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Reinier BosmanSigned: 13:17, 25/03/2013
mike barendseSigned: 12:48, 25/03/2013
R. BaarSigned: 10:53, 24/03/2013
Jolanda KlopperSigned: 01:23, 24/03/2013
"For 4 years i lived in a squat without a job and without benefits, the work consisted primarily of collecting wood, saw the wood, finding food (supermarkets dumped foot out of date in containers, and we had a garden and chickens) cooking, making wine, collecting iron for some money, celebrate live and love each other."
esther van den berghSigned: 20:22, 23/03/2013
"The way of thinking determines the quality of life."
Wijnand SchippersSigned: 18:15, 23/03/2013
Martinus T.Signed: 17:33, 23/03/2013
Andrew MillarSigned: 16:10, 23/03/2013
René de GraafSigned: 15:47, 23/03/2013
Freddie BatemaSigned: 15:08, 23/03/2013
"Check also The Venus Project from Jacque Fresco."
Raymon BrugmanSigned: 14:50, 23/03/2013
"I truly wish this becomes reality..."
Wilfred SoerSigned: 14:15, 23/03/2013
"I believe, we as the human race can accomplish a world without the need of money. We created it to regulate, but that is no longer necessary. Please, people of the world who are able to change our way of life, stand up. Thank you."
corrie drissenSigned: 14:13, 23/03/2013
Marco de VisserSigned: 13:09, 23/03/2013
"Our supposedly democratic society does a very poor job of realizing our wishes and relieving our needs. These 10 principles make perfect sense and are a good point to start. I've narrowed it down further to: "Respect" and "Responsibility", all "Wrongs" in the world can be framed in those two terms. When the law is framed in terms of R&R, all transgressions can be dealt with, with no loopholes. Hunger, war, oppression, atomic bombs, they are all the product of a lack of respect and responsibility. Children pick up on this readily, so don't tell your son that it's "bad" to take away his brothers toy, tell him "it's not respectful of his brother". Expand this to every aspect of daily life and we will become a respectful and responsible people, who don't need specific laws, with inherent loopholes, to do the right thing. It is within our graps to do so."
Erik HellebrandSigned: 23:30, 20/03/2013
S SchwarzSigned: 14:37, 20/03/2013
Elizabeth PlatjeSigned: 10:54, 20/03/2013
"It is possible if we all work together!!"
Tim GroeneveldSigned: 21:20, 19/03/2013
"good to find I'm not alone with this view we share!"
Michel MelsbachSigned: 10:48, 16/03/2013
Froukje WiebengaSigned: 10:35, 13/03/2013
John GeerlingsSigned: 10:15, 03/03/2013
naomi peaceSigned: 23:13, 02/03/2013
"If We Use Fuel to get Our Power , We are Living on our capital and exhausting it rapidly. This method is Barbarous and wasteful and will have to be stopped in the intrest of coming generations . Technical invention is akin to architecture and the experts must in time come to the same conclusions I have reached long ago. Sooner or later my power system will have to be adopted in its entirety and so far as I am concerned it is as good as done. (( ♥ )) The opinion of the world does not affect me. I have placed as the real values in my life what follows when I am dead. The present is theirs the future, for which I really worked, is mine * Nikola Tesla"
cynthia baxSigned: 14:08, 27/02/2013
Riny OttenSigned: 13:11, 22/02/2013
Arianne StamSigned: 12:09, 22/02/2013
Jeroen NijkampSigned: 19:49, 21/02/2013
Ragnhild dHSigned: 15:07, 21/02/2013
Liselotte RoosenSigned: 10:04, 21/02/2013
"I believe that one additional thing that could help in making the above possible -and which may even be necessary- is getting rid of (the concept of) money completely. Money has proven to promote unhealthy and unnatural behaviour by some people, which will continue to lead to corruption and abuse."
Jean-Paul BlommaertSigned: 12:07, 17/02/2013
Jerome le CoqSigned: 15:13, 14/02/2013
Ricardo KellySigned: 11:59, 14/02/2013
"the problem is, that people who have money don't want to change and these are the people who have the most power too change it"
Tomas DijkstraSigned: 08:40, 14/02/2013
"Really nice framework for setting shared values. I have been walking around with this very same idea fir quit some time. How will we divide resources? How do we deal with scarcity? And posession? How can an artist for example justify the means he needs? How will we divide workload (i am talking about the work that still has to be done like administrative work or services like callcentres)? Finally my prediction is that people have less motivation to do things partly as a result of having to do things in the current system or being lazy (like me). How do we transition?"
boy polSigned: 03:42, 14/02/2013
Leon SegersSigned: 15:29, 13/02/2013
"Om deze maatschappij handen en voeten te geven, stel ik voor om een wereldwijd een onvoorwaardelijk basiisnkomen in te voeren voor iedere burger"
lucien del santeSigned: 09:26, 11/02/2013
Pierre SchreuderSigned: 14:26, 10/02/2013
"Ieder het zijne en de kwaden het niets!"
Petra BosSigned: 13:12, 10/02/2013
willeke van kempenSigned: 17:26, 09/02/2013
Marc OysermanSigned: 21:00, 07/02/2013
Jeroen VisserSigned: 20:16, 06/02/2013
Reuben KortekaasSigned: 15:31, 06/02/2013
"No one is free when there is stuff to be paid."
Sarah LampisSigned: 12:41, 05/02/2013
shane vaessenSigned: 17:02, 03/02/2013
"we going to need Hemp in my opinion.. for paper food clothes houses and medicine. Its the most potential plant found on the planet.. really its unbelievable that this plant isnt been used all over the world to heal all our problems. its just an suggestion. but i think its great what u doing i know theres alot of anger and fear in the world nowadays. people are just to scared to let go of the program that they dont even think about whats happing anymore. I think im blessed with the knowledge that i think u also have.. to spread this knowledge and make everybody equal and happy again.. but we must move quick i see a dark futher if we dont do something.. they are going to move to iran soon. if they do that they will go with russia and china and we have ww3. then we have a change also in the system but that will lead to more domination on the regular human. i hope this will not happen.. let me know if u have more info about the free world i love to go to peace with the world."
chris habetsSigned: 17:22, 01/02/2013
Zoltan BurunczSigned: 22:30, 30/01/2013
Miguel Francisco RocaSigned: 03:54, 25/01/2013
Lydia KliphuisSigned: 14:08, 24/01/2013
"I like to be free, without money. More healthy for nature, animals, air, water and people. I like to see this outside myself."
robin ketelaarsSigned: 10:05, 24/01/2013
A.J. KetelaarSigned: 09:38, 24/01/2013
Michael van ZantenSigned: 09:00, 24/01/2013
"The sooner the better! :)"

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