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Erwin ASigned: 19:54, 01/09/2021
Pieter Voorwinden Signed: 19:35, 01/09/2021
Marc DekensSigned: 18:16, 24/08/2021
Dhyan de BruijnSigned: 07:44, 15/07/2021
Sepp LifkaSigned: 00:13, 15/07/2021
Sunny Abdollahi Signed: 04:40, 17/05/2021
Mama PanterSigned: 01:46, 01/05/2021
"O yeah! Working on that. Totally YES"
Marinus vismaleSigned: 07:22, 29/01/2021
Reiné GadellaaSigned: 13:59, 27/01/2021
John DoodemanSigned: 01:03, 07/01/2021
Kasper BoersSigned: 09:03, 28/12/2020
Essie RademakersSigned: 06:55, 08/10/2020
Ruud SchelvisSigned: 06:18, 31/07/2020
"I came on this website by chance via my favorite organisation "Sea Shepherd". I wish I knew it sooner. Because I'm disabled and bedridden, so I can't take actions with others in real life. I hope I can make a PDF of this agrement, because I have no printer :-)"
Mike HardeveldSigned: 01:07, 05/06/2020
"Geen woorden maar daden "
Trudy WillemsSigned: 23:56, 05/05/2020
Lisette WoltersSigned: 02:49, 04/05/2020
Marjelle Wouters Signed: 00:35, 04/05/2020
Lilian TerwintSigned: 00:08, 04/05/2020
pascale kriegerSigned: 00:59, 03/05/2020
Nicolle PendersSigned: 06:15, 02/05/2020
Nathalie LandwierSigned: 05:12, 02/05/2020
Joyce GeraedtsSigned: 03:11, 02/05/2020
Jolanda DoonSigned: 02:36, 02/05/2020
Dinette Van DoorenSigned: 02:33, 02/05/2020
Ludgardina StavastSigned: 02:28, 02/05/2020
Nathalie TolkSigned: 01:42, 02/05/2020
Arno GuveauSigned: 01:38, 02/05/2020
Suus WeijersSigned: 06:49, 10/04/2020
"Dit is het voor mij"
Muaien McharrafiehSigned: 11:29, 29/03/2020
"True Abundance for all!"
Hannes VSigned: 09:21, 21/03/2020
Hugh CroftSigned: 04:30, 17/03/2020
"''Money is for helping other people'' "
معين المشرفيةSigned: 15:10, 08/02/2020
Marcel SpijkstraSigned: 12:52, 28/01/2020
Marije JanssenSigned: 21:07, 25/01/2020
Anton GerritsenSigned: 13:12, 24/08/2019
"Ik wordt hier wel heeeeeeel blij van."
Berry MankSigned: 17:17, 23/08/2019
Brechtje VanhommerigSigned: 21:19, 21/07/2019
Jeroen KleinSigned: 09:41, 04/06/2019
"I have had the exact same feelings for a few years and was planning on writing something down. After deciding to check what is already available I could see a large part has already been written down by others. I am really glad to see that I am not alone in this and will continue to work out the details and spread the word. Thank you for writing down this in clear and easy to read points."
John van SoestSigned: 15:19, 29/05/2019
Esther WelmanSigned: 23:11, 28/05/2019
Richard MotiSigned: 18:04, 24/05/2019
"I want this to happen a.s.a.p. I demand change. Fuck the corporations and multinationals."
Eva De JongSigned: 08:34, 16/04/2019
Reon BrandSigned: 15:14, 08/04/2019
"Exactly what we need to save the planet and save humanity from itself"
raymond HolthuijsenSigned: 12:46, 08/02/2019
"Geld is een vreemd iets, want het is niks anders dan een reden om iets te doen of iemand iets te gunnen. terwijl het vrij makkelijk zou zijn om aan geld gewoon een einde te maken "
Afke Roemersma Signed: 01:06, 28/01/2019
Sandra Graas-krook Signed: 17:18, 22/01/2019
tom zuijderwijkSigned: 17:11, 02/01/2019
"activiteiten buiten onze aardbol vind ik alleen toelaatbaar als we daaraan toe zijn (niets vervuilen of verpesten in deze ruimte/ op andere planeten ) en eerst de problemen op aarde hebben opgelost. en wetenschap moet echt objectief , bijv dubbelblinde onderzoeken etc zijn , dat is het nu zeker nog niet."
Caroline van RooijSigned: 22:10, 11/10/2018
Martin van TokSigned: 13:36, 09/10/2018
Marco Del NegroSigned: 12:58, 20/09/2018
"Capitalism has made us all slaves and is destroying all life. I hope in a near future we can live in a world where money doesn't exist and we reconnect with nature. "

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