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Christa MoorSigned: 09:24, 23/07/2020
Simon LuxSigned: 09:31, 09/07/2020
Nadja EnglerSigned: 07:54, 06/07/2020
Jack PenningtonSigned: 01:08, 02/06/2020
"If this is for real, my address is of no relevance. Respect my right to privacy."
Raffael inivrecSigned: 09:23, 01/05/2020
Silvia ZinggSigned: 03:09, 10/04/2020
Giovanna Weidmann-Silvani Signed: 20:08, 28/03/2020
Hans-Jörg BornscheinSigned: 16:58, 21/03/2020
peter adlerSigned: 15:44, 21/03/2020
Roman KochSigned: 18:12, 06/03/2020
"Ich denke, damit lässt sich die Erde gerechter Teilen"
Gabrielle Bernstorff-NahatSigned: 08:27, 07/11/2019
"Dear Free World Charter Team I gladly sign this Wonderful heart felt Free World Charter. I miss the word Peace in the charter, especially since we live in unfortunately also very waring times. Perhaps additions may be made. Thank you and I am happy to share this Beautiful charter. Gabrielle von Bernstorff-Nahat"
alec gagneuxSigned: 10:06, 04/10/2019
Eric ZaindlSigned: 13:51, 01/10/2019
"pls check out also my website to find out about my vision of a WORLD WITHOUT MONEY, with free available download documents in German and English. Thanks, Colin, for your initiative and for being part of this movement. B.Rgds Eric"
Roman AmbühlSigned: 23:17, 26/08/2019
Fabian GerberSigned: 20:17, 01/07/2019
Lucio ZuodarSigned: 06:56, 14/10/2018
"Les règles pour une gestion des ressources mondiales tout autre, en passant par le respect du vivant et faisant abstraction de notre volonté, vont s’imposer comme nécessité vitale indiscutable."
Samantha BruniSigned: 09:32, 11/10/2018
urs flurySigned: 11:22, 06/09/2018
Florian GuySigned: 13:47, 25/06/2018
Pascal KälinSigned: 15:05, 09/06/2018
Diana JohnsonSigned: 14:27, 05/05/2018
Eric Westacott-HariSigned: 12:39, 28/02/2018
"as the laws in most modern countries are under the rules of admirality law, we should hit them (those in office of power) with notices of liability!"
Aaron Pearl PerlmutterSigned: 15:20, 17/02/2018
Thomas BraunSigned: 08:18, 28/01/2018
Maria Fernanda Rollier-GneccoSigned: 11:58, 30/11/2017
Ignatz GoninSigned: 09:46, 30/11/2017
Philippe RollierSigned: 09:26, 30/11/2017
Julie DowlingSigned: 08:25, 30/11/2017
Mandana DowlingSigned: 14:19, 29/11/2017
Christian DowlingSigned: 19:29, 28/11/2017
Dominique Dowling-GoninSigned: 19:20, 27/11/2017
"que la lumière soit sur la terre et que les Consciences se souviennent qui ils sont..."
Yvonne MenziSigned: 08:28, 26/11/2017
Nicholas Manuel Eric SutterSigned: 15:57, 15/11/2017
"Dadashreeji sharanam..."
Jürg BondererSigned: 14:18, 15/11/2017
"Liebe & Dankbarkeit"
Gabriella MastrogiuseppeSigned: 17:43, 06/10/2017
Lydia Sciaini Signed: 14:25, 06/09/2017
Alessandro MichailidisSigned: 11:03, 09/08/2017
"❤Wir sind alle eins,Brüder und Schwestern mit Liebe und Licht❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤"
Nicole TschäppätSigned: 16:05, 16/07/2017
"Zusammen sind wir einflussreich."
Raphi SeeSigned: 22:43, 30/05/2017
"Together we have everything we need!"
sandra cartierSigned: 19:18, 26/04/2017
Vanessa Isabelle Schütz Signed: 10:16, 25/01/2017
Gebhard FreiSigned: 18:26, 21/01/2017
Edith MathisSigned: 23:42, 08/01/2017
Beatrice DreierSigned: 15:05, 02/01/2017
Ramon WidmerSigned: 13:53, 30/12/2016
Manuela LüscherSigned: 22:39, 13/12/2016
Lukas Wullschleger Signed: 15:29, 13/12/2016
Daniela MoserSigned: 21:35, 12/12/2016
Fanny MoulinSigned: 22:08, 31/10/2016
Olivier BodenmannSigned: 22:06, 31/10/2016
"Il faut toutefois se garder de penser que le seul progrès possible soit technologique. Il y a d'autres progrès possibles et même plus que souhaitable, vu l'immense retard dans ce domaine, comme le développement des facultés de l'esprit humain."

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