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Amanda DeflersSigned: 18:13, 09/11/2012
Kevin WestdorpSigned: 18:58, 03/11/2012
Rob SjarbainiSigned: 00:52, 02/11/2012
"The monetary system is no longer sustainable. It is time to dismantle it. Let it be a thing of a past where ignorance and indifference were paradigme-"
J.A. BrownSigned: 17:53, 31/10/2012
Martha KooistraSigned: 12:36, 31/10/2012
"Helemaal mee eens."
Anna vd VSigned: 09:59, 31/10/2012
"one world one love"
eon emirSigned: 00:38, 29/10/2012
Daniel ThansSigned: 10:35, 27/10/2012
"This would be fantastic! Zeitgeist is a perfect match for this philosophy. I think it would be great if this could be started somewhere on the planet, to show it works. Of course money would be needed for this, maybe companies like Google and Facebook can contribute, or even allowing people to contribute money towards this cause."
H. van der LeedenSigned: 08:43, 26/10/2012
Dave SimsonSigned: 07:44, 26/10/2012
"The sky calls to us, if we do not destroy ourselfs we will one day venture to the stars."
Terence van der SlootSigned: 21:40, 25/10/2012
Sidney van der SlootSigned: 21:17, 25/10/2012
marielle noutaSigned: 16:28, 25/10/2012
Donald de RondeSigned: 19:21, 23/10/2012
Barbara RoessinghSigned: 16:47, 21/10/2012
"Money is an illusion, only <3 is real"
Regina van HuisSigned: 12:07, 21/10/2012
Astrid MerkxSigned: 11:52, 19/10/2012
marco imgrundSigned: 13:00, 18/10/2012
Yvette DamhuisSigned: 12:41, 18/10/2012
"Dont judge a book by its cover. I am not into who is right but what is right."
Mjon van OersSigned: 09:59, 18/10/2012
Marciano GardenSigned: 15:34, 17/10/2012
Tomislaw DalicSigned: 14:53, 17/10/2012
Arjan VerhoeffSigned: 12:31, 16/10/2012
Fouad BelarbiSigned: 13:17, 12/10/2012
"Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one."
shanti van houtSigned: 21:14, 26/09/2012
"Heal the world..Enjoy it:)"
Gabriele van DoornSigned: 11:55, 23/09/2012
"Hopenlijk zal dit manifest voor iedereen vanzelfsprekend worden en zal men er daadwerkelijk naar gaan leven."
Corona MeexSigned: 10:41, 23/09/2012
Diana RijkersSigned: 08:49, 23/09/2012
Leny OomsSigned: 22:35, 22/09/2012
"Geweldig idee, ik hoop dat heel veel mensen zullen tekenen, hoe eerder kunnen we hiermee aan de slag. Heb hier geen beeld van hoe en waar je begint, maar het voelt goed."
Peter BisschopSigned: 18:57, 22/09/2012
"ooooohhhhh wanneer gaat deze wens in vervulling."
Esther KlompSigned: 15:28, 22/09/2012
Ron MeexSigned: 15:23, 22/09/2012
Maud BloembergSigned: 11:47, 21/09/2012
Lieze BoshoffSigned: 16:22, 19/09/2012
Florian KuechSigned: 16:18, 19/09/2012
"love light and forgiveness <3"
Esmeralda ProostSigned: 15:30, 14/09/2012
"The sooner the better :)"
Piet Hein BrederoSigned: 12:23, 11/09/2012
"I find this a great initiative and very valuable."
Arjan KeizerSigned: 16:52, 10/09/2012
Nora de GrootSigned: 21:22, 31/08/2012
"Ik onderschrijf deze visie volkomen! Mijn eigen visie kun je lezen in de groep Nieuwe Aarde Visionairs op Facebook:"
Cor BothSigned: 09:20, 30/08/2012
Karin de GorterSigned: 13:22, 29/08/2012
"I have had this idea for some time myself and find it very supportive to see this initiative shared by more and more people. Let's just DO IT!"
Suzanne DuinkerkenSigned: 12:46, 29/08/2012
"This is a really good idea. Unfortunately, the people who have the most power in this world have the most money and are pretty attached to this money 'cause the money gives them power and status that they don't want to loose. So sadly I don't think this could ever be reality."
Arthur CalboSigned: 08:36, 28/08/2012
Benjamin DoornSigned: 07:05, 28/08/2012
yvo de kokSigned: 20:45, 27/08/2012
john mensinkSigned: 18:24, 26/08/2012
Leo MaathuisSigned: 22:42, 25/08/2012
"Cooperation is what we need instead of survival of the most capitalistic"
J.M.J. de JongSigned: 18:40, 24/08/2012
"Het is een mooi gedachten goed dat wel bij een ieder beschaafd en weldenkend mens zou moeten kunnen zijn. Maar oh zo moeilijk ten uitvoer te brengen. "
Tom DaamsSigned: 04:47, 19/08/2012
"Out with the old, in with the new!"

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