015
"Je suis entièrement pour!!! Et ils y a d'autres organists comme le vôtre avec les mêmes VALEURS!! SVP ALLEZ VOIR: Avec tout mon AMOUR Denis xxx"
Guillaume AudetSigned: 06:21, 12/12/2015
"Toutes les technologies pour résoudre une grande partie des problèmes énergétiques, de pollution et d'allimentation existent... mais ne sont pas rendu disponibles et quelques fois restent mêmes cachées (sans dépôt de brevet). Obliger la diffusion de ces technologies pour le bien commun devrait passer avant la protection des empires financiers de ce monde."
Rene AriensSigned: 13:37, 10/12/2015
Andre Julien RaelianSigned: 03:29, 10/12/2015
"This is wonderful! Congratulations! Very similar objectives to Paradism ("
Helene LaflecheSigned: 19:51, 06/12/2015
Marie Louise BussièresSigned: 19:43, 06/12/2015
"La seule solution pour sortir du cycle de la destruction et de l'injustice est un monde sans argent. Avec l'aide de la science, la technologie et les arts notre monde peut devenir un monde plus humain, un paradis pour tous."
Rachel BluteauSigned: 13:23, 06/12/2015
Anna PascalSigned: 11:32, 06/12/2015
"I totally Agree..the time is now. : )"
Normand PaiementSigned: 11:22, 06/12/2015
Jolanta ProchnowskiSigned: 02:01, 06/12/2015
Denise BelisleSigned: 20:04, 05/12/2015
"A world without money is the only way to save ourselves and the planet."
Laëlle RaëlienneSigned: 19:17, 05/12/2015
"Ça devrait être en place dès maintenant."
Damien FrancoeurSigned: 17:56, 05/12/2015
Vital GaudreaultSigned: 16:32, 05/12/2015
Jean-Claude NaderSigned: 15:44, 05/12/2015
"Ceux qui possèdent tout le pouvoir avec l'argent ( surtout les gouvernements) et qui voient et qui verront que l'argent va disparaître ne se laisseront pas faire. Avec leur pouvoir, ils vous mettre des bâtons dans les roues, quitte à payer les chercheurs en robotique pour empêcher la disparition de l'argent... et du travail. Il va donc falloir une autorité suffisamment importante pour empêcher ces riches de vivre dans un monde libre. Et seul un gouvernement mondial pourra imposer un monde libre."
Louise BergeronSigned: 15:32, 05/12/2015
" "
Robert BoudriasSigned: 07:06, 05/12/2015
David LachanceSigned: 23:37, 04/12/2015
"Thanks for making this a reality. I was waiting for this change for a while now."
Judson ChiuSigned: 21:50, 29/11/2015
greg THOMPSONSigned: 02:51, 24/11/2015
Mariya PampovaSigned: 16:10, 21/11/2015
Giang VeSigned: 03:26, 19/11/2015

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