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Marco de VisserSigned: 13:09, 23/03/2013
"Our supposedly democratic society does a very poor job of realizing our wishes and relieving our needs. These 10 principles make perfect sense and are a good point to start. I've narrowed it down further to: "Respect" and "Responsibility", all "Wrongs" in the world can be framed in those two terms. When the law is framed in terms of R&R, all transgressions can be dealt with, with no loopholes. Hunger, war, oppression, atomic bombs, they are all the product of a lack of respect and responsibility. Children pick up on this readily, so don't tell your son that it's "bad" to take away his brothers toy, tell him "it's not respectful of his brother". Expand this to every aspect of daily life and we will become a respectful and responsible people, who don't need specific laws, with inherent loopholes, to do the right thing. It is within our graps to do so."

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