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Ariel SamanaSigned: 19:08, 26/08/2014
Chris ThibeaultSigned: 18:50, 26/08/2014
Scott SecordSigned: 18:47, 26/08/2014
Sean QuaintSigned: 13:52, 26/08/2014
Verne McIntyre Signed: 13:27, 26/08/2014
Kimberly EmbersonSigned: 13:14, 26/08/2014
Laura LlewellynSigned: 12:43, 26/08/2014
"I agree to all but one thing...everyone, old young, and disabled, have something to contribute. I think that work comes in many forms and everyone is obligated to contribute to the whole. The old and feeble tell stories and share knowledge, even if they are ill. If we stop seeing that as a contribution, then we disempower those people and they suffer. I am passionate about changing how people live, so I use my education and experience to create change within our system. unless we show a better way, no one will change. You can't wipe the slate, you evolve. I am working with other architects to design sustainable communities as current day style land developments, but with important distinctions to create an internal socioeconomic system that sustains a community as a whole, instead of segregated by family. I have also founded a consulting cooperative designed to combine the efforts of many to share work and income and remove the 9-5. Please contact me, I want all the help we can get. "
Bryce DipaloSigned: 04:59, 26/08/2014
"I like this but there will always be greed. Perhaps not all will be greedy but it will only take a few to fuck it up."
Victoria NotteSigned: 04:54, 26/08/2014
Jordan McConnellSigned: 04:38, 26/08/2014
Beatriz CruzSigned: 02:35, 25/08/2014
Trevor BourgeoisSigned: 22:50, 24/08/2014
Mary Vincent Signed: 01:57, 23/08/2014
Peter de BoerSigned: 19:32, 16/08/2014
nathan williamsSigned: 19:39, 13/08/2014
Indra VargasSigned: 20:54, 09/08/2014
Philip PiggfordSigned: 20:08, 09/08/2014
"We must recognize the importance of meditation and train ourselves to mindful of the present moment. Such a practice would be more successful if it is introduced to our children through basic education. "
carol lindseySigned: 02:57, 09/08/2014
"I hope to see this come to fruition in my life time!"
Harry FischerSigned: 19:27, 08/08/2014
"I person at a time and we can change the world"
linda gauthierSigned: 16:28, 07/08/2014
William BarrySigned: 02:39, 06/08/2014
Carlo AbleSigned: 22:19, 05/08/2014
"God Din't make money for us....then we must stop working to it....instead We work for him...and to his people...."
Mariana VertanSigned: 20:50, 05/08/2014
Cory CionaSigned: 14:58, 01/08/2014
Bill BrandoSigned: 04:57, 01/08/2014
"We do not starve, deny, kill others for greed...we do it to ensure others do not have what we have....solve this equation and the world will be set it not and it wont matter if we are the top of the food chain because we are going to destroy every link of it including ourselves. If you want to fix this world we need to fix the governments. We need to make it for the people by the people in all regards, not for the power by the power. We need governments full of scientists not full of politics designed to create the very trap we find ourselves in. This worlds eco system is almost on its knees and we do nothing, and when it falls we arrogant it is to think it will fall long after we are dead, but worse to know it will fall on our kids or grandchildren..Very coward to leave the destruction to your own flesh and blood rather than fix the issue with your own hands and hearts."
Johanne MolaisonSigned: 18:57, 31/07/2014
"Voilà la communauté dans laquelle je veux vivre!"
Blaine StavastSigned: 04:01, 31/07/2014
"Only when we see ourselves as one family can we truly Reach our full potential as a species "
Jim MilneSigned: 03:55, 28/07/2014
Al MilneSigned: 03:20, 28/07/2014
Antonio PietroniroSigned: 18:49, 27/07/2014
"There will come a time in the very near future when all world communities will come together and see the logic and necessity of what is in this, and other similar charters. When that happens the 1% will become the 100% because all lies and deceptions will crumble in the light."
Nathalie BeaulieuSigned: 09:37, 27/07/2014
Mario jodoinSigned: 06:09, 16/07/2014
"please let me know when this new charter is approved and used by all countries...... good luck!"
Bryan PersaudSigned: 03:44, 15/07/2014
"Thank you! I have been waiting for some kind of human organization to finally articulate these central truths. I am behind the Free World Charter 100%! Please do not hesitate to call on me for anything."
Ticia GrantSigned: 03:24, 15/07/2014
"How can this ever be possible? A Utopian society where everyone is considered equal no matter their talents would be a world without competition for resources. Most of lifes creatures compete among themselves, whether it be for food, mating, territory..etc If we take away competitiveness, what will happen to natural selection?"
Norman MullerSigned: 05:16, 14/07/2014
Ivan TattoliSigned: 02:53, 14/07/2014
"To Thyne own Self Be True; Be the gift you want to be in the world; Live and let live; Evolution is a journey."
Graham JonesSigned: 19:47, 12/07/2014
Gisele BahbahaniSigned: 14:49, 10/07/2014
Liz ArcherSigned: 05:21, 10/07/2014
Luc ArseneaultSigned: 13:33, 06/07/2014
Mark HutchinsonSigned: 03:19, 30/06/2014
"I've thought of this for years already, a world where this is no money. Where knowledge is shared and provides the earth with a clean way of living. A way to provide everyone with the basic needs for life. If the world shared all natural resources and technology it would be a better place to live. Where food is grown at home or stores are large gardens where you go and pick your fruits and vegtables. A world where power is free everywhere by solor and wind power. This is what we need to focus on and the thought of how clean the world will be, how inventions that help the earth stay green will be provided for everyone, how you wont have a full time job to live by, how helping the earth in manyways will be your job and will be paid for helping live at peace. How the job you have now will help get the whole world to live in peace."
Guy GiguereSigned: 15:50, 29/06/2014
"Sharing with friends and colleagues "
Justin MelterSigned: 01:04, 28/06/2014
Bablu NadendlaSigned: 18:01, 27/06/2014
Patrick GirdlestoneSigned: 06:58, 24/06/2014
Mark SowersSigned: 06:10, 24/06/2014
Mathieu St-AmourSigned: 03:19, 23/06/2014
Yves Cummings Signed: 03:41, 20/06/2014
Brennan MccurrySigned: 20:54, 19/06/2014
Sara CampbellSigned: 16:55, 19/06/2014

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