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Judith KolkmanSigned: 18:59, 03/01/2012
"it's what i've been saying for some years...we don't need money!"
Luitzen (Sieuwerd) de GraafSigned: 15:00, 03/01/2012
"Waar kan ik beginnen??"
anja schaafsmaSigned: 14:53, 03/01/2012
"may this dream that has always been in my heart and in the heart of many manifest in 2012 blessings "
Maria AlblasSigned: 18:15, 02/01/2012
tina tsirouSigned: 11:24, 02/01/2012
Roger SpeesSigned: 13:34, 31/12/2011
inge weedaSigned: 09:29, 31/12/2011
Sander ArnoldusSigned: 08:32, 29/12/2011
Dennis van DiggeleSigned: 13:13, 25/12/2011
holy hendersonSigned: 08:00, 22/12/2011
Mark BrandSigned: 01:29, 22/12/2011
Aldo VogelSigned: 17:01, 21/12/2011
Inge HoutzagerSigned: 16:53, 21/12/2011
Caroline van RooijSigned: 16:33, 21/12/2011
Johan VerbruggenSigned: 14:20, 19/12/2011
"Peace and freedom to all :-)"
Mjon van OersSigned: 19:26, 18/12/2011
Chin SueSigned: 09:31, 15/12/2011
"peace, love & unity - together as one"
Gonda HerszkowiczSigned: 17:06, 14/12/2011
Maurice MarsmanSigned: 14:46, 14/12/2011
Stefana RapaicSigned: 16:04, 13/12/2011
Tom van RiemsdijkSigned: 14:33, 02/12/2011
kick smolSigned: 02:38, 29/11/2011
Tycho DammersSigned: 00:12, 29/11/2011
Daniel StarreveldSigned: 13:27, 24/11/2011
Simon KeatsSigned: 04:03, 24/11/2011
"Years ago I too had this vision of a money free society, but it wasn't worked out yet. As I told it to the people I knew, doubts were seeded in my mind cos it got ridiculed and laughed at. My reaction was to let it go. That's why I'm so happy I accidently saw your video. It's such a powerful idea. It will literally change everything. I'm not insecure anymore, I know it will work. What I saw was real and hopefully it will be one day. SK"
Michiel BloosSigned: 16:00, 21/11/2011
"I would love to be part of the worldwide group of individuals that advocates this wonderful idea. It would be great and probably our best chance of survival, as well as the survival of other endangered or soon to be extinct species. But most of all I would see this turn into a global society or movement that can show the rest of the world that living without money is possible. Imagine..."
Marina DjordjevicSigned: 15:54, 21/11/2011
Jose Steggink-MeijerSigned: 11:52, 21/11/2011
David van CoevordenSigned: 16:30, 18/11/2011
Jill steroneSigned: 16:15, 18/11/2011
Paul van DiepenSigned: 09:31, 09/11/2011
Nick SykesSigned: 13:18, 08/11/2011
Nick SykesSigned: 10:11, 08/11/2011
"It is the only path for a sustainable future for our children."
Andre PoeltuynSigned: 08:43, 06/11/2011
Mud ImeldaSigned: 15:34, 03/11/2011
Robert BlokkerSigned: 23:14, 02/11/2011
Willeke HermansSigned: 18:21, 02/11/2011
Branislav JovanovicSigned: 09:51, 02/11/2011
"Let's DO IT, with LOVE through LIGHT towards the LIBERTY of LIFE"
Jeroen BeersSigned: 08:49, 02/11/2011
kelly de leeuwSigned: 22:22, 01/11/2011
Ivan WatersSigned: 14:21, 31/10/2011
Rachel GroenendijkSigned: 10:51, 29/10/2011
Bastiaan KollenSigned: 20:16, 28/10/2011
Bas GroenendijkSigned: 19:35, 28/10/2011
Annemiek OuwerkerkSigned: 12:51, 22/10/2011
julien horvathSigned: 10:51, 22/10/2011
"Great initiative and vision! Please note I am french national but have lived and worked around the world and ended up in NL, to my eyes the most balanced society I have come to experience. How can I get involved?"
Joost DoomernikSigned: 13:26, 21/10/2011
Renske BuismanSigned: 11:02, 21/10/2011
"I agree so much, and so deeply, but I seem to have so little faith, and I hate myself for it, but I just can't see it happening. There are so many people who will stay the same, even if the entire world around them will change. They will have the exact same thinking patern and will find new ways to manipulate the small world around them to get what they need, because they are still entitled to more then others in their minds. I'm afraid greed and power will remain in some altered form, even if this new world is reality. I do want to say, I do have hope, and I will do everything within my reach to help this movement go foreward. And I'll be working on my faith. ;)"
anno van der ZeeSigned: 22:27, 19/10/2011
Peter O'DohertySigned: 20:25, 19/10/2011

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