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Aicardo Arango UribeSigned: 15:47, 16/02/2019
"Somos parte de la naturaleza, no sus dueños... Hoy lloramos con mucho dolor la muerte del río Cauca producto de la codicia y ceguera humana."
matt oasSigned: 02:03, 16/02/2019
Lisa StullSigned: 01:48, 16/02/2019
Joshua ParmeleSigned: 00:46, 16/02/2019
Katy BradburySigned: 18:08, 15/02/2019
Eduardo Belletato Ratazzani SilvaSigned: 03:13, 15/02/2019
Daniel Mc LaughlinSigned: 06:29, 14/02/2019
Hélène Chalessin-CanuSigned: 18:36, 13/02/2019
"Le monde des humains avides doit finir et être remplacer par les relations empathiques"
Edgar ViterSigned: 15:02, 13/02/2019
Ely AbartSigned: 10:23, 13/02/2019
José-Philippe Canu-RomeoSigned: 09:17, 13/02/2019
"Sans empathie ni sans éthique, ce monde n'a aucune chance de survivre. "
Alexander FalkSigned: 23:28, 12/02/2019
Anette LitzkowySigned: 22:31, 12/02/2019
joel stricklandSigned: 01:41, 12/02/2019
Claudemir Pinheiro DemirSigned: 20:20, 10/02/2019
"Liberdade pro Ser! Liberdade pra Ser!"
Kelly PopeSigned: 19:33, 10/02/2019
Ricardo HenriqueSigned: 21:44, 09/02/2019
"Em quanto o homem achar superior a todas as espécies, o planeta será destruído a cada dia..."
Красимир СимеоновSigned: 20:21, 09/02/2019
Sabrina GreenseaSigned: 15:14, 09/02/2019
Rosane RodriguesSigned: 07:58, 09/02/2019
Jared BrdaSigned: 02:54, 09/02/2019
Richard BartonSigned: 22:41, 08/02/2019
Jean-Yves TalletSigned: 21:14, 08/02/2019
Casey Johnson Signed: 20:09, 08/02/2019
"Need help in business marketing I am here :) +Anything UBUNTU let me know "
raymond HolthuijsenSigned: 12:46, 08/02/2019
"Geld is een vreemd iets, want het is niks anders dan een reden om iets te doen of iemand iets te gunnen. terwijl het vrij makkelijk zou zijn om aan geld gewoon een einde te maken "
S VenkateshSigned: 02:59, 07/02/2019
Keith Heaven Signed: 19:40, 06/02/2019
Laura RichardsonSigned: 19:21, 06/02/2019
Sherry SchmidtSigned: 13:43, 06/02/2019
Jack PalmerSigned: 04:55, 06/02/2019
"Vivre ses rêves !"
Giuseppe CappelliSigned: 23:50, 05/02/2019
"Great idea! Thank you"
Cerelle BarnesSigned: 23:05, 04/02/2019
Petr MartinekSigned: 16:56, 04/02/2019
"Always seeking to find projects like these. We built system that doesn't make sense on any level. It's human laziness and flawed ideals, that prevent us from moving in the right direction."
Lillian PictorSigned: 02:42, 03/02/2019
"Imagine and awaken!"
Adam SayyadeeSigned: 01:34, 03/02/2019
"Life goes on,so motivate yourself"
Adam SayyadeeSigned: 01:34, 03/02/2019
"Life goes on,so motivate yourself "
Marie GrycováSigned: 12:51, 02/02/2019
Mauricio Rekowisky bistrichiSigned: 18:41, 01/02/2019
"Por um mundo melhor pra todos!!!"
Sylvie BoscSigned: 14:45, 01/02/2019
Henry ThomasSigned: 10:07, 01/02/2019
"Money is the root of all evil and this world will be a much better place if there was no division between humans. Remove the weaklings and let this planet breathe for once"
Chad AhaSigned: 07:56, 01/02/2019
Christine Louis-EmileSigned: 06:22, 01/02/2019
"This plan is as close to perfection as can be. Let's do it!! "
Jamie ProutSigned: 22:05, 31/01/2019
Jamie ProutSigned: 21:47, 31/01/2019
"Kia ora! I'm a nature lover, musician, photographer, scientist based in Dunedin :) "
Rachel DelanySigned: 01:17, 31/01/2019
"Compassion, collaboration, unity IN, money, power, control OUT"
Ahamed GassimSigned: 22:12, 30/01/2019
Karl GarySigned: 19:16, 29/01/2019
"If we do not move to a moneyless world, we will destroy the planet through money. Money is only a concept - a phony concept of unreal numbers in our computer banking systems."
Antony McGrathSigned: 19:04, 29/01/2019
"I want what's possible, not what's affordable. Today's era is modern day slavery."
Lee-Anne LewisSigned: 15:01, 29/01/2019
Eder Amoras MeloSigned: 21:31, 28/01/2019

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