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あゆみ 二瓶Signed: 16:51, 26/10/2018
Nóra Nic OireachtaighSigned: 16:36, 26/10/2018
"We have an opportunity for a bloodless revolution. All we have to do is stop consenting to the capitalist con. "
Annabel KohlmeierSigned: 09:23, 26/10/2018
Jorge GranadosSigned: 06:39, 26/10/2018
María Ilva Rojas Malagon Signed: 04:23, 26/10/2018
Jairo José Hernández CubillosSigned: 02:56, 26/10/2018
Uwe KrauseSigned: 01:30, 26/10/2018
"Nur die Befreiung vom Geld, wird die Probleme unserer Zeit lösen. Mit meinem Projekt arbeite ich daran und lade jeden ein, mitzugestalten."
Tavorise JonesSigned: 17:36, 23/10/2018
Simon Michael ReimannSigned: 16:59, 22/10/2018
Luciano Andrade LucianoSigned: 16:37, 21/10/2018
"Nosso planeta é nossa terra, nossa casa, nossa vida. Precisamos manter nossa terra fértil, nossa casa limpa e nossa vida saudável. Precisamos salvar nosso planeta. Precisamos nos salvar. "
Donal DavidsonSigned: 13:37, 21/10/2018
"There is no limit to humanity in a world without currency."
Samantha SheinkerSigned: 04:45, 21/10/2018
"Money is just a heavy ball chain wrapped around your ankle. "
Aniko FintaSigned: 16:43, 20/10/2018
"Genug gekriegt jetzt spielen wir mal Frieden Kein Wunsch, kein Traum, Frieden ist einen Entscheidung! Frieden ist meine Entscheidung Hier beginnt Frieden Es ist so leicht Danke für die Möglichkeit zur Menschlichkeit und Danke für eine bessere Welt <3"
JULIANA MORAESSigned: 14:03, 20/10/2018
Lora WhiteSigned: 04:56, 20/10/2018
alan gamageSigned: 00:34, 19/10/2018
"making the world a better place starts from within"
Dyanne GavinSigned: 18:19, 18/10/2018
jane barlowSigned: 18:22, 17/10/2018
Stacey NeubertSigned: 14:21, 16/10/2018
"Let's unite to change our world for the betterment of all, not just a few."
Kevin WilsonSigned: 22:38, 15/10/2018
"im me, who else shall I be ? I enjoy the outdoors. Anything from hiking & hunting to camping & metal-detecting. But i'm also introverted. So reading books, video games, online research & movies I enjoy. Smile it's contagious!!"
Kirk JonesSigned: 02:08, 15/10/2018
Kirk JonesSigned: 01:31, 15/10/2018
Diane HubeschSigned: 21:59, 14/10/2018
Herbert Borges Fonseca HerbertSigned: 20:25, 14/10/2018
Marcin BanackiSigned: 10:00, 14/10/2018
Lucio ZuodarSigned: 06:56, 14/10/2018
"Les règles pour une gestion des ressources mondiales tout autre, en passant par le respect du vivant et faisant abstraction de notre volonté, vont s’imposer comme nécessité vitale indiscutable."
Laurie CyrSigned: 13:38, 13/10/2018
"Money is a perversion threatening to destroy us. How we can rid ourselves of it is a mystery. Those in a position to aid in its destruction are also those who have most of the money. They have no incentive to do this! Ideas are needed."
mahiri dyanaSigned: 13:05, 13/10/2018
April CarmanSigned: 12:57, 13/10/2018
Langas ReiherSigned: 17:08, 12/10/2018
"Let's make it happen"
Francisco VeraSigned: 15:39, 12/10/2018
Nicholas ErricsonSigned: 07:24, 12/10/2018
Caroline van RooijSigned: 22:10, 11/10/2018
stone petoskeySigned: 21:13, 11/10/2018
"thank you Colin!"
Wilfredo Santos jrSigned: 19:10, 11/10/2018
"Also look up Venus Project"
Samantha BruniSigned: 09:32, 11/10/2018
Aurelia AethyrSigned: 22:26, 10/10/2018
Enrique ValenciaSigned: 21:53, 10/10/2018
Kristopher FisherSigned: 17:55, 10/10/2018
Oliver BorgerSigned: 20:20, 09/10/2018
"Herr, schenke mir die Kraft und die Gelassenheit Dinge hinzunehmen die ich nicht ändern kann, den Mut Dinge zu ändern die ich ändern kann und die Weissheit den Unterschied zu erkennen."
Martin van TokSigned: 13:36, 09/10/2018
Reinaldo Luis Tavares ReinaldoSigned: 12:19, 09/10/2018
Marli MartinsSigned: 15:24, 08/10/2018
"Por um Mundo melhor, mais justo, mais solidário, onde haja a pura Liberdade de expressão, a Comunhão Amorosa, a Conscientização plena e o Respeito à Vida. Juntos somos mais Fortes!"
Andreas BorgerSigned: 12:12, 07/10/2018
"Let's make the change happen."
Ricardo CorreiaSigned: 00:38, 07/10/2018
Corinna EcklSigned: 11:47, 06/10/2018
Green BackSigned: 12:58, 05/10/2018
"Thank you that I find this website, I love the concept! I am becoming a money protest artist: "
Robert PäpkeSigned: 08:11, 05/10/2018
"Genau für den Kommunismus. Nennen wir das ding doch beim Namen. Viva"
Gleycon Jeferson Silva FerreiraSigned: 06:39, 05/10/2018

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