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Mauricio VivianiSigned: 20:01, 14/01/2019
"Excelente, um caminho que um dia percorreremos. Entendo que o veganismo deva estar intimamente ligado a ele, assim chegando realmente ao objetivo almejado."
Jill SpannSigned: 18:54, 14/01/2019
Ronaldo RosaSigned: 16:42, 14/01/2019
Darío Álvaro MedranoSigned: 14:12, 14/01/2019
"Acabo de publicar un libro, "De la Civilización al Humanismo Superior", ver en Google, el que considero es complementario con el de Turner C., titulado "economía abierta, ambos aconsejo se deben leer como sustento de la Carta al Mundo Libre."
Klaus-Dietrich WoitheSigned: 00:16, 14/01/2019
"Hm! Ist nicht die erste Charta mit General-Global-Anspruch (siehe etwa die so genannte Erdcharta oder das kollektive UN-Vertragwerk AGENDA 2030). Vorzug hier ist einfache übersichtliche Beschränkung auf Wesentliches. Aber wie möglichst durchgängig global denken mir lokal handeln dann zwischen Ungeduld zu ändern und langen Atem durchzuhalten sei, ist noch eine andere Seite eines gut gemeinten und ehrlich gewollten Sinneswandels!"
Daniel DeelySigned: 00:05, 10/01/2019
Nathan Mullins Signed: 14:59, 09/01/2019
Mirco BundovicsSigned: 13:34, 09/01/2019
Scott MullinsSigned: 04:33, 09/01/2019
"We NEED to create a "Global Peace Initiative". The "PEN" has always been and always will be mightier than the "SWORD". Make a bill, create a law, and make it a reality for ALL."
João Pedro CondeixaSigned: 02:25, 09/01/2019
Em DeeSigned: 22:37, 08/01/2019
Angela PereiraSigned: 19:51, 08/01/2019
"Todos os seres que habitam essa terra tem os mesmos direitos que nós, eles merecem estr aqui mais do que a nós mesmos. "
Donald AndersonSigned: 17:58, 08/01/2019
"If we keep doing what we've always done, we'll keep getting what we've always gotten. "
oldogg flavaSigned: 15:53, 08/01/2019
Monique Klang-VovesSigned: 14:40, 08/01/2019
"Advance Human Consciousness "
Marcos Soares PinheiroSigned: 12:22, 08/01/2019
Nicola AngeloSigned: 03:08, 08/01/2019
andy shadeSigned: 17:11, 07/01/2019
Elaine ShadeSigned: 17:00, 07/01/2019
"No comments apart from, it cannot happen soon enough. The Earth needs saving and mankind needs to stop 'playing God', and go back to being natural beings. "
Sascha TopelSigned: 03:51, 07/01/2019
Susanne KliebischSigned: 23:25, 06/01/2019
Stefanie Müller-DurandSigned: 20:05, 06/01/2019
"Greatfully and lovely idea! "
Anne SteinbornSigned: 17:56, 06/01/2019
munsif mazloomSigned: 08:19, 06/01/2019
PAULO RAMOS FILHOSigned: 03:15, 06/01/2019
Veit GosslerSigned: 23:21, 05/01/2019
Aline Tenório LiSigned: 21:11, 05/01/2019
Chiara SchmidtSigned: 20:09, 05/01/2019
Jei PratheeshSigned: 16:07, 05/01/2019
Nigel BurkittSigned: 13:10, 05/01/2019
Adrian SottekSigned: 12:34, 05/01/2019
Alexandre SavianoSigned: 10:02, 05/01/2019
"If the misery of the poor be caused not by natural laws but our institutions, great is our sin"
Matheus Heitor Silva FerreiraSigned: 04:21, 05/01/2019
"E conheceis a verdade e a verdade o libertará."
Michal RozowSigned: 14:06, 04/01/2019
Stephen RinehartSigned: 06:25, 04/01/2019
Doug Dederich Signed: 04:56, 04/01/2019
bruce tormeySigned: 16:53, 03/01/2019
Anabela RoseSigned: 10:15, 03/01/2019
"Would love to help in any way I can. :) Peace n Love"
James RossSigned: 21:19, 02/01/2019
Áureo AmorimSigned: 20:27, 02/01/2019
"Necessitamos urgentemente de frear o desmatamento de nossas florestas e o consumismo, visando deixar um mundo melhor para as gerações futuras."
tom zuijderwijkSigned: 17:11, 02/01/2019
"activiteiten buiten onze aardbol vind ik alleen toelaatbaar als we daaraan toe zijn (niets vervuilen of verpesten in deze ruimte/ op andere planeten ) en eerst de problemen op aarde hebben opgelost. en wetenschap moet echt objectief , bijv dubbelblinde onderzoeken etc zijn , dat is het nu zeker nog niet."
Meira FindelSigned: 17:07, 02/01/2019
Arkoprovo GhoshSigned: 15:18, 02/01/2019
Nick LawsSigned: 07:40, 02/01/2019
Josélia Simões CunhaSigned: 23:44, 01/01/2019
Rachel KingSigned: 22:28, 01/01/2019
Kirsten CooleySigned: 15:49, 01/01/2019
"This world has become so chaotic and distressing because of money. Things need to change to better society and make it so everyone has an opportunity to prosper and grow. The inequality is horrific to see and hear about. Enough is enough and time for a difference."
Jürgen SimonSigned: 18:02, 31/12/2018
Splib LoverSigned: 12:30, 31/12/2018
"keep feeding this seed"
Lucas Petrich Signed: 04:02, 31/12/2018

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