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Maureen TaftSigned: 03:42, 04/03/2021
D CSigned: 00:44, 25/02/2021
Leesa DaymondSigned: 23:20, 17/02/2021
Marie PearceSigned: 14:49, 17/02/2021
Alexandra ChanceSigned: 02:49, 17/02/2021
Federica GracaoSigned: 11:54, 13/02/2021
Sean WhiteheadSigned: 05:20, 12/02/2021
Michael KoulloumbrasSigned: 05:07, 10/02/2021
"Hi with all this build on the fields nonsense I would like to discuss with you ways in how my community can work together to become resourceful. Giving is a beautiful thing to establish towards all so that everyone can prosper whilst becoming educated so that everyone can become their own doctors and in turn their own layers. Please feel welcome to call me to discuss and expand on working ways. My number is: 07934733722 Blessed love Michael Koulloumbras "
Mantas CesynasSigned: 14:39, 08/02/2021
Federica GSigned: 13:59, 02/02/2021
Anne PlumbSigned: 04:05, 02/02/2021
Salvatore SpinaSigned: 00:45, 02/02/2021
Jonathan WarrenSigned: 15:02, 01/02/2021
"Peace Love Unity Respect"
Gulen KadirSigned: 12:37, 01/02/2021
Tamaryn PayneSigned: 07:54, 01/02/2021
Lynne PottsSigned: 05:14, 30/01/2021
daniel brownSigned: 13:12, 29/01/2021
"I also stand for full bodily autonomy and self determination for all. Any future evolution of society can never be created by force or coercion, only by consensus. "
Chris DempseySigned: 13:08, 27/01/2021
Hero GayabSigned: 08:33, 22/01/2021
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Sammy jo WavellSigned: 23:02, 20/01/2021
Tiffany Stevenson Signed: 12:01, 20/01/2021
Julie MillsSigned: 11:27, 20/01/2021
Bre ChittendenSigned: 11:11, 20/01/2021
Sharon LoveSigned: 01:47, 19/01/2021
Dylan HughesSigned: 11:50, 17/01/2021

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