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Diana RijkersSigned: 08:49, 23/09/2012
Leny OomsSigned: 22:35, 22/09/2012
"Geweldig idee, ik hoop dat heel veel mensen zullen tekenen, hoe eerder kunnen we hiermee aan de slag. Heb hier geen beeld van hoe en waar je begint, maar het voelt goed."
Peter BisschopSigned: 18:57, 22/09/2012
"ooooohhhhh wanneer gaat deze wens in vervulling."
Esther KlompSigned: 15:28, 22/09/2012
Ron MeexSigned: 15:23, 22/09/2012
Maud BloembergSigned: 11:47, 21/09/2012
Lieze BoshoffSigned: 16:22, 19/09/2012
Florian KuechSigned: 16:18, 19/09/2012
"love light and forgiveness <3"
Esmeralda ProostSigned: 15:30, 14/09/2012
"The sooner the better :)"
Piet Hein BrederoSigned: 12:23, 11/09/2012
"I find this a great initiative and very valuable."
Arjan KeizerSigned: 16:52, 10/09/2012
Nora de GrootSigned: 21:22, 31/08/2012
"Ik onderschrijf deze visie volkomen! Mijn eigen visie kun je lezen in de groep Nieuwe Aarde Visionairs op Facebook:"
Cor BothSigned: 09:20, 30/08/2012
Karin de GorterSigned: 13:22, 29/08/2012
"I have had this idea for some time myself and find it very supportive to see this initiative shared by more and more people. Let's just DO IT!"
Suzanne DuinkerkenSigned: 12:46, 29/08/2012
"This is a really good idea. Unfortunately, the people who have the most power in this world have the most money and are pretty attached to this money 'cause the money gives them power and status that they don't want to loose. So sadly I don't think this could ever be reality."
Arthur CalboSigned: 08:36, 28/08/2012
Benjamin DoornSigned: 07:05, 28/08/2012
yvo de kokSigned: 20:45, 27/08/2012
john mensinkSigned: 18:24, 26/08/2012
Leo MaathuisSigned: 22:42, 25/08/2012
"Cooperation is what we need instead of survival of the most capitalistic"
J.M.J. de JongSigned: 18:40, 24/08/2012
"Het is een mooi gedachten goed dat wel bij een ieder beschaafd en weldenkend mens zou moeten kunnen zijn. Maar oh zo moeilijk ten uitvoer te brengen. "
Tom DaamsSigned: 04:47, 19/08/2012
"Out with the old, in with the new!"
Marjon BeukeringSigned: 14:42, 13/08/2012
"13 years ago, we did an experiment with 144 people to live and work according to Earth Family structure, which worked perfectly once the ego was quiet... :-) So i know it CAN work! Thanks for initiating this Free World Charter!"
regilio LontSigned: 12:48, 13/08/2012
Myrrha of the Pijpers familySigned: 09:18, 10/08/2012
Merwyn WestbroekSigned: 08:19, 10/08/2012
"its scary to think of it but this seems like the solution"
Anja de WaardSigned: 22:02, 06/08/2012
"Te beginnen met verlaging van grondprijzen of afschaffen, wel beheer. (hoe begin je zoiets?) Het recht opeisen van schone lucht, water en grond. Verantwoording nemen voor je eigen daden en keuzes. Wat te doen tegen vervuiling momenteel? Wat te doen tegen EM-straling, want dat houden we in stand en vervuilt de atmosfeer, wat weer gevolgen heeft voor de levenskwaliteit. Allereerst beginnen met je eigen rommel op te ruimen en wat voor zin dan ook."
dave de vriesSigned: 13:32, 03/08/2012
"nothing to say but GREAT!!!!!"
Leon KnookSigned: 11:57, 03/08/2012
Koen de LaunaySigned: 12:14, 02/08/2012
Andrew TroostwijkSigned: 09:16, 02/08/2012
"It makes so much sense and yet I find myself being limited by my indoctrinated paradigm of the world... I believe a shift in consciousness is needed and all will manifest beyond our wildest dreams."
Frank RemieSigned: 08:16, 02/08/2012
"I say Amen and bless thy all and i dont even practice any form of religion. Lets evolve and grow, in harmony with all and with the whole of Nature."
Michiel Van LiemptSigned: 22:10, 25/07/2012
jan van hensbergenSigned: 16:05, 22/07/2012
"Thanks for your 10 keynotes for what we call "younger policy", global awareness. We offer you 5 arguments for policy and a hand-out for a new approach: "
yvonne mantelSigned: 10:31, 19/07/2012
"rather today than tomorow, we can make the change!!! "
Daisy JanssenSigned: 12:47, 15/07/2012
Yoshua CsonkaSigned: 21:45, 14/07/2012
"A very good initiative, some great ideas. I would add something like a universal right to play :)"
tonio goudbergSigned: 20:56, 14/07/2012
Sepp BuysSigned: 20:05, 14/07/2012
Resi van de KlundertSigned: 21:56, 13/07/2012
"The sooner the better. I hope we manage to create this world soon for the best of all living species "
Eleonora ElizabethSigned: 21:43, 13/07/2012
serdar aydinSigned: 22:53, 12/07/2012
Evelyne LapougeSigned: 11:41, 12/07/2012
"Il est difficile de ne pas être d'accord, c'est la mise en oeuvre qui reste un problème ! "
Francesca LittmannSigned: 09:22, 12/07/2012
Simone LuchtmeijerSigned: 08:32, 12/07/2012
Henry den HengstSigned: 16:52, 11/07/2012
Christien AnemaetSigned: 08:21, 11/07/2012
"Would it not be great to have kind of a syposium or gathering where this subject could be open to conversation?! To share ideas in this earea. We recently organized a wisdom gathering of gratitude in the Netherlands with an amazing outcome in quality connections. I have the idea that organizing something similar around this free world charter would be amazing. Please let me know if you are open to exploring this idea together. Kind greetings, Christien Anemaet For more information about the gathering and the foundation that organized it see"
jolanda stotsSigned: 21:33, 10/07/2012
Johan van RooySigned: 16:32, 10/07/2012
Fabienne van DillenSigned: 15:17, 10/07/2012

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