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Mike KeatingSigned: 20:55, 03/10/2018
Corinne PousseSigned: 10:13, 03/10/2018
Todor HadzhyskiySigned: 19:10, 01/10/2018
markus: BODAMERSigned: 18:58, 01/10/2018
"cooperation statt konkurenz - eine welt ohne zins betrugs industrie"
Theodor StetterSigned: 13:30, 01/10/2018
Beata HadjalSigned: 10:07, 01/10/2018
"Oby to stało się rzeczywistością."
Ingrid WinklerSigned: 08:39, 01/10/2018
Jordon MinishSigned: 03:25, 01/10/2018
Cristiano Giacobbo Daudt CrisSigned: 02:29, 01/10/2018
Jayne Carpes MarquesSigned: 23:03, 30/09/2018
Marites Grace ObergSigned: 18:23, 30/09/2018
Duncan HamiltonSigned: 10:28, 30/09/2018
"Let's Dream a new dream of healing and abundance: For Gaia & all Earthlings."
Adriano de Carvalho Pereira NinoSigned: 02:09, 30/09/2018
Vytautas ŠergalisSigned: 22:59, 29/09/2018
Steven Marquez Signed: 15:00, 29/09/2018
Didier BillonSigned: 10:23, 29/09/2018
"Also member of "
Joseph CookSigned: 12:13, 28/09/2018
"A universal form of government could be established to ensure that the ideals of the charter do not come under attack by minority interests aiming to centralize and acquire resources. A judicial system that is appropriate could be established to overrule any decisions by government that would not respect the charter. Would then minorities be targeted by the majority at any time? Again the charter could be further developed to enshrine such rights. Paragraph 3 seems difficult to uphold, no more meat eating? What about if people start fighting over resources? Again we would return to the same problem as under the money system? Anyway, some good ideas to be developed I feel."
Kenny PlymaleSigned: 06:19, 28/09/2018
Julio JulioSigned: 23:49, 27/09/2018
Emanuel Ribeiro de SouzaSigned: 20:57, 27/09/2018
Patrick AgostaroSigned: 13:03, 27/09/2018
Mike EdwardsSigned: 10:51, 27/09/2018
Darren PerrySigned: 10:32, 27/09/2018
"The world needs more wisdom and common sense like this."
Jordan Kopper JordanSigned: 02:30, 27/09/2018
William ScottSigned: 02:14, 27/09/2018
Alison OrrellSigned: 10:10, 26/09/2018
Taise DeonSigned: 20:40, 25/09/2018
""Quanto mais eu observo este mundo selvagem mais eu entendo que ele é meu guia""
Lucas CaetanoSigned: 03:44, 25/09/2018
Laura Farezin CembranelSigned: 00:07, 25/09/2018
Ava SyrnykSigned: 23:04, 24/09/2018
Leticia Daniela dos SantosSigned: 21:41, 24/09/2018
Maja ĐuraškovićSigned: 20:16, 24/09/2018
Darlani Fischer DidonéSigned: 13:30, 24/09/2018
Brenton ButlerSigned: 13:28, 24/09/2018
GEORGIOS MELETISSigned: 12:44, 24/09/2018
Vukašin StanojevićSigned: 12:39, 24/09/2018
Ivan Pospiš Signed: 12:28, 24/09/2018
Sammy The GoatSigned: 09:10, 24/09/2018
"To the people of the world I am here ready to change the world for the greater good #Goldenchild #GiftfromGod"
Denilton Santos SantosSigned: 04:32, 23/09/2018
Carla BrazilSigned: 03:55, 22/09/2018
Vladimir FerreiraSigned: 01:14, 22/09/2018
"Precisamos urgentemente conversar sobre a construção dessa nova sociedade transumana sem dinheiro."
marie-anne JouliaSigned: 10:47, 21/09/2018
Benjamin CelleSigned: 05:36, 21/09/2018
Marco Del NegroSigned: 12:58, 20/09/2018
"Capitalism has made us all slaves and is destroying all life. I hope in a near future we can live in a world where money doesn't exist and we reconnect with nature. "
John HallSigned: 22:13, 19/09/2018
Elson Helton Da SilvafalheiroSigned: 20:02, 19/09/2018
Simon GeithusSigned: 19:09, 19/09/2018
"Livet er for kort til å berre samle til seg sjølv."
Keith ArmourSigned: 11:00, 19/09/2018
"Trump hilights the need for change. There has never been a clearer indicator than Donald Trump, billionaires harboring billions of dollars in offshore accounts ala Mosack Fonseca. It's unsustainable."
World SummitSigned: 19:17, 18/09/2018
Dermot MurraySigned: 12:33, 18/09/2018

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