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Manfred KoepkeSigned: 17:40, 10/05/2019
"People should be known for their skilled assets and not their financial assets...sigh "
Cláudio BarrocaSigned: 16:29, 09/05/2019
Jan PyrczakSigned: 22:30, 08/05/2019
Nilton SaraivaSigned: 18:51, 08/05/2019
Szymon ZachariaszSigned: 11:26, 08/05/2019
Alexander CunninghamSigned: 03:56, 08/05/2019
Mariusz Kołodziej Signed: 20:36, 07/05/2019
Tomasz Dembowski Signed: 18:52, 07/05/2019
Andrea Pollok NarayananSigned: 12:12, 07/05/2019
"The Charts is good, but where are the teams working on implementing it?"
Parmjit Nahil Signed: 09:02, 07/05/2019
"Modern Day Anarchist; Explorer of inner and outer worlds; Dancer in the Game of Life"
Dolores Rubio solaSigned: 00:00, 07/05/2019
Joseph GraySigned: 23:14, 06/05/2019
"This is how life started and how I have been wondering why we have been charging for the simple things God gave us. "The MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH"."
Caroline Magalhães Signed: 12:31, 05/05/2019
Daniela VazSigned: 02:31, 05/05/2019
Debra NathansonSigned: 13:54, 04/05/2019
Jon UssingSigned: 08:21, 04/05/2019
小尾 栄子Signed: 00:33, 04/05/2019
Dominic RoutledgeSigned: 10:02, 03/05/2019
Heidi SorbelloSigned: 00:25, 03/05/2019
Patricia DoughertySigned: 11:54, 02/05/2019
Love H.Signed: 06:07, 02/05/2019
Tainara NaraSigned: 03:10, 01/05/2019
Marcos MouraSigned: 01:22, 30/04/2019
Goedele Van kerkhovenSigned: 20:53, 29/04/2019
"Thank you for making this charter. I hope I will see this come true!"
Siegfried NijssenSigned: 20:50, 29/04/2019
Kristin Vala RagnarsdottirSigned: 15:45, 29/04/2019
"The principles are all important in order to achieve sustainability on Earth within its limits."
Gustavo PratesSigned: 03:00, 29/04/2019
sarah gilkinsonSigned: 19:58, 28/04/2019
"Sunshine smiles and forever laughter "
Edis GrudicSigned: 11:41, 28/04/2019
Alex KanazawaSigned: 09:48, 28/04/2019
"I dream of seeing the day people can be selfless and compassionate to one another without placing more value in the material."
alberto verlicchiSigned: 08:27, 28/04/2019
Haroldas BlockusSigned: 07:56, 28/04/2019
Juan Ernesto CalabresSigned: 03:23, 28/04/2019
Sergio RocafortSigned: 15:19, 27/04/2019
"Un mundo limpio y sin dinero es posible y llegará aunque sea en próximas generaciones, ojalá pudiera verlo."
Ana María Calabrés Veroes Signed: 15:17, 27/04/2019
Ewelina Villaret Signed: 10:51, 27/04/2019
Rogeria Rizette LinaresSigned: 02:47, 27/04/2019
Aditya PratapSigned: 01:46, 26/04/2019
"Yesterday I saw your idea in my mind.and I see there are so many like me. ❤"
Abraham StoutSigned: 11:28, 25/04/2019
"I should have mentioned, if we do not find a way to exit our solar system and inhabit other planets, we are an extinct species. Period"
Abraham StoutSigned: 11:24, 25/04/2019
"I cannot see how this is a bad idea. Star Trek mother fuckers. We are doomed if we cannot expand beyond our solar system. Yes, we do not have to concern ourselves about it but!! If we do not want to become extinct we have to think about getting out of "here" our solar system. I feel stupid for having to type this as it is so obvious. Do no space exploration, we are extinct....."
emilio pereira emilioSigned: 10:35, 25/04/2019
Rogério dos Santos Godoy GodoySigned: 23:27, 24/04/2019
Jared FranksSigned: 22:07, 24/04/2019
"It's time for our world to evolve and move forward. I'm ready!"
Violetta ViolettaSigned: 21:41, 24/04/2019
Naraya NaserianSigned: 17:14, 24/04/2019
Thomas CarterSigned: 00:40, 24/04/2019
"Looking forward to where we can take humanity, perhaps not everyone will be demoralised by jobs that they hate as they can live their dreams and live in a dreamworld of our own design. Though we must not expect anything from a gift especially life."
Vitorino MatosSigned: 21:15, 23/04/2019
Yael EllsworthSigned: 18:03, 23/04/2019
"As a life coach, I founded Life Teaches Foundation to support everyone in reaching their goals, no matter their starting point, rich or poor."
António SubidaSigned: 14:52, 23/04/2019
Walter FriedmannSigned: 07:03, 21/04/2019

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