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Ron HeddesSigned: 17:27, 27/05/2015
Jeroen GhuijsSigned: 09:47, 27/05/2015
"Finding Voices is building the foundation for a world based on equal rights, no money, food for everyone, and a world without violence."
jolanda scheepmakerSigned: 09:52, 26/05/2015
John John ErkelensSigned: 09:18, 26/05/2015
Derksen MartijnSigned: 09:11, 25/05/2015
"The only thing standing between our current reality and the free world is time, just have patience. "
Jildert SijmonsmaSigned: 12:33, 24/05/2015
"Eventualy we won't have a choice but to life without money. It is the only sollution to our problems"
Klaske KokSigned: 16:53, 20/05/2015
Mark SpaninksSigned: 00:08, 20/05/2015
Allard de GoedeSigned: 23:49, 10/05/2015
jordy verSigned: 16:33, 03/05/2015
"You could use the music industry to make people aware of this?"
Marouan BakourSigned: 15:59, 03/05/2015
Priscilla ThéSigned: 10:05, 27/04/2015
Miriam IsabellaSigned: 00:05, 27/04/2015
hendrik rietveldSigned: 00:55, 25/04/2015
"In order to obtain a fair world, education as it is should be abolished. It teaches children to be competitive. This is not helping our situation. We should teach them meditation."
marcel mustersSigned: 12:17, 23/04/2015
victor mathieuSigned: 16:00, 22/04/2015
Aivy KamerlingSigned: 06:51, 10/04/2015
Heleen VerhoefSigned: 22:17, 09/04/2015
I.B. deBieSigned: 21:15, 09/04/2015
pi berkhoutSigned: 23:42, 31/03/2015
J van AlphenSigned: 10:53, 22/03/2015
"Gun ieder het zijne."
Wessel Van AlphenSigned: 07:31, 22/03/2015
"Go with the flow. Don't you worry. Relax, just do it. Inspire, discover and respect."
Elmar 't HoenSigned: 14:11, 19/03/2015
Kevin VledderSigned: 14:51, 09/03/2015
Francesco ColottaSigned: 12:35, 09/03/2015
"I live for an efficient, constructive and natural respect for all present and future life to come."
Peter-Mathieu KortsmitSigned: 15:48, 08/03/2015
"One for all and all for LIVE!!! Blessed be, Sir. Face. "
Rickard EngstromSigned: 22:00, 28/02/2015
Doreen DunkelSigned: 09:31, 28/02/2015
Maurits BreedveldSigned: 12:55, 27/02/2015
mylca van VelsenSigned: 12:34, 27/02/2015
Peter KampSigned: 11:22, 10/02/2015
"Naar mijn inzien is een wereld zonder geld heel goed mogelijk, zolang we gaan kijken naar hoogwaardige en duurzame producten en kennis gaan delen. Iedereen heeft dan gewoon de beste apparatuur wat jaren mee zal gaan, hierdoor krijg je ook minder afval. Doordat alles gratis zal zijn zullen we moeten zorgen voor meer automatisering en nieuwe technologieën om een ieder in zijn behoefte te kunnen voorzien. Ik zie eigenlijk alleen maar voordelen van een wereld zonder geld."
Neville WesterveldSigned: 08:10, 10/02/2015
Melvin GoudbeekSigned: 07:39, 10/02/2015
Hendrik LahnsteinSigned: 16:14, 09/02/2015
"Finally, let's move forward fellow citizens of earth!"
Ingrid de RoosSigned: 22:02, 06/02/2015
"Een manier om te leven in vrede. Mensen zijn er op deze wereld voor en met elkaar. Iedereen zorgt voor iedereen."
Rowena BrandtSigned: 17:09, 05/02/2015
"We don't need money to feel good about ourselfs. It feels good to help others. Helping each other. Respecting each other and the planet."
Aad de RoosSigned: 12:47, 05/02/2015
coen drosSigned: 10:32, 03/02/2015
"This is really amazing. We are the people and we can change!"
Belinda ArtsSigned: 12:21, 31/01/2015
Armand van der LemSigned: 16:29, 26/01/2015
"ik zal het verspreiden..."
Liz SmithSigned: 09:42, 26/01/2015
Lia BooijSigned: 16:49, 25/01/2015
Barbara de HoogSigned: 11:51, 22/01/2015
Dax haakSigned: 14:14, 21/01/2015
Jan Willem v daeleSigned: 11:26, 21/01/2015
Bo FinnSigned: 06:55, 21/01/2015
Jitte DaalmeijerSigned: 01:42, 04/01/2015
"I always thought of a society like this, it will be difficult to accomplish it, but I believe it is possible, and this world can live peacefully without money, because money on it's own is nothing and we don't need it."
Danny SparreboomSigned: 18:56, 29/12/2014
Martin PasmanSigned: 08:49, 28/12/2014
Maria SijbomSigned: 11:19, 26/12/2014

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