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Mehdi TaibiSigned: 12:16, 16/03/2015
"Hello, I was just thinking about that idea of a free money world. After a quick search on google, I ended up on this website. I'm glad some people think the way I do. We really need to wake up and realize how much we are wrong living the way we do. We could all live way happier, spending much more with people we love to be with and do what we really care about. Why do we need to keep running a system that truly benefit a very small portion of the people in the world when we could all of us get what we need to live plus an infinity of ways to be who ever we want to be. Anyways I could keep going on and on, all that for saying that I agree. We need a change. Thanks for your work through that website, and I really wish that we will see this new world soon. "
haley desjardinsSigned: 19:10, 15/03/2015
Wesley WeatherbeeSigned: 19:06, 15/03/2015
"I believe less ambiguity in the methods which will be employed to initiate such a radical shift in structure should be discussed more. I did not find any actual facts about what will be done, or could be done to sort out these complexities."
Amy SaulnierSigned: 03:09, 11/03/2015
Karen LindbladSigned: 15:51, 08/03/2015
Alex BoukinSigned: 05:41, 08/03/2015
"I've pondered this for a while now. Let's make it happen!"
John MolenaarSigned: 13:44, 06/03/2015
Jay FroomeSigned: 02:50, 05/03/2015
"I came to find these ideals thru Michael Tellinger, and have realized we all need to band together regardless of what name it's given. Unity in Community!"
Benjamin JohnstoneSigned: 02:21, 05/03/2015
Nattalia ChilcottSigned: 01:31, 27/02/2015
"This Charter must come to fruition!"
colette perraultSigned: 04:08, 24/02/2015
Linda TaylorSigned: 17:30, 23/02/2015
"Passionately agree with all of the principles of this charter. Just unsure how it will all work but am very interested in learning more. "
Teresa BeckettSigned: 13:35, 23/02/2015
Darrell D'OrsaySigned: 11:24, 23/02/2015
Phil CanuelSigned: 08:19, 23/02/2015
Tatijana BusicSigned: 00:57, 23/02/2015
Jean-Sebastien LaurendeauSigned: 13:53, 22/02/2015
Heather BillingsSigned: 18:50, 19/02/2015
Sylvain CollinSigned: 16:26, 12/02/2015
"I'm ready to support any of these projects."
José amaro Medina QuintanillaSigned: 22:12, 11/02/2015
"Estóy de acuerdo para conseguir un mundo mejor con esta carta."
Dallas HermansonSigned: 19:48, 11/02/2015
"Keep the dream alive."
Vern RyanSigned: 18:52, 11/02/2015
Carly StevensSigned: 16:37, 11/02/2015
Jaymes StevensonSigned: 08:09, 11/02/2015
"I am proud to add my name to this system of positive beliefs in the hopes of improving our planet and our lives lived out upon it."
Stephanie FreemanSigned: 03:15, 11/02/2015
greg zakaszewski Signed: 01:33, 11/02/2015
"a wonderful idea ...:) love it ..."
nik cookSigned: 22:27, 10/02/2015
Eric DaweSigned: 21:39, 10/02/2015
Richard Carlton HartSigned: 18:41, 10/02/2015
Deya Feliz Signed: 18:40, 10/02/2015
"Be the change you want to see in the world"
deidre morcosSigned: 16:52, 10/02/2015
Patricia CraigSigned: 14:25, 10/02/2015
Dave CraigSigned: 07:12, 10/02/2015
Michelle Linda BombardieriSigned: 06:38, 10/02/2015
Rita FeenstraSigned: 02:42, 10/02/2015
Jadzia CypressSigned: 23:30, 09/02/2015
"I agree in principle with this charter. The wording "for the common good" is dangerous. Who determines this? After all, every dictator has pointed to the "common good" to muster the masses "
tyler jacksonSigned: 22:40, 09/02/2015
Rose EvansSigned: 22:13, 09/02/2015
"The Free World is exactly the world I want to be in. "
andrea martellSigned: 21:59, 09/02/2015
Alexander MooreSigned: 21:36, 09/02/2015
Patti ValentyneSigned: 20:59, 09/02/2015
"Hoping this is a reality. We need each other. We need our earth. "
Colleen BurgessSigned: 20:48, 09/02/2015
"This is an amazing idea and it will happen one day. We all need to individually become peaceful from within to have peace on Mother Earth. "
Matthieu CarrierSigned: 18:33, 09/02/2015
"A free world ..we must"
jeannette sophiaSigned: 17:42, 09/02/2015
Nathalie BelangerSigned: 14:54, 08/02/2015
Francois ValentyneSigned: 21:44, 07/02/2015
"I probably won't see the result in my lifetime, but I support any effort made to free humankind from the crippling, wasteful, divisive monetary system we have imprisoned ourselves with. The time has come to spread the word and wake people up! "
Raymond lalandeSigned: 14:44, 07/02/2015
" i'm in the < free world | whit ubuntu ,one heaven and join this and whish i'll see all theses freewolrd movement get together and make it i'm kind of tire to be in that $$ life thank _________________raymond "
Bev NicolSigned: 09:37, 05/02/2015

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