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Vincent MartinSigned: 23:34, 23/09/2014
Erin FultonSigned: 17:52, 23/09/2014
"I think number 4 needs to respect all living species as free citizens of earth. With out them we would not exist either. We all need each other. "
Derek CarriereSigned: 17:31, 23/09/2014
"I would like to thank Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph for their tremendous insight! May Canada be one of the first Countries in the world to adopt and lead such a vision!"
Kyle JessimanSigned: 16:21, 23/09/2014
Kimberly HiggsSigned: 13:17, 23/09/2014
Toni MeloSigned: 04:39, 23/09/2014
Karen KaySigned: 03:55, 23/09/2014
Janet TaylorSigned: 22:22, 22/09/2014
Margaret Levesque Signed: 22:21, 22/09/2014
Gabriella WinterSigned: 21:24, 22/09/2014
"So be it and it is done ."
DONNA ZIELASKOSigned: 20:20, 22/09/2014
Ricardo LassalaSigned: 16:56, 22/09/2014
Vince PotterSigned: 14:55, 22/09/2014
Alan ElfordSigned: 11:53, 22/09/2014
Michael LarcombeSigned: 06:23, 22/09/2014
"I have been dreaming of a better world for years. It's about time we change our ways."
rick smithSigned: 14:47, 21/09/2014
Wendy McClellandSigned: 18:14, 20/09/2014
Jacqueline SteffenSigned: 17:12, 20/09/2014
Kayla FergusonSigned: 13:48, 20/09/2014
Teresa MadridSigned: 16:50, 16/09/2014
Brittany BauerSigned: 16:18, 15/09/2014
Francis HoudeSigned: 02:43, 12/09/2014
"The principles of TheVenusProject are something everyone needs to learn if they hope for a better way. Lets make this a reality!"
Carl LajeunesseSigned: 01:04, 11/09/2014
Jean Benjamin DubéSigned: 14:40, 08/09/2014
Terry TerrianSigned: 23:30, 06/09/2014
Brian LeitchSigned: 22:50, 05/09/2014
Jim JossSigned: 19:22, 03/09/2014
"What do you do with individuals that are murder s for example. I realize there would be a lot less crime but there will be people that are detrimental to the common good. "
Gilles OuelletSigned: 16:55, 03/09/2014
Edwina FortSigned: 05:30, 03/09/2014
Tammy JohnsonSigned: 19:28, 02/09/2014
Pavils HawkinsSigned: 15:48, 02/09/2014
mike sicardSigned: 14:24, 02/09/2014
Penny TrottierSigned: 13:45, 02/09/2014
"I always like to try and open persons eyes to the way the world is and how we should help to create change."
Michael LanfieldSigned: 21:29, 29/08/2014
"I agree we must live without money working in harmony with one another and most of all we must all go vegan to save ourselves, help the animals and heal the planet."
Nicole WhelanSigned: 21:14, 29/08/2014
Ingrid FloresSigned: 20:45, 29/08/2014
Emily FitzGeraldSigned: 18:20, 29/08/2014
"Only 1 % of people in the world are richer than the rest of us put together, and they know it. It's no accident. Money is the ROOT of all evil. Lets be TRULY free, get RID of currency, and REALLY look at each other as equals."
John SakarsSigned: 17:56, 29/08/2014
"Thank you very much for creating this charter. I am happy to sign. I am hopeful about the future. We desperately need a new world society. Please let me know how I can help. John Sakars"
Will EedeSigned: 17:41, 29/08/2014
Brett OuimetSigned: 05:58, 29/08/2014
"This is very nice to imagine. I hope we get there before the world crumbles. "
pamela irvingSigned: 18:34, 28/08/2014
Raylene LoyieSigned: 15:03, 28/08/2014
Christina WilsonSigned: 21:44, 27/08/2014
"A world where the basic necessaties of life were met for all, would foster a world populated by geniuses as The People would be free to do what they love. We would not be lazy, we would be creative, innovative, solve problems quickly and ultimately learn what it means to be our brother's keeper. The sanctitiy of the family unit would be restored and humanity would evolve both consciously and physically in a very short time, openning our minds to endless possibilities!"
Andrea Da CostaSigned: 21:34, 27/08/2014
Patricia haymanSigned: 21:20, 27/08/2014
wayne rudolphSigned: 19:40, 27/08/2014
"Hope for all please"
Meagan CampbellSigned: 19:12, 27/08/2014
vanessa shebibSigned: 13:28, 27/08/2014
Paul GrahamSigned: 19:38, 26/08/2014
Elaine JoySigned: 19:18, 26/08/2014

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