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Ana Claudia Calomeni MoreiraSigned: 11:28, 14/05/2018
nathalie HeberleSigned: 07:55, 14/05/2018
Liselotte Gertrud StrelowSigned: 07:00, 14/05/2018
"Das alles war schon immer mein Wunsch und es wird hoffentlich Realität"
Axel DieserSigned: 17:44, 13/05/2018
Esme LeeSigned: 17:17, 13/05/2018
Deana AbbottSigned: 13:57, 13/05/2018
Moises A.Signed: 03:36, 13/05/2018
Jai Lee GalantiSigned: 18:57, 12/05/2018
Michael MuthmannSigned: 17:36, 12/05/2018
"Alles was ist, alles sein hier in dieser Welt sollte immer in Bezug zu Körper, Geist und Seele stehen, soll heißen: GANZHEITLICH betrachtet werden! Frieden im Herzen...möge Liebe fließen...Danke Danke Danke"
Stine BergSigned: 17:30, 12/05/2018
Devkirn KhalsaSigned: 14:14, 12/05/2018
"“Every moment you are happy is a gift to the rest of the world” Harry Palmer, creator of the Avatar course"
Karen Challinder Signed: 23:20, 11/05/2018
"I’ve been a community volunteer for the past 15 years and have a love and respect for Mother Earth and all its inhabitants 🙏🏼😍"
john SchilterSigned: 14:34, 11/05/2018
JOHN R JONESSigned: 08:22, 11/05/2018
Thomas HobsonSigned: 04:40, 11/05/2018
"From May 22 to May 25 a great spiritual awakening will manifest through."The Gospel of Thomas" "
Karolina PiętkaSigned: 14:52, 09/05/2018
"Glad to be a member of this community! The more we are, the better for our cause :) "
Sérgio CambadoSigned: 22:35, 08/05/2018
Wiesław MrózSigned: 10:42, 08/05/2018
Grażyna SurowiecSigned: 08:03, 08/05/2018
Denver SmithSigned: 22:55, 07/05/2018
Meagan WhitsonSigned: 16:51, 07/05/2018
Miroslav KaraicicSigned: 01:16, 07/05/2018
"A better world is possible"
Henry GroenheijdeSigned: 19:46, 06/05/2018
DANIEL CALFASigned: 17:06, 06/05/2018
Leslie TallantSigned: 06:30, 06/05/2018
"I want to be more involved. "
Daniel VeraSigned: 23:08, 05/05/2018
"Just seeing what this is all about. "
Lester WickenkampSigned: 21:38, 05/05/2018
Diana JohnsonSigned: 14:27, 05/05/2018
Krystophe Of the gauthier clanSigned: 01:53, 05/05/2018
"French canadian ambassador for ubuntu "
Erik KierskiSigned: 01:29, 05/05/2018
a ClarkSigned: 05:44, 03/05/2018
"www.TalkingTrees.Love "
Davetta HayesSigned: 21:34, 02/05/2018
Gabrielle SylvesterSigned: 13:48, 02/05/2018
"I want to make the world a free place, without money, and peaceful for all."
PATRICK HAMILTONSigned: 00:38, 02/05/2018
Gerard O ReillySigned: 22:23, 01/05/2018
Sandro VicenteSigned: 20:44, 01/05/2018
Robert KoelbelSigned: 20:23, 01/05/2018
Rose marie DuesterwaldSigned: 06:08, 01/05/2018
"At first glance,yes it seem utopian. However there maybe enough people who are ready for a world of sharing and mutual respect. "
Javier FatjóSigned: 21:09, 30/04/2018
Heather VicarsSigned: 18:19, 30/04/2018
"I love sharing my gifts and talents to build a better community."
Nuno TavaresSigned: 14:09, 30/04/2018
Agostinho TavaresSigned: 13:58, 30/04/2018
Wagner FerreiraSigned: 19:45, 29/04/2018
"Vamos trabalhar por um mundo melhor!"
Veronica MarrSigned: 16:56, 29/04/2018
Danijela PanjakSigned: 23:52, 28/04/2018
Karin Jörbrand Signed: 10:48, 28/04/2018
Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen ⓋSigned: 18:08, 27/04/2018
"Humans are animals; a primate mammal species. The word ‘animal’ relates to the Latin word ‘anima’ meaning ‘soul’. “The soul is the same in all living creatures although the body of each is different.” ~ Hippocrates Both human animals and non-human animals are people. All beings with the ability of population are people and peoples. But many dictionaries are wrong in not recognizing this, the language being manipulated by human supremacists. Therefore, I do not agree with how the terms “people, animals and plants” are used in this charter. Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen Ⓥ Graφical Devine & Vegan Embassy for Animal Rights and Justice (Dharma) by Earthlings and ET of cosmic cultures Ⓥ Stamus Contra Malo (Stand Against Evil) 🌍 The meek shall inherit the Earth."
Nancy WorthingtonSigned: 17:24, 27/04/2018
Carol BuckoSigned: 09:15, 27/04/2018
"Finally found philosophy I agree with."
Leonel MoraesSigned: 02:59, 27/04/2018

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