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Ricardo KellySigned: 11:59, 14/02/2013
"the problem is, that people who have money don't want to change and these are the people who have the most power too change it"
Tomas DijkstraSigned: 08:40, 14/02/2013
"Really nice framework for setting shared values. I have been walking around with this very same idea fir quit some time. How will we divide resources? How do we deal with scarcity? And posession? How can an artist for example justify the means he needs? How will we divide workload (i am talking about the work that still has to be done like administrative work or services like callcentres)? Finally my prediction is that people have less motivation to do things partly as a result of having to do things in the current system or being lazy (like me). How do we transition?"
boy polSigned: 03:42, 14/02/2013
Leon SegersSigned: 15:29, 13/02/2013
"Om deze maatschappij handen en voeten te geven, stel ik voor om een wereldwijd een onvoorwaardelijk basiisnkomen in te voeren voor iedere burger"
lucien del santeSigned: 09:26, 11/02/2013
Pierre SchreuderSigned: 14:26, 10/02/2013
"Ieder het zijne en de kwaden het niets!"
Petra BosSigned: 13:12, 10/02/2013
willeke van kempenSigned: 17:26, 09/02/2013
Marc OysermanSigned: 21:00, 07/02/2013
Jeroen VisserSigned: 20:16, 06/02/2013
Reuben KortekaasSigned: 15:31, 06/02/2013
"No one is free when there is stuff to be paid."
Sarah LampisSigned: 12:41, 05/02/2013
shane vaessenSigned: 17:02, 03/02/2013
"we going to need Hemp in my opinion.. for paper food clothes houses and medicine. Its the most potential plant found on the planet.. really its unbelievable that this plant isnt been used all over the world to heal all our problems. its just an suggestion. but i think its great what u doing i know theres alot of anger and fear in the world nowadays. people are just to scared to let go of the program that they dont even think about whats happing anymore. I think im blessed with the knowledge that i think u also have.. to spread this knowledge and make everybody equal and happy again.. but we must move quick i see a dark futher if we dont do something.. they are going to move to iran soon. if they do that they will go with russia and china and we have ww3. then we have a change also in the system but that will lead to more domination on the regular human. i hope this will not happen.. let me know if u have more info about the free world i love to go to peace with the world."
chris habetsSigned: 17:22, 01/02/2013
Zoltan BurunczSigned: 22:30, 30/01/2013
Miguel Francisco RocaSigned: 03:54, 25/01/2013
Lydia KliphuisSigned: 14:08, 24/01/2013
"I like to be free, without money. More healthy for nature, animals, air, water and people. I like to see this outside myself."
robin ketelaarsSigned: 10:05, 24/01/2013
A.J. KetelaarSigned: 09:38, 24/01/2013
Michael van ZantenSigned: 09:00, 24/01/2013
"The sooner the better! :)"
Frank verhoevenSigned: 01:47, 22/01/2013
tappa BlomSigned: 07:50, 20/01/2013
Peter SplinterSigned: 15:18, 18/01/2013
Damir CvitanusicSigned: 18:44, 14/01/2013
"I dream of this day when money becomes an issue when ppl start to act according to our needs n morals. But there will be a problem when there is no one to tell them morals and ppl will become greedy it will take couple of generations to purify us but i think n hope we can do it."
Bernardus van GilsSigned: 07:42, 10/01/2013
"I a world where football players are paid millions there must definitly be enough money to make everything free for everyone. Do away with greed and feed the human need! I do not want anything i just need enough to feed my own soul! Do not slave away your life for money! Do not sell your soul for numbers! Give away your love for free! we were born free! we will live free! we will love forever! "
Raymond de BruinSigned: 17:34, 09/01/2013
Xavier van UnenSigned: 07:59, 09/01/2013
Drako NovSigned: 20:25, 07/01/2013
Vazgen GasparianSigned: 23:07, 06/01/2013
Mark GritterSigned: 19:37, 06/01/2013
A.K. de VosSigned: 22:50, 04/01/2013
Marco KooijingaSigned: 12:50, 04/01/2013
Annemieke TimmermansSigned: 10:42, 04/01/2013
jolanda kiersSigned: 10:11, 04/01/2013
wiebke mechauSigned: 13:21, 03/01/2013
Ineke KuiperSigned: 10:52, 30/12/2012
Ans WelsSigned: 19:29, 24/12/2012
Tim StrasserSigned: 12:25, 20/12/2012
Max GibbonsSigned: 12:12, 20/12/2012
"I could make so many comments here, but ya'll said it all. Thanks for showing me there is some hope in this world as I am starting to lose the will to live on this planet..."
Bram van den BerkmortelSigned: 22:24, 19/12/2012
merlijn nashSigned: 11:50, 19/12/2012
Nick Van 't EndSigned: 11:20, 19/12/2012
Irina van OmmerenSigned: 11:07, 19/12/2012
menno de grootSigned: 11:04, 19/12/2012
Jetske HeresSigned: 10:02, 19/12/2012
Lieke PloegerSigned: 08:59, 19/12/2012
jeroen postmaSigned: 08:41, 19/12/2012
"In time this might happen, and you can count on me"
Robbert KoogerSigned: 18:48, 18/12/2012
Günes AtikSigned: 14:30, 13/12/2012
Louise de RidderSigned: 11:38, 13/12/2012

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