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branislav misovicSigned: 04:03, 02/03/2012
"Let's make it happen ! Engage the ongoing transitions ! The open source economy is a good start . There are already Open source hardware movements (open design, manufacturing) , science is partly open , educational & knowledge is getting more and more open ... For example join this org : Love and Peace, Branko"
yordy scheepmakerSigned: 20:09, 01/03/2012
Carol van ZuylenSigned: 09:15, 01/03/2012
"Common sense, inderdaad is het belangrijk dat onszelf niet zien als machteloze slachtoffers maar creëren we onze wereld zelf en met elkaar! Alleen bij 6 niet duidelijk wat hoogst technisch mogelijke levenstandaard betekent, voelt een beetje tegenstrijdig met de andere punten."
Ruerd VisserSigned: 10:08, 29/02/2012
"As to the sixth principle, it seems to me it's important people are willing to take good care as to the means provided by the community. People should be thought they are the caretakers of what is entrusted to them, rather the to take things for granted because they are provided for anyway."
Gerard de GraafSigned: 09:33, 29/02/2012
Sanja OverslootSigned: 09:02, 29/02/2012
Helen WarmerdamSigned: 06:27, 29/02/2012
martin boersma Signed: 21:06, 28/02/2012
Miranda Blij - de GraafSigned: 18:53, 28/02/2012
Bjorn DijkhuizenSigned: 17:34, 28/02/2012
peter rijkenSigned: 16:30, 28/02/2012
"yes yes yes eindelijk mogen gaan leven zoals bedoelt ,ik kan niet wachten tot er meerdere mee opstaan en DOEN"
Sepp LifkaSigned: 15:51, 28/02/2012
indira bektasSigned: 15:38, 28/02/2012
hans SpinSigned: 15:36, 28/02/2012
Inge BleiSigned: 15:04, 28/02/2012
Lumara Elisabeth Groenendijk-GrijseelsSigned: 12:26, 28/02/2012
" Volledig mee eens."
frans verweijSigned: 10:36, 28/02/2012
"You have to start somewhere."
Esmee KamphuisSigned: 09:59, 28/02/2012
jet feithSigned: 09:44, 28/02/2012
arno staalSigned: 21:47, 27/02/2012
"1. We are all one 2. There is enough 3. There’s nothing we have to do 4. Love is all there is 5. God talks to everyone, all the time 6. There’s no such thing as Right and Wrong 7. There is no such place as hell 8. God wants nothing and requires nothing 9. You create your own reality 10. Death does not exist 11. There are no victims and no villains 12. You are not your body 13. All true benefits are mutual 14. Perfection is present in all things 15. There is no such thing as Time 16. The Purpose of Life is to recreate yourself anew in each moment of Now in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about Who You Are 17. The world operates according to the Law of Opposites 18. There are five levels of truth telling "
wim viezeeSigned: 10:33, 27/02/2012
"thank you for this beautiful initiative!"
Henk VosSigned: 09:28, 27/02/2012
claudio millanti elioSigned: 07:19, 27/02/2012
"Everything will be possible once we'll open our mind, we, and lot of other humans, are willing to accept the big change. The only question that is hanging on air is: When? We are a 5x family supported by one single family element, quite limited but happy to be free from mental & bank's chains, no mortgage to pay off but...............the bread on the table come from a job in the educational system, a quite unconfortable position too. How many are we, looking for freedom, thinkers? Give us a sign whenever it will be time to move forward, even if it shall be start from tomorrow. Love is the only element that could be offered for a better world, the rest it's the adventure, no specific expectations are required, open mind for a open world. The Lightroom Tribe "
Mirella CroijmansSigned: 07:03, 27/02/2012
Jeroen HofSigned: 01:46, 27/02/2012
Richard FlorinSigned: 23:45, 26/02/2012
"A verry good idea !!!!"
Jolanda ScheepmakerSigned: 23:03, 26/02/2012
Ferdinand ZandaSigned: 22:51, 26/02/2012
"Begin 2010 heb ik het samengevat als: - Verklaring van individuele rechten, verantwoordelijkheid en onderlinge afhankelijkheid - Als individueel mens, begaafd met creativiteit, verklaar ik bij deze dat ik afhankelijk ben van de wereld waarin ik leef, net zoals de wereld afhankelijk is van mij, daarom heb ik het recht op een gelijk aandeel in haar hulpbronnen (en niet meer), in vrijheid neem ik de verantwoordelijkheid op me om zorg te dragen voor deze wereld en voor het naleven van deze verklaring. Ferdinand Zanda Early 2010 I summarized it like this: - Declaration of individual rights, interdependence and communal responsibility - As an individual human, gifted with creativity, I hereby declare that I depend on the world I live in, as much as this world depends on me, therefore I have the right to an equal part in its generous resources (and not more), in freedom I take responsibility to care for this world and to comply with this declaration. Ferdinand Zanda"
Rick van PoortenSigned: 22:12, 26/02/2012
"let's do this people, simply because you feel it's the right way... to thrive! Open your Mind, open your Hart and embrace the present because the future is in front of you. "
Joana SantosSigned: 10:38, 25/02/2012
Jeroen Oude GeerdinkSigned: 09:25, 24/02/2012
Fanny AdamsSigned: 23:00, 23/02/2012
SomS hIppYSigned: 21:22, 23/02/2012
"For what i can see, these are the rules of a world life constitution."
san van der veen/verheyenSigned: 19:40, 23/02/2012
Isam IzzatSigned: 19:24, 23/02/2012
Jacco van der veenSigned: 16:50, 23/02/2012
Ruben BijmanSigned: 08:40, 23/02/2012
Hajee PeppingSigned: 08:10, 23/02/2012
Rutger StevelmansSigned: 16:35, 22/02/2012
Cion AeghinSigned: 22:55, 21/02/2012
levi brownSigned: 14:57, 20/02/2012
Helga SchlentherSigned: 12:02, 20/02/2012
Y dos SantosSigned: 18:17, 19/02/2012
Olivier MancheSigned: 12:33, 18/02/2012
Jeroen ZonneveldSigned: 19:27, 17/02/2012
"The purpose of money is inequality, not trade. Trade needs to be replaced by simply giving, and distribution."
renske stienstraSigned: 09:37, 15/02/2012
"Oooh I soo hope <3"
Irene van KrimpenSigned: 22:43, 13/02/2012
Ton van de KolkSigned: 14:41, 12/02/2012
Lucie SchoutenSigned: 14:27, 12/02/2012
"Yes, we choose!!"
Joris de ClitorisSigned: 13:29, 12/02/2012
"Wow, what a good plan!!! Love, Peace, Happiness, and Freedom after all! The promised land. (Bible) I lost my wife, I lost my kid, I lost my house, I lost my friends and more because of the current (Money)system! Money is the blood of the banks, lets give them anemia ! May everybody be happy! Greets from Holland..."

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