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Jeanie AndersonSigned: 18:39, 22/02/2019
"Mother Earth is our life support system. Let us take care of her as she has cared for all of us... including all plants and animals. "
dean benSigned: 16:26, 22/02/2019
David GourlaySigned: 13:55, 22/02/2019
Ammon ZookSigned: 02:57, 22/02/2019
N. N.Signed: 01:40, 22/02/2019
"Very true that our current system births greed, violence, and suffering. We need more caring and compassion, and less caring about keeping up with the Jones' and owning stuff of only superficial value. As a millenial, I hope my generation will act now toward positive, sustainable change as outlined in this Charter."
wesley neves carneiro da silvaSigned: 21:29, 21/02/2019
Pablo LipschSigned: 19:09, 21/02/2019
Luan GracioliSigned: 18:53, 21/02/2019
Andrielly Bandeira dias gouveaSigned: 15:14, 21/02/2019
"Somos todos um! "
vidko senicaSigned: 12:44, 21/02/2019
"lahko me najdete na LinkedIn pod imenom Vidko Senica."
Julissa EstevezSigned: 07:40, 21/02/2019
"Lets change the world"
colin preeceSigned: 22:04, 20/02/2019
"I have been talking to my friends about the resource based economy for 8 years. This is the 1st time I have heard of the free world charter."
Władysław LigęzaSigned: 13:58, 20/02/2019
"Jesteśmy jedną ludzkością na jednej planecie, jedną rodziną w jednym domu. Żyjmy tak aby możliwie najmniej produkować substancje niebiodegradowalne. Żyjmy tak by wykorzystywać do wszystkiego z czego korzystamy możliwie jak najwięcej substancji maksymalnie naturalnych. Żyjmy w zgodzie z naturą. Żyjmy jak rodzina w domu. Kierujmy się ZAWSZE 2. zasadami: 1. Nie krzywdzić kogokolwiek. 2. Nie być obojętnym wobec krzywdy kogokolwiek. Kierujmy się ZAWSZE zimną, racjonalną logiką, we WSZYSTKO wątpmy, wszystko racjonalnie analizujmy, nie bójmy się abstrakcji."
Amy DavidSigned: 22:29, 19/02/2019
"Wish the world was freed. Meaning money for everyone!"
Charles OtusajoSigned: 15:59, 19/02/2019
Jan CalderonSigned: 14:55, 19/02/2019
Caroline SabourinSigned: 02:45, 19/02/2019
Mahbubur RahmanSigned: 07:23, 18/02/2019
Mahbubur RahmanSigned: 07:10, 18/02/2019
Joanne D'UngerSigned: 03:08, 17/02/2019
paulina loloSigned: 19:34, 16/02/2019
"Free world who's with me?! Tired of paying bills "
ryzard loloSigned: 19:22, 16/02/2019
"I wish the world could be free with out any consequences"
Aicardo Arango UribeSigned: 15:47, 16/02/2019
"Somos parte de la naturaleza, no sus dueños... Hoy lloramos con mucho dolor la muerte del río Cauca producto de la codicia y ceguera humana."
matt oasSigned: 02:03, 16/02/2019
Lisa StullSigned: 01:48, 16/02/2019
Joshua ParmeleSigned: 00:46, 16/02/2019
Katy BradburySigned: 18:08, 15/02/2019
Eduardo Belletato Ratazzani SilvaSigned: 03:13, 15/02/2019
Daniel Mc LaughlinSigned: 06:29, 14/02/2019
Hélène Chalessin-CanuSigned: 18:36, 13/02/2019
"Le monde des humains avides doit finir et être remplacer par les relations empathiques"
Edgar ViterSigned: 15:02, 13/02/2019
Ely AbartSigned: 10:23, 13/02/2019
José-Philippe Canu-RomeoSigned: 09:17, 13/02/2019
"Sans empathie ni sans éthique, ce monde n'a aucune chance de survivre. "
Alexander FalkSigned: 23:28, 12/02/2019
Anette LitzkowySigned: 22:31, 12/02/2019
joel stricklandSigned: 01:41, 12/02/2019
Claudemir Pinheiro DemirSigned: 20:20, 10/02/2019
"Liberdade pro Ser! Liberdade pra Ser!"
Kelly PopeSigned: 19:33, 10/02/2019
Ricardo HenriqueSigned: 21:44, 09/02/2019
"Em quanto o homem achar superior a todas as espécies, o planeta será destruído a cada dia..."
Красимир СимеоновSigned: 20:21, 09/02/2019
Sabrina GreenseaSigned: 15:14, 09/02/2019
Rosane RodriguesSigned: 07:58, 09/02/2019
Jared BrdaSigned: 02:54, 09/02/2019
Richard BartonSigned: 22:41, 08/02/2019
Jean-Yves TalletSigned: 21:14, 08/02/2019
Casey Johnson Signed: 20:09, 08/02/2019
"Need help in business marketing I am here :) +Anything UBUNTU let me know "
raymond HolthuijsenSigned: 12:46, 08/02/2019
"Geld is een vreemd iets, want het is niks anders dan een reden om iets te doen of iemand iets te gunnen. terwijl het vrij makkelijk zou zijn om aan geld gewoon een einde te maken "
S VenkateshSigned: 02:59, 07/02/2019
Keith Heaven Signed: 19:40, 06/02/2019
Laura RichardsonSigned: 19:21, 06/02/2019

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