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Siobhan HunterSigned: 23:28, 25/04/2020
"This is the only truthful and meaningful way for us to live in our true essence - a true coming together and coming home!"
Deven PatelSigned: 21:59, 25/04/2020
Angelica Oliveira da Silva MelhadoSigned: 13:39, 25/04/2020
"Me sinto muito feliz em ter esse convite maravilhoso para todos do bem igualmente. "
Giane lima dos Santos caetano GiSigned: 12:07, 25/04/2020
Ravinder BhattiSigned: 10:52, 25/04/2020
"Our future we are now moneyless economy, let's all live together and innovate without barriers. Everyone express themselves"
Jorn BettinSigned: 01:36, 25/04/2020
Nika KogosovSigned: 21:48, 24/04/2020
THIAGO SANTOS DE SOUZASigned: 23:13, 23/04/2020
Gabriel VerzoliSigned: 19:31, 23/04/2020
Marianne OrwinSigned: 02:41, 23/04/2020
Ana Kantovick ShimaviSigned: 21:40, 22/04/2020
Marnie Cooper PriestSigned: 14:37, 22/04/2020
Anna MezgerSigned: 11:42, 22/04/2020
Adam MachcińskiSigned: 08:00, 22/04/2020
Fahim SharifSigned: 15:47, 20/04/2020
Jonathan PriestSigned: 09:37, 20/04/2020
Elias Juvenal Espitia OchoaSigned: 08:24, 20/04/2020
Daniel HoffmanSigned: 03:44, 20/04/2020
Ana Beatriz Souza de Oliveira BiaSigned: 14:33, 19/04/2020
علي عنبرSigned: 03:33, 19/04/2020
"الفكره جميلة لكن أين يمكن تطبيقها بدون اي ازعاج للمجتمعات السائدة بالوقت الراهن؟"
Jan BernetSigned: 22:48, 18/04/2020
guillaume aielloSigned: 14:10, 18/04/2020
Eoin ClancySigned: 06:40, 18/04/2020
"Another thing to consider is changing our calendar system. The 7 day week and 52 week year is outdated and impractical. The working week should be 9 days and there should be two working shifts of 3 days on, 3 days off and the same should apply for schools. Money could be replaced by units that are paid every week however the units cannot be left over to the next week. "
Georgi RanchevSigned: 03:44, 18/04/2020
тенчо желязков Signed: 02:37, 18/04/2020
Wieslawa GreySigned: 02:11, 18/04/2020
"Odczowam gleboka potrzebe tych dzialan.Energia jest niesmiertelna,skupiajmy ja miloscia,swiatlem i spokojem."
Richard Alison Zacarias CarvalhoSigned: 18:02, 17/04/2020
Габриела СтойчеваSigned: 15:51, 17/04/2020
"Прекрасно! Подкрепям тази инициатива."
Caio Moraes CaioMoraSigned: 08:42, 16/04/2020
Sued Jorge Nassar SuedSigned: 06:19, 15/04/2020
"Intenções maravilhosas! Concordo com elas. Pergunto como implantar isso tudo?"
Ben LedvinaSigned: 19:47, 14/04/2020
Angélica Oliveira da Silva Signed: 05:08, 14/04/2020
Jacob LedvinaSigned: 23:32, 13/04/2020
Matt SearsSigned: 20:35, 13/04/2020
LORENC GJIKASigned: 17:10, 13/04/2020
"United we can achieve any thing divided we fail, and more so because we have great Vulnerability we have intruders in our home planet , alien intervention that is trying to take advantage of our weakness for more info please visit"
Caroline Calcaterra Souza SantosSigned: 10:24, 13/04/2020
Meagan TettletonSigned: 06:48, 13/04/2020
"I'm so grateful for the things I have and the words here are inspirational and give me hope for a positive future."
Thore OlssonSigned: 03:32, 13/04/2020
Tony CardosoSigned: 02:00, 13/04/2020
"Much needed in today's world if not everything vl b destroyed by Humans"
Francisco de Assis Cintra NepomucenoSigned: 12:41, 12/04/2020
"Um mundo livre de injustiça e pobreza."
Mira LebezSigned: 08:34, 12/04/2020
Grzegorz WydraSigned: 03:02, 12/04/2020
Fabiane AnjosSigned: 19:06, 11/04/2020
André Lopes Ribeiro DecoSigned: 17:25, 11/04/2020
Pascal GodartSigned: 23:39, 10/04/2020
Tatjana I.Signed: 12:34, 10/04/2020
Willian de Oliveira NIcola NikolaySigned: 10:12, 10/04/2020
"Precisamos rever principalmente nossa educação, pois nossa educação formal nos conduz a uma irreversível catástrofe de degradação da natureza, enquanto, a educação disseminada por povos indígenas que não é tida como educação formal, é a verdadeira sabedoria para nos botar novamente em contato com a natureza a respeitando e sabendo que somos parte dela."

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