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karen opsteltenSigned: 13:38, 10/09/2013
petra jansenSigned: 12:44, 10/09/2013
Mathilde HospersSigned: 11:06, 10/09/2013
Carina VerhulstSigned: 15:33, 09/09/2013
Marieke van SoestSigned: 18:52, 08/09/2013
Sonja WoutersSigned: 15:48, 08/09/2013
Maaike KnoesterSigned: 12:03, 08/09/2013
Rosalinde van den IJsselSigned: 20:38, 07/09/2013
Rene GuthschmidtSigned: 18:14, 05/09/2013
Frank van der VorstSigned: 14:20, 02/09/2013
Ingo TschepurnojSigned: 08:18, 30/08/2013
Martin DoolaardSigned: 16:12, 28/08/2013
Rosa herzbergSigned: 20:46, 27/08/2013
Gabriele LindenSigned: 10:36, 25/08/2013
"What a true and wonderful idea. I personaly do feel like a hamster and money is doing my head in. I want to live in a world where no one has to suffer. Respect and sherish life in all it's forms. Peace & love Gabriele "
Roland van der NoordaaSigned: 00:25, 19/08/2013
Eric SprikSigned: 16:43, 17/08/2013
"At last a movie that depicts my ideas !"
Liselot ZwagaSigned: 08:47, 13/08/2013
ademir arapovicSigned: 23:53, 12/08/2013
Danielle RubinghSigned: 08:32, 11/08/2013
Hans AgelinkSigned: 15:18, 09/08/2013
Ans WelsSigned: 22:40, 08/08/2013
Jelmer KokSigned: 16:01, 08/08/2013
Eef WiggelinkhuizenSigned: 10:11, 06/08/2013
Stanley van denBergSigned: 12:09, 03/08/2013
Tom van DijkSigned: 14:50, 02/08/2013
Dennis van KootenSigned: 23:48, 01/08/2013
Douwe DijkstraSigned: 21:12, 01/08/2013
"Great site! great idea i love it."
Daniëlle van der CaaijSigned: 14:21, 27/07/2013
"Met punt 7 en punt 10 ben ik het helemaal eens.. Daar zou nog meer in geïnvesteerd moeten worden dmv kennis."
Michael PasaribuSigned: 13:38, 24/07/2013
Fred van den BergSigned: 08:17, 24/07/2013
"Het wordt tijd om het in eigen hand te nemen en niet meer Afhankelijk te zijn van Mensen - Politici - die het Denken te weten, maar het daarom juist niet weten.. Regeren maakt meer kapot wat je lief is."
Vincent DessersSigned: 14:59, 19/07/2013
Brian BorsSigned: 17:35, 17/07/2013
Yoni ChamlaSigned: 06:49, 16/07/2013
"In this envisioned world we should be ever vigilant for those who wish to bring back a monetary system. We should be vigilant for their tricks and deception. Such a awareness should be one of the main courses in the new educational system."
Bryan MaertzdorfSigned: 01:49, 16/07/2013
iven de jongSigned: 23:34, 13/07/2013
"It is not a question of "if" this will come to pass, but "when"."
Alberto de VriesSigned: 23:14, 11/07/2013
M. AchterbergSigned: 20:50, 11/07/2013
Alexander IJpeijSigned: 13:36, 11/07/2013
Sylvia van der LindenSigned: 22:44, 08/07/2013
Sjors GoedhartSigned: 21:42, 06/07/2013
"Peace & Prosperity for all!"
Marijn KorverSigned: 11:18, 04/07/2013
"I totaly agree with everything what is said on this site. I'm also a big fan of ' The Venus Project' THE solution to all our problems caused by capitalism. watch it here:"
Hans PardoelSigned: 16:47, 02/07/2013
patricia stapsSigned: 19:05, 01/07/2013
Louis DietvorstSigned: 16:00, 01/07/2013
Janneke KernkampSigned: 13:06, 01/07/2013
"Good idea, let's put this into practice."
Roelof PiestSigned: 14:37, 29/06/2013
Willem Jan PotSigned: 19:34, 27/06/2013
"Be yourself be free"
Richard VisSigned: 14:10, 27/06/2013
"Bezit is een illusie..."
Ewoud Duijndam-de WildeSigned: 18:21, 26/06/2013
"The 10 principles seem to be allright. However, I retain some uncertainty about doing away with all forms of money as an intermediate for exchange, and there is the point of social interaction and creating purposeful and meaningful communities that Charles Eisenstein has incorporated in his "Sacred Economics". Otherwise it seems like a good set of principles."
Elkie WeelSigned: 17:45, 26/06/2013

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