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K. van der HorstSigned: 08:52, 10/07/2012
Cesco van der ZwaagSigned: 19:56, 09/07/2012
Suzanne NasSigned: 19:52, 09/07/2012
Niels FluitmanSigned: 13:18, 09/07/2012
Nenad RadosavljevicSigned: 12:30, 09/07/2012
Casper BoutensSigned: 12:02, 09/07/2012
"Can't wait to see this work in our world, and it's good to focus on how we would live our lifes. And not to fingerpoint on the elite how they screwed it up for us. The power is within the people!"
Tessa WeberSigned: 11:43, 09/07/2012
Paul AlexanderSigned: 10:15, 09/07/2012
Sebastiaan MafaitSigned: 09:35, 09/07/2012
Dave BiezenSigned: 07:21, 09/07/2012
Mohammad MasoumiSigned: 05:01, 08/07/2012
"One of the most genius idea's that i've seen in my life! great and achievable"
Denis TurohanSigned: 11:04, 05/07/2012
Jenile CelinaSigned: 01:50, 30/06/2012
"Thank you for doing this! Let's make this world free!"
Kees LodderSigned: 09:19, 29/06/2012
"When do we start? "
Linda WerkmanSigned: 22:19, 26/06/2012
Adriaan LaboutSigned: 13:55, 25/06/2012
Tjø van ZuijlenSigned: 14:15, 23/06/2012
Erik BrinkhofSigned: 20:48, 20/06/2012
Fleur MandosSigned: 18:21, 20/06/2012
Peter van den BergSigned: 18:16, 20/06/2012
Rik van der LindenSigned: 12:35, 20/06/2012
stella verhoefSigned: 13:57, 16/06/2012
"May it prosper and flourish..."
Bert GosinsSigned: 19:12, 15/06/2012
Ralph Arthur Lamballais TessensohnSigned: 14:54, 15/06/2012
Ivan Solbes GarciaSigned: 21:55, 14/06/2012
Frederic ZolnetSigned: 19:28, 14/06/2012
Robert SchramSigned: 14:53, 14/06/2012
"I want to ask to ratify LOVE as the overarching faith, honoring all religions and believes, to acknowledge their presence, so we can regain insights, and not get caught in dogma's, and are able to act to the deeper meaning of this overarching faith, and we therefore might be able to experience the shift from current to new paradigm soon, like the shift from night to day). "
Fokko van der LeestSigned: 13:00, 13/06/2012
Alex van HoornSigned: 20:16, 12/06/2012
Reinier BosmanSigned: 18:55, 06/06/2012
Ivona TurohanSigned: 08:32, 04/06/2012
Chuntug TagubaSigned: 17:28, 02/06/2012
Iva GrationSigned: 17:27, 02/06/2012
Inge ValstarSigned: 23:13, 29/05/2012
Rick JanzenSigned: 23:11, 26/05/2012
"Its about time ! just scared i wont be around to see the day !"
kavash azizSigned: 20:27, 26/05/2012
Kiril TsvetkovSigned: 16:03, 26/05/2012
"Yesterday was history and tomorrow is a mistery but today is a gift! That is why it is called "the present" "
William BalkSigned: 15:59, 26/05/2012
Jaap SmoldersSigned: 14:47, 26/05/2012
Maria WeegemanSigned: 10:53, 20/05/2012
"It's about time that people wake up now. I have been thinking this for many many years. I hope there will be a mass awakening! So the whole planet and all people, animals, nature will florish.. with love. Let's make it happen!! Maria"
Xander WeegemanSigned: 10:37, 19/05/2012
"Who wants to live in a world where u always feel u gonna be stabbed in the back and for what? For more profit? Its a sad world and i dont see the light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel. When i was a young child i really thought that one day there would be world peace, that nature and all her animals and forests are the most beautifull things i ever saw and u should love and respect them, but then u grow older and u start to learn that the world isn't that beautifull place. At this point of my life i think were doomed simple as that, people just live there lifes take what they can get and dont care how, leaving a trail of destruction. I cant live like that i really thought there was a greater goal like world peace or atleast try to. I hope theres gonna be millions and millions of people signing this charter, that people wake up and think for themselfs, we people got more power then any company or any government in the world. We people are the world."
koos jansonSigned: 08:09, 18/05/2012
Majella BlijdenstijnSigned: 00:18, 18/05/2012
"I agree by every word that is spoken here. I LOVE to be FREE at last! I LOVE to be my own Big Spirit again....! I LOVE to create share it and feel the good of sharing... I LOVE to be loved I LOVE te welcome the New Earht in all her Glory.... "
Stephan OnceSigned: 11:56, 16/05/2012
Satria QuaijtaalSigned: 09:39, 16/05/2012
"Without good ideas, there won't be any progress in society"
Roan MolenaarSigned: 08:53, 16/05/2012
"I have been talking about this with friends and relatives for quite some time, and im glad someone has taken the initiative. The sole question ofcourse will be who would want to work in a workfree enviroment? I think that will be our greatest problem."
Mariette van WaardSigned: 19:17, 11/05/2012
"This is great! Let's start with this today! :)"
Mike PeetersSigned: 18:02, 10/05/2012
Marc ZitzenSigned: 12:30, 08/05/2012
Anton GlasSigned: 10:57, 08/05/2012
"Thanks for bring this information outside..."

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