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Toby Bentham Signed: 16:07, 27/05/2020
Axel Ravazzoli de Angeles AXSigned: 12:29, 27/05/2020
"Respeito e comunhão a todas as formas de vida"
Mats LagnevallSigned: 09:28, 27/05/2020
Karen RobinsonSigned: 00:17, 27/05/2020
Kiz ZabrowskiSigned: 04:23, 26/05/2020
"I shared on Facebook....."
Joel JimenoSigned: 01:33, 25/05/2020
RAQUEL DA SILVA KelSigned: 15:20, 24/05/2020
Raimondas LapinskasSigned: 12:13, 24/05/2020
Johann KotzeSigned: 07:58, 24/05/2020
Isolde StegmannSigned: 05:56, 24/05/2020
Marcin MakanSigned: 01:58, 24/05/2020
Marcin MakanSigned: 01:46, 24/05/2020
"This is definitely the system that I prefer! It is happenig right now worldwide."
Nicholas CassanitiSigned: 01:21, 24/05/2020
Nicholas CassanitiSigned: 04:50, 23/05/2020
"Money, and institutions of authority, I believe, are the roots of all the world's problems. Whether that be socioeconomic indifferences, climate change, scarcity of resources, declining mental health, conflicts where artificial countries have been drawn on a map - it all stems from the same. That being money and authority. In order to achieve true freedom in this world, I believe we must work towards achieving abundant amounts of resources for oursleves, in a sustainable way without encroaching on Mother Nature. That way things can truly be openly accessed and we can have more time to focus on things which benefit society and hold higher value in our lives."
Anthony William Coelho NascimentoSigned: 05:14, 22/05/2020
Monika Adamczyk Signed: 00:24, 21/05/2020
Tiago PereiraSigned: 19:00, 20/05/2020
Andrew WillanSigned: 14:13, 20/05/2020
Amina Rodriguez Signed: 07:28, 20/05/2020
Rakesh M RaveendraiahSigned: 03:57, 19/05/2020
Slavomír PiarSigned: 02:51, 19/05/2020
Caleb ThorneSigned: 01:44, 19/05/2020
Red TulipSigned: 00:36, 18/05/2020
Gabriel Gutiérrez Signed: 18:40, 17/05/2020
"Gracias, gracias, gracias a nombre de quienes ni siquiera tienen acceso a Internet, a nombre de los más necesitados, de las formas de vida que no tienen voz ni voto y por favor, hay alguna forma en la que pueda apoyar a demás de difundir el mensaje? Hay forma de comenzar? Gracias "
Anastasia RozdaySigned: 07:26, 17/05/2020
David TildesleySigned: 18:07, 16/05/2020
Layla TurnerSigned: 09:47, 16/05/2020
Giorgio TremendiniSigned: 00:35, 16/05/2020
Satria KurniaSigned: 00:09, 16/05/2020
"This is what our world should be! "
Frances McGeeSigned: 16:14, 15/05/2020
Pawel MalagockiSigned: 09:57, 15/05/2020
kim unserSigned: 21:17, 14/05/2020
Abulgasem IssaSigned: 16:33, 14/05/2020
jo joyceSigned: 09:59, 14/05/2020
Mhellan NarcisoSigned: 05:17, 14/05/2020
Sylvia KläreSigned: 03:56, 14/05/2020
"Dies ist die Lösung für die meisten Probleme, die wir derzeit auf der Welt erleben, darum bin ich ein Mitglied dieser neuen Idee."
Adam SzygendaSigned: 03:41, 14/05/2020
"To takie piękne i wolne!"
David WinterSigned: 01:04, 14/05/2020
Drew RobsonSigned: 22:16, 13/05/2020
"A society grows great when old man plant trees who's shade they know they never shall sit in."
Marcus Mackay Signed: 21:56, 13/05/2020
"Brilliantly written!"
Martin AthertonSigned: 16:41, 13/05/2020
"The sooner the better "
Velislav KasamovSigned: 06:58, 13/05/2020
Haim paul RevivoSigned: 06:57, 13/05/2020
Robert De Souza WoWSigned: 16:47, 12/05/2020
"Looking forward to learning more about the WoW Factor to Ascend people's 5D Life ?"
Sebastian TodaSigned: 12:10, 12/05/2020
Maicon SérgioSigned: 07:47, 12/05/2020
"Conheci através do filme "Terra" disponível no you tube. "
tiziano granaiSigned: 06:55, 12/05/2020
faial enseSigned: 06:26, 12/05/2020
Alexandre Mendonça Peres AlexandreSigned: 15:33, 11/05/2020
Stefan SpichtingerSigned: 14:57, 10/05/2020
"frieden, wohlstand und selbstverantwortung für jedes lebewesen "

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