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Sherry SchmidtSigned: 13:43, 06/02/2019
Jack PalmerSigned: 04:55, 06/02/2019
"Vivre ses rêves !"
Giuseppe CappelliSigned: 23:50, 05/02/2019
"Great idea! Thank you"
Cerelle BarnesSigned: 23:05, 04/02/2019
Petr MartinekSigned: 16:56, 04/02/2019
"Always seeking to find projects like these. We built system that doesn't make sense on any level. It's human laziness and flawed ideals, that prevent us from moving in the right direction."
Lillian PictorSigned: 02:42, 03/02/2019
"Imagine and awaken!"
Adam SayyadeeSigned: 01:34, 03/02/2019
"Life goes on,so motivate yourself"
Adam SayyadeeSigned: 01:34, 03/02/2019
"Life goes on,so motivate yourself "
Marie GrycováSigned: 12:51, 02/02/2019
Mauricio Rekowisky bistrichiSigned: 18:41, 01/02/2019
"Por um mundo melhor pra todos!!!"
Sylvie BoscSigned: 14:45, 01/02/2019
Henry ThomasSigned: 10:07, 01/02/2019
"Money is the root of all evil and this world will be a much better place if there was no division between humans. Remove the weaklings and let this planet breathe for once"
Chad AhaSigned: 07:56, 01/02/2019
Christine Louis-EmileSigned: 06:22, 01/02/2019
"This plan is as close to perfection as can be. Let's do it!! "
Jamie ProutSigned: 22:05, 31/01/2019
Jamie ProutSigned: 21:47, 31/01/2019
"Kia ora! I'm a nature lover, musician, photographer, scientist based in Dunedin :) "
Rachel DelanySigned: 01:17, 31/01/2019
"Compassion, collaboration, unity IN, money, power, control OUT"
Ahamed GassimSigned: 22:12, 30/01/2019
Karl GarySigned: 19:16, 29/01/2019
"If we do not move to a moneyless world, we will destroy the planet through money. Money is only a concept - a phony concept of unreal numbers in our computer banking systems."
Antony McGrathSigned: 19:04, 29/01/2019
"I want what's possible, not what's affordable. Today's era is modern day slavery."
Lee-Anne LewisSigned: 15:01, 29/01/2019
Eder Amoras MeloSigned: 21:31, 28/01/2019
Cordell OrsburnSigned: 19:17, 28/01/2019
Corduneanu Andrei LaurentiuSigned: 13:41, 28/01/2019
"I would like to live in a freeworld!"
Afke Roemersma Signed: 01:06, 28/01/2019
entanke baraSigned: 00:15, 28/01/2019
"Doing my best to make this planet a better place to live for all life on it. Have several projects on going and would love to share them with likeminded people! 🌍🌎🌏 Send me a message and let's see what we can do to help each other 🌱"
Jonathan DaviesSigned: 20:36, 26/01/2019
EVANDRO PEREIRA DOS SANTOSSigned: 20:31, 24/01/2019
ibrahim dahroujSigned: 23:40, 23/01/2019
Jodi FilerSigned: 20:56, 23/01/2019
"Less selfishness, more selflessness! End the Fed-let's start over, smarter!"
Sandra Graas-krook Signed: 17:18, 22/01/2019
Angela PereiraSigned: 15:57, 22/01/2019
Mahbubur RahmanSigned: 05:36, 22/01/2019
"Free all humanity."
Kavita ByrdSigned: 09:24, 21/01/2019
Asha PollokSigned: 22:46, 19/01/2019
"How can it get any better than that"
Theodore James Kerg IV TheoSigned: 21:52, 19/01/2019
"Economics should be the numerical value placed on what we render from Earth hence ecology or ecosystem. Econonomics has become a sociological blasphemy that deals with aspects that don't relate to the symbolism pronounced in the initial narrative in which the very word "economy" should forshadow. "
Nicola GattiSigned: 20:54, 19/01/2019
Didier GOUGEONSigned: 16:57, 19/01/2019
"N’est éternel que l’espoir. L’Homme égoïste, gros industriels, financiers, politiques et responsables religieux du monde entier l’ont bien compris. Pour que les gens gardent l’espoir d’un monde meilleur, il faut maintenir les conflits et la sensation de culpabilité. Tenir le troupeau d’humains en haleine s’est se créer des opportunités de s’enrichir. Si un jour l’espoir devait disparaître la misère n’existera plus. Il n’y aura plus de profits à faire puisque l’égalité sera parfaite. "
Katrin Lenk-MimietzSigned: 14:36, 19/01/2019
Prenashen AnkiahSigned: 14:52, 18/01/2019
"Very interesting and promising look to the future. "
alfred wechslerSigned: 14:06, 18/01/2019
Radu ZamfirSigned: 22:49, 17/01/2019
Talyta Gomes Vitorino Signed: 16:53, 17/01/2019
Travis GrantSigned: 15:46, 16/01/2019
Solal AnkaouaSigned: 15:20, 16/01/2019
Philippe Saint-ArailleSigned: 18:59, 15/01/2019
"Puisse chaque instant t'être un présent"
James RoeSigned: 18:12, 15/01/2019
John LawlorSigned: 15:03, 15/01/2019
Ricardo Lopes SilvaSigned: 05:04, 15/01/2019

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