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Roderyk NemyroffSigned: 19:16, 25/06/2018
Bruna SouzaSigned: 18:59, 25/06/2018
Ry LuSigned: 16:51, 25/06/2018
Florian GuySigned: 13:47, 25/06/2018
Uriel DomínguezSigned: 00:39, 25/06/2018
Mark RileySigned: 11:54, 24/06/2018
Mark RosenbergSigned: 22:14, 23/06/2018
"Make AmericA Free Again"
Claire WoodsSigned: 13:11, 23/06/2018
jawad HaiderSigned: 10:38, 23/06/2018
"Marvelous job cos thats what every human want, equality, love, respect, develop a system which will automatically take care of every step of everything. with the advancements of science now we r able foretold the future n can predict almost anything n time will come where we become conqueror of death n no death, misery or illness instead we predict for every person who needs what to excel in his passion n so on, as i said i m not the genius, but i m cos of merits doing its job truthfully. "
Christian WendtSigned: 06:56, 23/06/2018
Gerson Lupetti JuniorSigned: 23:44, 22/06/2018
Pablo García LafónSigned: 19:26, 22/06/2018
Brent de BockSigned: 17:36, 22/06/2018
Roberto PatrícioSigned: 14:36, 21/06/2018
Bobby LangerSigned: 19:20, 20/06/2018
Crawford gilliesSigned: 18:11, 20/06/2018
Martin RegitnigSigned: 17:51, 20/06/2018
Lindsey JamesSigned: 01:40, 20/06/2018
Lawrence MilfordSigned: 21:10, 19/06/2018
Cínthia Gomes PinheiroSigned: 03:44, 19/06/2018
Richard ImpsonSigned: 01:08, 19/06/2018
Attilio AmmendolaSigned: 22:32, 18/06/2018
Liz DaviesSigned: 20:14, 18/06/2018
Chris LillicoSigned: 17:55, 18/06/2018
magdalena sorgoSigned: 14:05, 18/06/2018
Massimiliano FazziSigned: 11:34, 18/06/2018
"Condivisione Cooperazione"
Rob WalkerSigned: 07:58, 18/06/2018
Collin CarySigned: 16:49, 17/06/2018
Janardhan bSigned: 11:30, 17/06/2018
Marlene Russi RussiSigned: 01:52, 17/06/2018
George T GeaberSigned: 21:15, 16/06/2018
"This is all part of the Ubuntu movement!"
James LawlessSigned: 14:51, 16/06/2018
"The deeper mind of the earth is recognition that the land and sea are complex ecosystems of which is a part of our emotions and experiences and is inseparable from our own psychic emotional make up. There fore it is fundamentally impractical to impose through the current monetary system scarcity when the good earth can provide sustainability with appropriate allocation of resources for every soul born upon our planet"
Joana Pereira Signed: 22:06, 15/06/2018
Ewelina OstolskaSigned: 21:16, 15/06/2018
Matej LuptakSigned: 15:15, 15/06/2018
Rafeek ShakkiraSigned: 08:20, 15/06/2018
"As you said nature is common for all it should be shared . Holding it for cost is a sin and clarity should be taught to people who love to live a life without money ( i.e Not beliveing only money itself, life has needs some money in present situation, but life not about only money). When community form with idea of self sustainable money will one day it will be thrown away for sure.Its not so far."
JOHN DOSigned: 06:48, 15/06/2018
Christina MartinSigned: 04:34, 15/06/2018
Sabrina FoxSigned: 04:29, 15/06/2018
Jasper Granahan SextonSigned: 20:29, 14/06/2018
Sandra TruppaSigned: 15:39, 14/06/2018
valdo immovilliSigned: 14:01, 14/06/2018
Sandra Margarida Ferreira Alves CruzSigned: 00:03, 14/06/2018
Jose SilvaSigned: 12:27, 13/06/2018
"Logic is way too much treated as a subjective issue which is quite illogical."
Vanda SzaboSigned: 09:52, 13/06/2018
michael smithSigned: 22:24, 12/06/2018
Gregory PayneSigned: 13:10, 12/06/2018
"I nearly truly be leave that true freedom in this society USSA is impossible unless it without removal of cell receptors and inhibitors all contributing factors, allot of money and powerful incomprehensible forces and control over demensins and quantum feilds as well as other minds and elemnation of free thought to eradicate free radicals nd the complete elimination of the phrase loof and gossip or negitive signals and choices with no base consent or factual bosses makeng these actions taboo with extreamly high penalties atomaticly and forcefully induced the phrases will show the septicemia or ready and prepared for ultimate tor"
roberto gregoriSigned: 06:44, 12/06/2018
"serve una regola per chi queste regole non le rispetta per il resto sono completamente d'accordo"
Cinzia ValenteSigned: 19:56, 11/06/2018
Jasper Granahan sextonSigned: 19:41, 11/06/2018
"I like fixing things. "

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