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Anna HuismanSigned: 05:31, 08/03/2014
Laura HancockSigned: 17:03, 07/03/2014
Jan SmithSigned: 20:46, 22/02/2014
han raskerSigned: 21:40, 20/02/2014
Jolanda GerbecksSigned: 21:22, 20/02/2014
"The sooner the better we make this shift. Let's prevent more suffering and heal the wounds already unflicted on our world and the beings within it. "
Hendrik-Jaap BateburgSigned: 10:38, 18/02/2014
Arie van der PijlSigned: 23:35, 16/02/2014
Helga MeisSigned: 01:38, 14/02/2014
Wanda BartmanSigned: 00:46, 13/02/2014
Liz MommenhofSigned: 15:26, 12/02/2014
Loes De Wilde-DuijndamSigned: 17:21, 02/02/2014
Jolanda GerbecksSigned: 08:15, 31/01/2014
"My hopes for the world are set on these principles and I will do whatever I can to contribute to them. Jolanda Gerbecks, Trainer and Coach for Inner Growth made visible."
Rick SteekelenburgSigned: 16:53, 30/01/2014
DG WeertSigned: 14:23, 30/01/2014
" Waar iedereen niet gelijk maar wel gelijkwaardig is!!"
Bas voskesSigned: 21:24, 23/01/2014
Corné de VriesSigned: 22:10, 21/01/2014
"I was already awake,but on November 10 2013 i have being visit by Annunaki'Annunaki is a word for ET's Extra-Terrestrial. They have teach me in 3 days what the meaning of life is. Since then i meditate everyday because since then i am connected with every live on earth. People schould look to a tree and ask themself. Where is my harmony on earth? I am water for 80% check I am air because i breath check,i am earth because i stand on it.. check. And i am light? am i? yes just like a tree you need to connect with the energy the light to burn away your negativity. Then you wil heal your innerself your chakra's They told me: People must lose their ego's first and then the can hear and see again. And they told me,Money is the cancer the real cancer from earth. Money destroys nature,human freedom and even the right to go what ever you whant to go. Money is the devil on earth. You people must realise this,you can make a choice to change the world. It is your reality change it and become"
Torre SassenSigned: 23:17, 17/01/2014
Karin kooimanSigned: 13:54, 16/01/2014
Marty BolluytSigned: 10:32, 16/01/2014
m. zwagaSigned: 09:36, 16/01/2014
Kevin ScholtenSigned: 09:26, 16/01/2014
Gabriel PeraltaSigned: 08:47, 16/01/2014
esther doriaSigned: 08:11, 16/01/2014
Christian SpoorSigned: 02:31, 16/01/2014
Kees KortewegSigned: 16:13, 11/01/2014
gretha de vriesSigned: 10:20, 10/01/2014
Jan-Paul DietzSigned: 12:17, 09/01/2014
Umut AmoureusSigned: 16:32, 07/01/2014
Wim TerpstraSigned: 23:06, 06/01/2014
Cecilia FlapperSigned: 09:50, 05/01/2014
Heleen de KoeijerSigned: 22:17, 28/12/2013
Jasper OvermarsSigned: 14:20, 28/12/2013
Gerda PosthumaSigned: 00:26, 28/12/2013
"We moeten het met elkaar zien te doen!"
Gerrit CnossenSigned: 14:48, 27/12/2013
"Zie ook de vele filmpjes van Karen Hudes die vertelt dat er - eerst - genoeg geld is voor iedereen .. maar een paar mensen zitten daar gewoon schaamteloos bovenop ..."
Diana SteenhuisSigned: 19:44, 20/12/2013
Michel DillionsSigned: 19:40, 14/12/2013
"en dat een ieder de Here Jezus mag leren kennen als beste vriend , Jezus Leeft , Gods zegen in Jezus naam , Michel Dillions = )"
GG TimmerSigned: 10:01, 11/12/2013
Nirvan KollingSigned: 18:12, 08/12/2013
"You can start exchanging, gifting and sharing as friends right now. You do NOT need legal credit, no diploma, occupation or social position to exchange money or goods as a gift from a friend to a friend. You do not need to pay taxes when giving feely and recieving freely. We don't have to wait for change, we can start co-creating our world right now!"
Tjeu SandersSigned: 14:02, 08/12/2013
Myrna van der MolenSigned: 12:06, 08/12/2013
Jan Peter BevaartSigned: 00:03, 08/12/2013
"What feels Best for All Children, animals, fish, birds and insects to come….."
Jeroen KuperSigned: 14:39, 07/12/2013
"Lets live together with each other. Not from each other as it is now. And when we live with each other, we will flourish and live will be a joy to live for every soul on this wonderful planet Gaia"
Maarten SchoutenSigned: 14:21, 07/12/2013
Larissa RaasSigned: 15:40, 05/12/2013
"People, please wake up"
Jos SchmeetsSigned: 21:55, 30/11/2013
Yvette DijkstraSigned: 21:45, 30/11/2013
Thomas FossenSigned: 14:30, 30/11/2013
Sabien HamburgerSigned: 11:34, 28/11/2013
michael van t end Signed: 11:29, 25/11/2013
"A free world is they only solution to they advancement of human kind "
micha wulffraatSigned: 14:31, 23/11/2013

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