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"Absolutely ..thank you gratefull for the change happening God Creator Source is the Almighty Glory and Praise to Him ..He Is the All Eye AM ..the BE-AM of Light Eye Shine..and all of us do in Unity Oneness in Trust to Lord God and Faith and Believe...we Protect Mother Gaia Earth and share sustainable living as 2nd nature...where ever we tread the earth. Unconditional Love to All of Humanity and All Entities EYE AM Lunessa of the Light. XXX " - Christel Minette3 days ago
"release technologies suppressed from us like free energy, replicators, and anti gravity" - Gary Ibranyi3 days ago
"Alles wäre so einfach" - Tanja Winter3 days ago
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Tânia Cristina da Silva Cruz CruzSigned: 14:43, 22/08/2018
"Urge nos organizarmos e redefinirmos nossos padrões de uso dos recursos naturais."
Clare McLaughlinSigned: 11:29, 22/08/2018
Ole NorheimSigned: 07:37, 22/08/2018
Daniel BelcherSigned: 01:25, 22/08/2018
Lloyd Allan MacPhersonSigned: 19:11, 21/08/2018
Diana DupuySigned: 16:34, 21/08/2018
Arron CraftSigned: 15:50, 21/08/2018
Sanja MilojevićSigned: 11:49, 21/08/2018
Takura MunopoSigned: 17:47, 20/08/2018
Rejeesh MohanSigned: 13:40, 20/08/2018
Landon GingherSigned: 07:41, 20/08/2018
Cierra FreemanSigned: 22:57, 19/08/2018
Edenilton FranciscoSigned: 03:58, 19/08/2018
Sandra Paulino AdvogadaSigned: 03:41, 19/08/2018
Jami GaitherSigned: 19:47, 18/08/2018
John EverettSigned: 18:29, 17/08/2018
Borislav GazicSigned: 22:21, 16/08/2018
"Diese Versklavung muss endlich aufhören!"
Yao da SilvaSigned: 00:35, 16/08/2018
"I dream about a world without borders, each one having the choice where to live on this planet!"
Andrew HalupkaSigned: 13:26, 15/08/2018
"The economy isn't working for 99% of us"
Daniel EhrkeSigned: 12:19, 15/08/2018
"I support this ideology, however the implementation will not be easy. "
Nathan MooreSigned: 01:25, 15/08/2018
Paul LendaSigned: 16:19, 14/08/2018
Edgar WarnierSigned: 10:10, 13/08/2018
Jeffrey BerrocalSigned: 03:04, 13/08/2018
Dorothea WolzenburgSigned: 16:22, 12/08/2018
""Sei die Veränderung, die du in der Welt bewirken willst!" "
Daniel ClarkeSigned: 14:48, 12/08/2018
"This is what I would like to see happen"
Jade CorresaSigned: 22:06, 11/08/2018
"I've only just turned 14, and I know how much money can tear people apart. Families, friends; mine personally struggles with money. I barely see my father since he's out working from morning to night. We're wasting our lives for a worthless piece of paper that controls us."
Pedro FerreiraSigned: 19:23, 11/08/2018
Jean LoweSigned: 17:39, 11/08/2018
"People empowerment World Wide!"
Ram RathangSigned: 22:55, 10/08/2018
Chanel DowneySigned: 17:58, 10/08/2018
"Please lets all help each other to survive in peace and harmony! Thank you to the brains behind this plan and brilliant idea! We need a permanent solution for sustaining humanity. "
RIAZ KHANSigned: 17:50, 10/08/2018
Cristophe LimaSigned: 00:01, 10/08/2018
"Buy the essential equipment to make this possible and land to implement this. And start doing it with 100/1000/1M... people. If we do not do passe an idea from paper to reality then it is just an idea."
Cyrus MolenaarSigned: 13:29, 09/08/2018
"You know this will start a war and the rich have done well at brainwashing and making weapons of mass destruction as long as your free they will olways try to wage war if you have what they want or if they want to hush you up this is dangerous in less this is the present day Illuminatis idea."
Washington LuizSigned: 04:45, 09/08/2018
Loesja KlimczakSigned: 22:35, 08/08/2018
"This world needs people who are specialized in the 'impossible'. "
Pamela RichardsSigned: 18:00, 07/08/2018
"Thank you, this is so beautiful. Pretty much all of what is being stated here, have been my feelings for a very long time. Even repeating some of the same language as I, in that all we need to survive is: Clean Earth, Clean Water, Clean Air, Clean Skies, and Nature provides all freely. Adding equally, that we have Clean Hearts and Minds, which flows freely alongside. Our human potential is so much more than we were taught to believe, advanced knowledge has been hidden for eons, and now we are collectively seeing its rise, with each and every awakening third eye. Happy to support this adventure with ideas that are absolutely necessary to bring about the right thing to do, for the good of the whole, in my view. Grateful indeed. Pamela http://www.flywithmeproductions.com"
olivier hermantSigned: 12:09, 07/08/2018
Juano TocornalSigned: 22:22, 06/08/2018
Paddy PowerSigned: 15:34, 06/08/2018
Fabiana Vilanova Saziki FabiSigned: 20:13, 05/08/2018
Vini vernagalloSigned: 19:53, 05/08/2018
Stéphanie ROGERSigned: 21:37, 03/08/2018
Alvin Robertson IIISigned: 15:58, 03/08/2018
Alec D'Hollander Signed: 00:13, 03/08/2018
Victoria LoveSigned: 17:06, 01/08/2018
"Practical Sustainability is the ability to discern actual need, determine available resources and create a viable system for meeting the gap."
Shelby EvansSigned: 16:38, 31/07/2018
Sandy WalterSigned: 14:46, 31/07/2018

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