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kim turbide-gervaisSigned: 05:58, 07/05/2015
Nicholas WoodwardSigned: 19:11, 06/05/2015
"Thank you for creating and making accessible this simple and seemingly obvious charter. I acknowledge the tremendous amount of natural evolution to this point . Living with Possibility! "
SHANE THOMPSONSigned: 04:33, 06/05/2015
Toya GrattonSigned: 14:48, 04/05/2015
Ryan BissiSigned: 21:47, 02/05/2015
Henry MurilloSigned: 15:18, 01/05/2015
Elisabeth BélangerSigned: 14:42, 01/05/2015
marsha gleichSigned: 00:04, 01/05/2015
"i could only dream for this kind future for our children. i hope this way of thinking get more out there for other people. so that they relize that it is true "life is what you make of it" and we dont have to live this way! peace on earth!!"
Mason KingSigned: 18:08, 28/04/2015
Ryan LaflammeSigned: 17:43, 27/04/2015
"I support the principles listed in this charter as the logical next steps humanity must take to insure it's long-term survival. However, I have little faith that a transition to a money-free society will happen smoothly and without bloodshed. Education is essential and perhaps the great majority of us will accept these principles, but there will always be the violent vocal minority who oppose societal benefit for their own ends. Would that we had listened to the wisdom of the past. I am far from being the most intelligent, skilled or talented, but this I know: Abolish money. The sheer amount of resources (metal particularly) that are used in its production is staggering. Who profits from profits? What purpose does an economy even serve? Without money, we would all be rich."
Laura J MacSigned: 05:50, 27/04/2015
Kevin DesRochesSigned: 23:13, 26/04/2015
Shalandria-Lea GrahameSigned: 22:18, 26/04/2015
Carol TeaSigned: 19:12, 26/04/2015
brent rosinSigned: 18:25, 26/04/2015
"Even Jesus said you can't worship god and money at the same time.. What's wrong with us that so many don't care about the people who suffer in the name of money!!!"
Patrick RheinSigned: 18:58, 25/04/2015
"fantastic project. Let me know what I can do to contribute. Please give me a contact person I can talk to. I live in Toronto Canada"
Caroline DeborahSigned: 13:22, 25/04/2015
Gavin TrentSigned: 07:04, 22/04/2015
Dave FromanSigned: 19:01, 19/04/2015
"Gladly would I participate in such a society"
Sue BainesSigned: 18:14, 19/04/2015
Kate D'AllaireSigned: 18:59, 17/04/2015
Melissa AnneSigned: 17:13, 17/04/2015
Sindy SpasevskiSigned: 04:27, 15/04/2015
"Its coming ... <3"
Maegan O'NeillSigned: 17:31, 14/04/2015
Deanna LewisSigned: 02:32, 14/04/2015
"This charter is clearly the best direction to go to ensure our future on this planet. For me, it can't happen soon enough"
Eileen KupusaSigned: 01:13, 14/04/2015
"I have grown to believe these things not knowing of a world charter!"
Lleily Chávez Signed: 06:50, 13/04/2015
Lori HerseySigned: 06:06, 13/04/2015
Kevin VennSigned: 06:04, 13/04/2015
Michael Klein Signed: 05:52, 13/04/2015
"Infinite economic growth is unsustainable and needs to be eliminated from our vocabulary. There is enough resources on the planet if we manage them properly. People like the Rothschilds should be treated as hoarders and receive the same type of mental health treatment we insist people who fill their houses with garbage."
Gilles BlouinSigned: 05:49, 13/04/2015
Mel BaptisteSigned: 04:47, 13/04/2015
Gary FoxSigned: 21:08, 03/04/2015
Sebastien VilliardSigned: 06:55, 30/03/2015
Monisha JassiSigned: 03:24, 30/03/2015
Trevor MillarSigned: 21:35, 29/03/2015
"Brilliant. Let me know if there's any further way to get involved. "
andre hirszSigned: 19:30, 29/03/2015
Neil Irwin-HodgeSigned: 01:30, 24/03/2015
Marie-Noelle FédronieSigned: 22:59, 23/03/2015
Jason Fortezza Signed: 22:56, 23/03/2015
Quinton BeaudrySigned: 10:25, 19/03/2015
"Thank you for caring. "
Mehdi TaibiSigned: 12:16, 16/03/2015
"Hello, I was just thinking about that idea of a free money world. After a quick search on google, I ended up on this website. I'm glad some people think the way I do. We really need to wake up and realize how much we are wrong living the way we do. We could all live way happier, spending much more with people we love to be with and do what we really care about. Why do we need to keep running a system that truly benefit a very small portion of the people in the world when we could all of us get what we need to live plus an infinity of ways to be who ever we want to be. Anyways I could keep going on and on, all that for saying that I agree. We need a change. Thanks for your work through that website, and I really wish that we will see this new world soon. "
haley desjardinsSigned: 19:10, 15/03/2015
Wesley WeatherbeeSigned: 19:06, 15/03/2015
"I believe less ambiguity in the methods which will be employed to initiate such a radical shift in structure should be discussed more. I did not find any actual facts about what will be done, or could be done to sort out these complexities."
Amy SaulnierSigned: 03:09, 11/03/2015
Karen LindbladSigned: 15:51, 08/03/2015
Alex BoukinSigned: 05:41, 08/03/2015
"I've pondered this for a while now. Let's make it happen!"
John MolenaarSigned: 13:44, 06/03/2015
Jay FroomeSigned: 02:50, 05/03/2015
"I came to find these ideals thru Michael Tellinger, and have realized we all need to band together regardless of what name it's given. Unity in Community!"
Benjamin JohnstoneSigned: 02:21, 05/03/2015

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