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Jamws AllenSigned: 22:42, 02/11/2014
Tina DoucetteSigned: 12:49, 02/11/2014
Stephen BirdSigned: 01:27, 31/10/2014
Liz SteinSigned: 18:27, 25/10/2014
Tarlochan DhillonSigned: 09:45, 24/10/2014
"These are Divine Universal principles which are applicable to each and every member of the human race. It will create a caring and compassionate society in which the highest in us can flourish and be ennobled. Thank you for creating this group."
Don DavidsonSigned: 09:21, 24/10/2014
"I agree that our current system is broken, and humanity is on the precipice...and the time for a change is long overdue! I really hope this initiative takes off...the sooner, the better!"
Mike ManSigned: 08:51, 24/10/2014
"This doesn't so much apply to my community as our town members are fluoridated and only concerned for themselves"
Lux CochraneSigned: 10:09, 20/10/2014
"One Family Per Planet."
Anna DeaneSigned: 02:34, 20/10/2014
"I believe that mankind desperately needs to bring massive change to society so that all of its members are afforded a peaceful, equitable, healthy environment, including respect and protection to our earth and all its creatures. We must stop this insatiable greed of the few powerful elite."
cendrine tremblaySigned: 00:35, 20/10/2014
Tyler HallSigned: 13:00, 17/10/2014
Joshua GovierSigned: 18:57, 12/10/2014
"This plan needs to happen TOMORROW. :D "
April StuartSigned: 23:38, 09/10/2014
Mireille Adeline FaysSigned: 21:35, 08/10/2014
Giuseppe GigliottiSigned: 21:05, 06/10/2014
Alexandre YaskoSigned: 14:53, 06/10/2014
Garry LoveSigned: 05:42, 06/10/2014
Kyle McCormackSigned: 19:52, 05/10/2014
"I issue a proud agreement to these ten policies, from the bio-region of Cascadia. One Love!"
audrey burkeSigned: 16:18, 05/10/2014
"Onlyg missing the issues of religion and disagreements of people and consequently war that may result from it. To some people and/or country. Sadly it has become cultural disease. It is not lead by money. So how could we successfully just stop this madness?"
Pierre NelsonSigned: 04:29, 05/10/2014
kayla demersSigned: 16:51, 04/10/2014
"I haven't met any other people that think like this and I am so thankful other people in this planet realize that humans aren't the only things here. I wish the earth was like this already. "
Sheldon RossSigned: 16:39, 03/10/2014
"Really happy to see more people and organizations on board the Resource Based Economy train of thought! "
Frieda BaldwinSigned: 13:56, 03/10/2014
"Agreed in principle."
Leanne EmmaSigned: 01:16, 03/10/2014
Michelle CallihooSigned: 01:04, 03/10/2014
Jeffrey BranickiSigned: 17:08, 02/10/2014
"Love it, keep up the good work:)"
Chantele HigginsSigned: 00:30, 30/09/2014
Jaz DavidsonSigned: 23:29, 29/09/2014
"This is truly beautiful. There should be no person on Earth, who does not agree with this. Thank you"
Christian BouchardSigned: 16:11, 29/09/2014
"Merci beaucoup pour cette très belle initiative,espérons qu'elle soit couronnée de succès!"
Walter CovantiSigned: 12:08, 29/09/2014
"Notre communauté encourage la méditation,les arts,et toutes activités qui favorisent le développement de la Conscience,seul gage de paix et développement durable sur la planète."
Alain RouthierSigned: 03:08, 29/09/2014
Gilles DuboisSigned: 18:14, 28/09/2014
patricia prestSigned: 17:23, 28/09/2014
Samantha KingSigned: 06:34, 28/09/2014
angel angelSigned: 23:01, 27/09/2014
"Thank you for expressing my innermost heartfelt beliefs in this charter"
Fraser YoungSigned: 22:35, 27/09/2014
Anik HaqueSigned: 17:48, 27/09/2014
"Fuck the government! Fuck the banks! Fuck the corporations! "
AL NAUTA WHITE WOLFSigned: 21:16, 25/09/2014
"Good to see this is like a breath of fresh air :)"
carla mansoSigned: 16:09, 25/09/2014
John ShamchukSigned: 15:49, 25/09/2014
jean sebastien jensonSigned: 04:08, 25/09/2014
Sean FergusonSigned: 23:27, 24/09/2014
Annmarie AliceSigned: 21:53, 24/09/2014
Jeremy ElfordSigned: 21:06, 24/09/2014
"For jobs - allow training or opportunities for people to gravitate to what they are passionate about. Job satisfaction, personal achievement and growth then replaces monetary gain as a goal. Someone who enjoys what they do will be happy to do it for free for the benefit of others. They will follow their heart to what feels like their life's purpose and positive growth, which in turn will mean they will be excited to freely share knowledge for the advancement of others and as mentors to future generations. "
Amanda GwynneSigned: 18:27, 24/09/2014
"Yes please! I want to live in a world where everyone is welcome and money is no object."
Michael SkoulikasSigned: 14:03, 24/09/2014
mitra ghaffariSigned: 13:18, 24/09/2014
Jeffrey ErdmanSigned: 12:38, 24/09/2014
"For years I've waited for my alien kin to come and get me and take me back to a planet where the inhabitants do things that actually make sense. Discovering this organization makes me feel that little bit more at home, right here. Thanks!"
jack devineSigned: 12:01, 24/09/2014
"was so before ,gnostics called it the golden age."
clinton PettersonSigned: 01:42, 24/09/2014
"I have thought this my whole life. Right from a very young age, I could see this. Maybe I watched too much Star Trek, but still its a pretty easy concept to accept if people use their heads for something other than a place to mount their eyeballs. Money is completely unnecessary if we look at the big picture. Raw materials, and energy is all it takes to make anything. Thank you for presenting this idea. I have struggled for yrs as to how to convey this idea, and you have done a pretty good job in my opinion. Now, to get the rich elites to agree, that is the biggest problem. "

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