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Anton GlasSigned: 10:57, 08/05/2012
"Thanks for bring this information outside..."
Sandra JongeneelSigned: 12:36, 07/05/2012
John BreukelsSigned: 12:02, 07/05/2012
"This is great... I will embrace the day that all nations will work together as ONE, and all of us can have this Abundance. When will everybody understand that we cannot EAT money? Is it when there's no more fish in lakes and Sea? IT's NOW!"
Johan SchuijtSigned: 22:08, 06/05/2012
"Doubting the effectiveness of a simple web page as a tool of change."
Robin BakkerSigned: 20:10, 06/05/2012
Dylan OrtegaSigned: 03:11, 05/05/2012
Gianluca CarboneSigned: 09:03, 03/05/2012
Nicole HartogSigned: 21:12, 02/05/2012
Heleen van den BergSigned: 19:50, 02/05/2012
"When everyone is in harmony with him/her self, our world becomes paradise .. "
Avigdor BekerSigned: 18:05, 02/05/2012
"Time to think different ...with open mind. Time to shift mind behind create an new world that works for everyone...Lets make everything free !!! "We need to free ourselves from our imaginary limits.""
Daniel KerbySigned: 03:22, 02/05/2012
Peet VeerbeekSigned: 20:10, 01/05/2012
Ivar VerploeghSigned: 19:57, 01/05/2012
"I absolutely agree with these 10 principles. How could anyone disagree?"
Thomas MattheijSigned: 22:30, 30/04/2012
"I'm an environmental consultant specializing in air pollution and harmful substances. Is there any way in which I could contribute more substantially?"
Peter RoelinkSigned: 00:48, 29/04/2012
"I totally agree on this principles. Thanks for your efforts and work. Peter"
Kevin DoesburgSigned: 23:06, 25/04/2012
Pjotr TheebeSigned: 13:20, 25/04/2012
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need but not every man's greed."
roel van keekenSigned: 20:25, 24/04/2012
Daan te DorsthorstSigned: 15:20, 18/04/2012
Sander VerdegaalSigned: 10:20, 16/04/2012
"Awesome initiative. Time to spread the word and all in a small document. A good first step to know more about the Venus project and the Zeitgeist movement and all other projects like TROM. Thanks for this piece."
Mark RuttenSigned: 14:16, 13/04/2012
sijmen linskensSigned: 21:43, 10/04/2012
"plz make my dream come true"
Monique van OoteghemSigned: 11:11, 10/04/2012
elias deaneSigned: 02:24, 09/04/2012
Massoud DelbeekSigned: 14:13, 08/04/2012
Joey VissersSigned: 15:54, 07/04/2012
Philipp RüttgersSigned: 19:27, 06/04/2012
Mark van VoordenSigned: 09:46, 03/04/2012
Martijn StevensSigned: 09:23, 31/03/2012
Michiel vaartjesSigned: 19:55, 30/03/2012
roeland siegersSigned: 19:06, 30/03/2012
"The subject of education (point 5) is a matter of choice that cannot be forced onto anyone. We can only hope our children will choose this way. I signed because I like it. I can only hope and offer my children the same choice. It's up to them from there. Didn't see this in the FAQ so far but it might weaken the whole idea because spreading the thought will be the first foundation."
Erik van der BergSigned: 14:16, 28/03/2012
piotr leszSigned: 12:39, 26/03/2012
Robert kweku acquah ArhinSigned: 00:33, 26/03/2012
"Our leaders have shown thier skills by becoming insane. Someone would please explain it to them that doing the thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome that's insane. Monkeys know the word ins anity. Freeworld means Freedom. Freedom is free it cost nothng. So DOM it's a greek word and it's means “own world” so free our world. FREEDOM IS FOR FREE "
Mark DronkertSigned: 22:41, 25/03/2012
Fulco ZegwaardSigned: 22:41, 25/03/2012
JEFFREY LALLSigned: 16:23, 20/03/2012
"Hier over sprak ik al jaren over toen ik nog jong was , dat alles gratis en vrij moet zijn en dat geld niet nodig is ,een ieder die bepaalde skills heeft die werkt op de afdeling waar zij verstand van hebben , de een bouwt huizen ,de ander verbouwd groente etc , zo komt heel erg ver een ieder is gelijk en ieder komt niks te kort , maar eerst moeten wij van deze personen afkomen die denken dat zij god zijn en kunnen doen en laten wat zij met ons willen , men moet beginnen deze mensen zwaar aan te pakken , het zal dus oog om oog tand om tand worden willen wij bevrijd zijn ."
jate disseSigned: 19:48, 19/03/2012
"Free World Charter."
August AgterbergSigned: 19:20, 19/03/2012
Michel Van ImmerseelSigned: 14:55, 16/03/2012
ingeborg van der AaSigned: 11:55, 16/03/2012
Sander van der WoudeSigned: 15:35, 15/03/2012
Jesse JurriaanSigned: 21:35, 13/03/2012
Frans BSigned: 18:13, 12/03/2012
Petra KoedooderSigned: 19:32, 11/03/2012
Tom SchipperSigned: 16:43, 11/03/2012
Petra BrockeSigned: 14:10, 11/03/2012
Mandy KaasSigned: 08:06, 11/03/2012
Geraldine BakkerSigned: 17:59, 10/03/2012
astrid siahaya-ruttenSigned: 17:25, 10/03/2012

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