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"Let's make everything free"

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Isa MatosSigned: 13:25, 06/03/2020
Perola de souza Pérola Signed: 19:22, 04/03/2020
"Pela luberdade do planeta tera"
Laura BrantSigned: 20:05, 03/03/2020
Manfred Johann LorenzSigned: 16:50, 03/03/2020
"ICH LIEBE das freie und selbstbestimmte LEBEN aus dem Herzen "
Helen GithiomiSigned: 13:09, 02/03/2020
Jocelyn JonesSigned: 14:42, 01/03/2020
" "
Birgit BaierSigned: 07:28, 01/03/2020
"The Association Global ???"
Linda DohertySigned: 14:55, 29/02/2020
Stefan AronderzonSigned: 14:31, 29/02/2020
Maricela MendozaSigned: 20:44, 28/02/2020
"be the solution that we are looking for"
Adriano Soares Venâncio Signed: 13:51, 27/02/2020
"Eu li a carta e concordo com tudo que está escrito é lindo a forma que poremos viver só precisamos abrir os olhos e enchergar o sistema que nos controla"
Lor PierceSigned: 00:19, 24/02/2020
Eduardo RodriguesSigned: 22:26, 23/02/2020
Cláudio César Alves da Costa CacauSigned: 09:28, 22/02/2020
"Fé e esperança em me tornar um ser mais pleno para transformar a terra em nosso lar: lar de todos que nascem nela."
Josiah HaltomSigned: 04:12, 22/02/2020
"May the true need for humankind to correct his egoistic nature be magnified. We need a new social contract, and the Free World Charter could be just that. We must, for the life of us, reform our costly systems of competition for profits into more free and cooperative systems of mutuality. Make it happen!"
Jordan MolotskySigned: 23:57, 19/02/2020
"Please let me know how I can start participating. Thanks!"
Carla Mendes Maciel CarlaSigned: 18:15, 19/02/2020
yasser kheyriSigned: 17:12, 19/02/2020
Elizabeth Smith Signed: 20:58, 18/02/2020
Stefania Cristina Bissoli de SouzaSigned: 23:11, 17/02/2020
Ravi BhattiSigned: 19:13, 17/02/2020
Chico HaggartySigned: 20:38, 16/02/2020
Lukas EllsessorSigned: 06:53, 16/02/2020
Robert JepsonSigned: 23:13, 15/02/2020
Ravinder BhattiSigned: 20:02, 14/02/2020
Sara Sierra Rios Sierra Rios Signed: 00:28, 12/02/2020
Todd AmbroseSigned: 12:06, 11/02/2020
Graham StewartSigned: 03:30, 11/02/2020
"Play with the Power of Presence"
CEHRDF BANGLADESH Signed: 11:56, 10/02/2020
Christine CariusSigned: 16:39, 09/02/2020
Laura Jane LauraSigned: 14:33, 09/02/2020
معين المشرفيةSigned: 15:10, 08/02/2020
julia heilSigned: 17:40, 07/02/2020
"Alles für Alle und zwar umsonst!"
Svetlana ArutyunyanSigned: 09:44, 07/02/2020
"Life is amazing:)"
María Piedad Martínez González Signed: 02:48, 07/02/2020
Tutu DandySigned: 21:30, 06/02/2020
Darya AryalSigned: 20:28, 06/02/2020
Aurea Maria Oliveira SantosSigned: 15:16, 04/02/2020
"El mundo necesita un orden distinto al economico.La filosofia de la convivencialidad ente humanos y la naturaleza."
Sara Sierra Rios Signed: 02:32, 04/02/2020
"Creo que para ser Libre es nesesarip vivir el aki y el ahora y see feliz"
Liliane BushmanSigned: 21:24, 03/02/2020
Peter KaranjaSigned: 12:37, 03/02/2020
"We must change this world for the benefit of all. God has given us enough knowledge and technologicall advancement to overcome most of human's challenges. If we embraced each and every invention mankind has come up with,without caring who will get credit we could have solved over 90% of today's problems. Think of Nikola Tesla, Staneley Meyer and today's Mehran Travakori Keshe just to mention a few. Human greed killed their inventions."
SANDRA MARIA BEDOYA MARTÍNEZSigned: 05:24, 03/02/2020
RENE ORTEGASigned: 03:45, 03/02/2020
"Los países y la humanidad entrarán en esta época en grandes cambios, que obligarán a los gobernantes a establecer verdadera justicia y humanismo para el bien de todos."
Juan JimenezSigned: 23:19, 02/02/2020
"Proyecto de la Nueva Era auto sostenible auto sustentable"
Kevin WhiteSigned: 21:45, 02/02/2020
Sara Santos Signed: 17:30, 02/02/2020
Yora MitsakosSigned: 17:16, 01/02/2020
Xristiana SophiaSigned: 17:01, 01/02/2020
"Authentic; against all odds."
Martin GloggerSigned: 10:56, 01/02/2020
"Mir gefällt diese Charta, weil sie uns Menschen, die Tiere und die Pflanzen als Lebensgemeinschaft begreift. Wir haben keine Sonderrechte hier auf der Erde, nur weil wir den Tieren und Pflanzen überlegen sind. Viel mehr haben wir deshalb eine ganz besondere Verantwortung. Wir setzen uns übrigens auch aktiv für eine bessere Welt ein! Mehr dazu hier: "

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