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"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Jo TurnerPodepsáno: 04:49, 20/12/2012
Jonathan TurnerPodepsáno: 03:57, 20/12/2012
David JackPodepsáno: 09:57, 19/12/2012
Scott Julian NunanPodepsáno: 09:31, 19/12/2012
"Hi This is what the world needs right now. I have a vision for my music and all entrepreneurial project in the future where I will try to promote the transition from a world enslaved by money to the free world. I think its a beautiful solution "
Clinton AitchisonPodepsáno: 09:23, 19/12/2012
Gian VimercatiPodepsáno: 09:09, 19/12/2012
Pahge MarriottPodepsáno: 01:10, 13/12/2012
Claire LinnettPodepsáno: 06:20, 12/12/2012
Angellina ModiglianiPodepsáno: 23:02, 10/12/2012
"one thing i do agree on most all, but one, we are human beings, not citizens"
Sherriden AllenPodepsáno: 11:30, 09/12/2012
Joseph TrohaPodepsáno: 06:55, 09/12/2012
Haarith Al-HoussayniPodepsáno: 15:26, 29/11/2012
"I have been struggling internally throughout my conscious life partly to give "a face" and "a voice" to my perplexities as to how things work in the world today. I have come to realise long time ago that money has greatly devalued humanity, the "real" work value of honest hardworking people, the sense of interconnectedness/network of ethical responsibility between peoples across the globe, and between mankind and Mother Nature. However, I once virtually thought I was going crazy because the thought always lingered whilst, whenever I looked around, hardly any one else was questioning what was happening. This charter is an affirmation for me that my perception is real."
Sky BluePodepsáno: 01:01, 21/11/2012
"I'm there with you"
Kerenne RaymondPodepsáno: 19:38, 14/11/2012
"“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.” ~ Albert Camus, Notebooks 1935-1942"
Graeme KingPodepsáno: 02:04, 14/11/2012
"Glad i found this, hope to be part of the movement!"
mavoy rookePodepsáno: 23:24, 12/11/2012
Geoff NowellPodepsáno: 23:09, 12/11/2012
Thomas McSweeneyPodepsáno: 22:50, 12/11/2012
Amelia Ellen WignellPodepsáno: 15:02, 09/11/2012
"In the view of some, my views may be dismissed given my age and supposed naivety to the workings and limitations of reality. Yet, I know on the most innate level, this is the next required shift for the evolution and likely our survival as a Planetary Ecosystem. I have spoken often of this subject and I find my longings for a "Free" existence is mirrored in the hearts of my peers. We have been Economic Slaves for long enough, though what is called for is not cynicism of judgement of our global community but rather proactivity and belief in the innocence and wisdom of Humanity. We must dare to dream to expand our horizons and quality of life. The greatest findings of any age were born of Inspiration, Vision... the love and passion to birth an idea into physical manifestation. We have nothing to loose and all to gain. I call to the inner child and inner guide within us all who knows Unconditional Love is more than a concept, it's the Law the binds us together and gives life true purpose."
Kane Kane AlexanderPodepsáno: 03:33, 07/11/2012
Alison MayoPodepsáno: 21:09, 06/11/2012
Travis BroesPodepsáno: 10:20, 31/10/2012
Kieran GreigPodepsáno: 01:50, 28/10/2012
"A better world is possible."
James LorenzPodepsáno: 00:25, 27/10/2012
Nic CahillPodepsáno: 06:06, 26/10/2012
jennifer ingoldbyPodepsáno: 01:30, 26/10/2012
David GamblePodepsáno: 22:59, 25/10/2012
"I hope to see this happen in my lifetime. The world needs to change if its going to survive."
NAMAN SHARMAPodepsáno: 21:38, 25/10/2012
"It's something we all need as human beings...and not just as American, Australians, Chinese or Canadians etc. We need to realize that we are all one."
Dean RizzoliPodepsáno: 13:06, 25/10/2012
James CaskeyPodepsáno: 12:43, 25/10/2012
Joshua PickettPodepsáno: 12:24, 25/10/2012
"I'm a member of the zeitgeist movement. These ideas are very similar to something called a RBE (resource based economy) I absolutely support it"
Nitish RamchurnPodepsáno: 10:43, 25/10/2012
"It the only way for the survival of our ecosystem and for real progress to take place, or else we are bound to perish."
Caroline ErsserPodepsáno: 03:12, 20/10/2012
"Ensure the foorprints you leave benefit those already here and those that come after. "
Andrew BuckleyPodepsáno: 21:56, 09/10/2012
"The startling potential for control over the quality of life that humanity now possesses, is a product of intellectual growth. That growth will be maximised in an environment of group cooperation. Competition, hardship and callous societies reduce the scope of intellectual growth; the shrewd, sly and aloof become the most prosperous. Many today take pleasure in deriding the "fanciful" notion of retiring cancerous greed to the history books. But what is there to gain from deeming utopian ideas invalid by construction? No one is asking for perfection. Fairness will do just fine. "
Robyn GeenPodepsáno: 04:22, 04/10/2012
"Love this Idea but needs to happen sooner rather than later . <3"
Maxine SmithPodepsáno: 04:01, 04/10/2012
"I love this whole concept"
Angela Temple-SmithPodepsáno: 03:30, 04/10/2012
james jamesPodepsáno: 01:40, 04/10/2012
Branwen MorganPodepsáno: 16:56, 02/10/2012
Tracey HartwigPodepsáno: 14:04, 26/09/2012
Dini MartinezPodepsáno: 12:16, 22/09/2012
Chris AtkinsonPodepsáno: 13:15, 21/09/2012
"The day that we all start to follow this charter is the day that amends can start to be made for all of the bad that has been done, and we can truly start to advance as a species."
Hayden GreenPodepsáno: 05:33, 21/09/2012
"Our time to change is quickly running out, this outdated capitalist society we live in is on the verge of crashing so any organization intending to educate the brainwashed majority should get all the support it can."
narelle parkerPodepsáno: 05:27, 21/09/2012
Mikel Osman Podepsáno: 05:22, 21/09/2012
patricia annettePodepsáno: 02:54, 20/09/2012
"this is how advanced civilizations exist , ready to catch up and finally live the life i dream about."
Esma SaikipPodepsáno: 15:44, 15/09/2012
Toni BrezacPodepsáno: 03:15, 14/09/2012
"I hope movements like this charter do bring about the change that our earth is screaming out for. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to raise our voices in unison."
Jeremy VauxPodepsáno: 04:41, 12/09/2012

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