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Berry MankSigned: 17:17, 23/08/2019
Rozilma Rodrigues ZizilmaSigned: 01:52, 23/08/2019
Herbert Marzall NavigatorSigned: 01:16, 22/08/2019
Maria Ester Matos Rocha Signed: 00:44, 22/08/2019
Markus WittkeSigned: 06:43, 21/08/2019
"bin felsenfest davon überzeugt,dass dies der einzige richtige weg ist.ich sterbe lieber,statt unter dieser kranken gesellschaft weiter zu leben."
Robson Santos Signed: 01:20, 20/08/2019
Zarina KulaevaSigned: 06:33, 19/08/2019
Emanuelle B. T. ManuSigned: 22:35, 18/08/2019
Jamil MoslihSigned: 09:45, 18/08/2019
Darren TayloeSigned: 07:16, 18/08/2019
Brenda WeeksSigned: 03:00, 18/08/2019
"Love one another..."
elijah mendezSigned: 03:28, 17/08/2019
Samuel McalpinSigned: 01:47, 17/08/2019
Nora BaranSigned: 17:39, 16/08/2019
Diego RodriguezSigned: 20:07, 13/08/2019
Claudia Yvonne Cabrera AlvarezSigned: 19:59, 13/08/2019
"Esta es la visión que tengo del futuro. Queda poco tiempo para realizarla. "
Kauany Amabili Corrêa KauSigned: 19:49, 13/08/2019
Mohan RavichandranSigned: 11:08, 13/08/2019
"This is exactly what I was thinking from my childhood I knew something always wrong with the society why there is so much gap between rich and poor? why nobody cares about nature? why one person trying to control everything? and taking control of everything? how can people own property here? who are u to say this place is mine that place is mine. Same people providing food which causes decease and same people providing medicine for the decease caused by their food. Reason for 98% problem in earth is money."
gregory j anderson gregSigned: 16:03, 12/08/2019
Silke Dreyer-Wickins Signed: 14:27, 12/08/2019
martin mysliwiecSigned: 16:55, 11/08/2019
"I totally agree with many of the princples stated and mentioned on the wenpage. all for one one for all `planet mother earth`"
João José de Lemos Neto JOTA JOTASigned: 12:39, 11/08/2019
"O problema é que a maioria das pessoas busca por resultados rápidos; mas a natureza tem seu tempo, e o que para alguns pode parecer demorado, na verdade, traz benefícios duradouros quando há preservação. A amplificação do conhecimento é uma forma de tentar convencer as pessoas disso, mas o que temos visto é que, embora a tecnologia tenha trazido maior acesso ao conhecimento, as pessoas parecem estar mais ignorantes. Sendo assim, é mais fácil convencer uma pessoa de 'pouca instrução' da importância de se preservar os recursos naturais do que as que tem acesso fácil ao conhecimento."
Joseph ZuckermanSigned: 11:23, 11/08/2019
Arlette Gadi-AtlasSigned: 11:10, 11/08/2019
Pravin AgrawalSigned: 14:40, 10/08/2019
Tu NguyenSigned: 19:43, 09/08/2019
Darnel BradleySigned: 01:59, 09/08/2019
"I hope it comes soon"
Malcolm G AllanSigned: 19:20, 08/08/2019
"A Universal International Citizen of the World. Been Free with responsibility everything free, no debt, no more monetary slavery, no class system based on wealth we want to be as free as the wind."
Isac CamposSigned: 14:55, 08/08/2019
Adai Saint-hilaireSigned: 09:48, 08/08/2019
Lunis WolfSigned: 06:25, 08/08/2019
"I believe that we indeed can correct this obvious mistake, that is greed, and get rid of money, no more people on the streets and less reason for crime! PS: not my birth name, I'm hoping to change this in the future not because I hate my original name, but because I prefer Lunis just because PPS: I'm a furry, which may explain to you why I chose this name :3, good luck to this charter and may it be blessed by whom ever watches from above us."
Maria João Campos Signed: 22:09, 07/08/2019
"Eu tinha uma vida boa. Vivi na época das árvores. - Paavo Haavikko"
Emilian BednarskiSigned: 19:55, 07/08/2019
Daniele FrauSigned: 09:50, 06/08/2019
Nebojsa LohinskiSigned: 09:28, 05/08/2019
Michal SirucekSigned: 04:06, 05/08/2019
"I grow happiness in my mind."
Barbara GriswoldSigned: 18:47, 04/08/2019
João VitorSigned: 11:02, 03/08/2019
Régis SouzaSigned: 21:25, 01/08/2019
Anderson BaldoSigned: 16:28, 01/08/2019
"Trabalhar para o bem, o bom e o belo. Pax."
Manuella Ribeiro Signed: 18:15, 31/07/2019
Jocelyn TreziseSigned: 15:30, 30/07/2019
karin tzarfatySigned: 09:00, 30/07/2019
"My soul has known this to be true for years. May it be."
浩史 八島Signed: 13:12, 29/07/2019
Elio BonannoSigned: 02:24, 29/07/2019
"É preciso mudar a matriz da sociedade humana..que está obsoleta e não atende mais aos interesses de todos."
裕子 礒谷Signed: 16:17, 27/07/2019
Ricky BokemeyerSigned: 11:55, 27/07/2019
鈴木 朋子Signed: 06:42, 27/07/2019
موفق دخانSigned: 00:52, 27/07/2019
植田 愛香Signed: 23:22, 26/07/2019

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