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Božidar ResnikSigned: 23:55, 08/04/2020
"Mislim, da je prava pot trajnostni razvoj, zdrava kmečka logika in ne le pohlep po dobičku in manipuliranje z javnostmi. "
Armina DzaficSigned: 23:46, 08/04/2020
Nina SvetlinSigned: 23:45, 08/04/2020
Petra Cunder Signed: 23:40, 08/04/2020
Klemen FrankSigned: 23:37, 08/04/2020
Sheila ProulxSigned: 18:14, 08/04/2020
CAMIS MILAMSigned: 16:38, 08/04/2020
Ronaldo RodriguesSigned: 14:53, 08/04/2020
Robbin JarSigned: 14:22, 08/04/2020
Sonja BertalaničSigned: 14:22, 08/04/2020
Eliza NappiSigned: 13:47, 08/04/2020
Melita HolcSigned: 11:34, 08/04/2020
Ravinder BhattiSigned: 11:20, 08/04/2020
Rafael GiandosoSigned: 07:53, 08/04/2020
Marjana GermekSigned: 05:24, 08/04/2020
Emerson Luiz Guimarães Signed: 05:16, 08/04/2020
PATRICK GAVEAUSigned: 02:50, 08/04/2020
Alexandra MoyseySigned: 01:51, 08/04/2020
Daniel Gabriel Díaz DelgadoSigned: 21:31, 07/04/2020
"Por un mundo más conciente y una sociedad más justa u solidaria"
Marcia Miriam Vásquez FaríasSigned: 12:49, 07/04/2020
Linda GambellSigned: 11:36, 07/04/2020
Vinay SookhdeoSigned: 11:29, 06/04/2020
Fernando MatheusSigned: 03:39, 06/04/2020
"Cada tormenta nos hará más fuertes "
HUIYOUNG KIMSigned: 16:06, 05/04/2020
隆幸 谷村Signed: 16:04, 05/04/2020
Jason PaleySigned: 01:38, 05/04/2020
Ravinder BhattiSigned: 19:25, 04/04/2020
Ricardo Alexandre de Lucena Machado MachadoSigned: 00:01, 04/04/2020
"Espero que em breve seja implantado esse novo sistema. Estou a disposição para ajudar nesse trabalho."
Milena WołoszynSigned: 23:24, 03/04/2020
Jacek WołoszynSigned: 23:23, 03/04/2020
Joanna WołoszynSigned: 23:21, 03/04/2020
Daniel Wiśniewski Signed: 23:07, 03/04/2020
Martyna WołoszynSigned: 23:03, 03/04/2020
Sebastian TothSigned: 21:50, 03/04/2020
Aline Coelho AlineSigned: 19:11, 03/04/2020
camila nogueiraSigned: 20:32, 02/04/2020
"Se todos aderissem a esses princípios, seria uma evolução dos sapiens."
Eduardo ChaibenSigned: 16:38, 02/04/2020
"I agree. Also agree with resources based economy of the Venus project. It's time to deliver all these proposes to our governants and politicians that are engaged to make changes."
Blaze S. Nissi I Signed: 23:31, 01/04/2020
"I read the writings of good men(and women) and was inspired to build a New Society - Heaven Town Vision"
Olivia Umbescheidt Signed: 15:32, 01/04/2020
Sean HagstromSigned: 22:36, 31/03/2020
Azam GilaniSigned: 18:45, 31/03/2020
"We are born free and should live free, money has made this world hell or even worse. Look at birds, cats, dogs, fishes and other species they are all living a better life than us, they are enjoying the nature. They don't worry about food, it's us human beings with great mind who are stalling the food worrying about the future and also it's us the great human beings who are dying because of food. Each and every person on this earth has the same right on everything on earth. Spread the good and make the world a heaven to live."
Christian Matthias JüstelSigned: 05:03, 31/03/2020
Giulio NasproSigned: 19:11, 30/03/2020
Muaien McharrafiehSigned: 11:29, 29/03/2020
"True Abundance for all!"
Alyson AntunesSigned: 07:21, 29/03/2020
"Interessante é viver em um mundo mais igual e sustentável. Compartilho a ideia de um mundo melhor. "
Johannes AdlerSigned: 05:45, 29/03/2020
"Entscheidend ist die Entwicklung eines Konzeptes für die Transformation der Gesellschaftsordnung."
Giovanna Weidmann-Silvani Signed: 20:08, 28/03/2020
Rebecca SaltmanSigned: 15:37, 28/03/2020
Daniel MaksymowSigned: 12:24, 27/03/2020
"Happy to join this community, I am big fan of Linux and Free Software believer."
Ericardo ElizondoSigned: 04:50, 27/03/2020
"Humanity and its society is continuously evolving and nature is always present to bringing balance relative to changes in this world. This community awareness is a step in the right direction for a peaceful and cooperative existence for all living creatures. Our heaven on Earth. "

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