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"Absolutely ..thank you gratefull for the change happening God Creator Source is the Almighty Glory and Praise to Him ..He Is the All Eye AM ..the BE-AM of Light Eye Shine..and all of us do in Unity Oneness in Trust to Lord God and Faith and Believe...we Protect Mother Gaia Earth and share sustainable living as 2nd nature...where ever we tread the earth. Unconditional Love to All of Humanity and All Entities EYE AM Lunessa of the Light. XXX " - Christel Minette3 days ago
"release technologies suppressed from us like free energy, replicators, and anti gravity" - Gary Ibranyi3 days ago
"Alles wäre so einfach" - Tanja Winter3 days ago
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"Let's make everything free"

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Zi-Wen LaiSigned: 14:50, 06/09/2018
urs flurySigned: 11:22, 06/09/2018
Dennis RyanSigned: 06:41, 06/09/2018
Aleksandar ĐokićSigned: 12:02, 05/09/2018
Camila Da silva wermannSigned: 22:16, 04/09/2018
"Eu acheimuito legal e todos nós temos que cuidar da nóssa comunidade"
Thalia Dorneles RupoloSigned: 13:42, 04/09/2018
Sandra FabriziSigned: 06:51, 04/09/2018
Gustavo Adolfo Carrillo MezaSigned: 03:33, 04/09/2018
"This is perfect!!! <3"
Madeline Kett Signed: 02:05, 03/09/2018
Rey OrozcoSigned: 23:05, 02/09/2018
Georg KirschsteinSigned: 19:32, 02/09/2018
"Please lets do it."
宣佑 周Signed: 18:15, 02/09/2018
Mila PalomoSigned: 15:43, 02/09/2018
Ludovico MarquesSigned: 09:50, 01/09/2018
Joseph MaileSigned: 06:15, 01/09/2018
Jillian UngerSigned: 00:51, 01/09/2018
Steeve StiverneSigned: 20:56, 31/08/2018
"Black Belt In Bad Vibe/Mojo & Evil Energy Blocker."
Kavita ByrdSigned: 16:19, 31/08/2018
Nancy RasoSigned: 02:49, 31/08/2018
Stephanie BellSigned: 00:27, 31/08/2018
kiri theoSigned: 23:26, 30/08/2018
Alain BurgisserSigned: 19:22, 30/08/2018
Maristela Breitenbach dos santosSigned: 19:07, 30/08/2018
Jason BossSigned: 14:59, 30/08/2018
nik zalokarSigned: 11:36, 30/08/2018
Rohan Mathai ThomasSigned: 06:36, 30/08/2018
Eric WilcoxSigned: 03:16, 30/08/2018
"I believe in a free world! Our beautiful planet deserves it!Thank you all for all that you do! "
A TSigned: 21:03, 29/08/2018
Noi LozadaSigned: 16:47, 29/08/2018
"we're on the same page all along, for once I thought I was alone, stumbled an idea for evryone but don't have the words to share it but here you are and then I found a sense of belonging.I strongly support this movement."
Karolina KazlauskaiteSigned: 14:32, 29/08/2018
Eliana Sto uperySigned: 02:40, 29/08/2018
"Seria un sueño, una utopia pero que perdemos con probar :)"
Mark WagnonSigned: 16:18, 28/08/2018
"I'm looking forward to seeing all the growing relations between the Free World Charter and the millions of individuals and organizations that are moving swiftly in this direction. It's time to 'play' as if we actually 'live' here."
Eric TateSigned: 03:22, 28/08/2018
Valerie BencsikSigned: 04:55, 27/08/2018
Alaor Zacardi KalúSigned: 01:42, 27/08/2018
Pia Alicia-Pilar MogollónSigned: 20:15, 26/08/2018
Jan PanitzSigned: 11:30, 26/08/2018
Hugo WarrenSigned: 07:35, 26/08/2018
"Best regards to everybody!"
Daniela MadanêloSigned: 04:30, 26/08/2018
Brennan ButtsSigned: 17:16, 25/08/2018
Doug HoskissonSigned: 16:26, 25/08/2018
Jon Shackleton Signed: 15:58, 25/08/2018
Berni CullinaneSigned: 09:44, 25/08/2018
Whitney FisherSigned: 18:16, 24/08/2018
Iris BarrattSigned: 16:44, 24/08/2018
"My passion is honoring people at special events with heartwarming awards. Also assisting with rites of passage and community building!"
Hanna BawabSigned: 18:30, 23/08/2018
"I look forward to a world where paying it forward is the way of relating to each other, where there is as little greed as possible."
José Amarilio BarbosaSigned: 22:52, 22/08/2018
"I support these premisses for a sustainable future! Check The Zeitgeist Movement to know more!"
Harry HarveySigned: 21:54, 22/08/2018
Markus DoemensSigned: 20:20, 22/08/2018

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