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Alison MayoPodepsáno: 21:09, 06/11/2012
Travis BroesPodepsáno: 10:20, 31/10/2012
Kieran GreigPodepsáno: 01:50, 28/10/2012
"A better world is possible."
James LorenzPodepsáno: 00:25, 27/10/2012
Nic CahillPodepsáno: 06:06, 26/10/2012
jennifer ingoldbyPodepsáno: 01:30, 26/10/2012
David GamblePodepsáno: 22:59, 25/10/2012
"I hope to see this happen in my lifetime. The world needs to change if its going to survive."
NAMAN SHARMAPodepsáno: 21:38, 25/10/2012
"It's something we all need as human beings...and not just as American, Australians, Chinese or Canadians etc. We need to realize that we are all one."
Dean RizzoliPodepsáno: 13:06, 25/10/2012
James CaskeyPodepsáno: 12:43, 25/10/2012
Joshua PickettPodepsáno: 12:24, 25/10/2012
"I'm a member of the zeitgeist movement. These ideas are very similar to something called a RBE (resource based economy) I absolutely support it"
Nitish RamchurnPodepsáno: 10:43, 25/10/2012
"It the only way for the survival of our ecosystem and for real progress to take place, or else we are bound to perish."
Caroline ErsserPodepsáno: 03:12, 20/10/2012
"Ensure the foorprints you leave benefit those already here and those that come after. "
Andrew BuckleyPodepsáno: 21:56, 09/10/2012
"The startling potential for control over the quality of life that humanity now possesses, is a product of intellectual growth. That growth will be maximised in an environment of group cooperation. Competition, hardship and callous societies reduce the scope of intellectual growth; the shrewd, sly and aloof become the most prosperous. Many today take pleasure in deriding the "fanciful" notion of retiring cancerous greed to the history books. But what is there to gain from deeming utopian ideas invalid by construction? No one is asking for perfection. Fairness will do just fine. "
Robyn GeenPodepsáno: 04:22, 04/10/2012
"Love this Idea but needs to happen sooner rather than later . <3"
Maxine SmithPodepsáno: 04:01, 04/10/2012
"I love this whole concept"
Angela Temple-SmithPodepsáno: 03:30, 04/10/2012
james jamesPodepsáno: 01:40, 04/10/2012
Branwen MorganPodepsáno: 16:56, 02/10/2012
Tracey HartwigPodepsáno: 14:04, 26/09/2012
Dini MartinezPodepsáno: 12:16, 22/09/2012
Chris AtkinsonPodepsáno: 13:15, 21/09/2012
"The day that we all start to follow this charter is the day that amends can start to be made for all of the bad that has been done, and we can truly start to advance as a species."
Hayden GreenPodepsáno: 05:33, 21/09/2012
"Our time to change is quickly running out, this outdated capitalist society we live in is on the verge of crashing so any organization intending to educate the brainwashed majority should get all the support it can."
narelle parkerPodepsáno: 05:27, 21/09/2012
Mikel Osman Podepsáno: 05:22, 21/09/2012
patricia annettePodepsáno: 02:54, 20/09/2012
"this is how advanced civilizations exist , ready to catch up and finally live the life i dream about."
Esma SaikipPodepsáno: 15:44, 15/09/2012
Toni BrezacPodepsáno: 03:15, 14/09/2012
"I hope movements like this charter do bring about the change that our earth is screaming out for. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to raise our voices in unison."
Jeremy VauxPodepsáno: 04:41, 12/09/2012
Kundu Just KunduPodepsáno: 13:40, 11/09/2012
"Why would we want to live any other way?"
Kalun AtkinsonPodepsáno: 07:26, 08/09/2012
Jacqueline KimptonPodepsáno: 23:13, 07/09/2012
Harry DavisPodepsáno: 16:30, 07/09/2012
Paul HughesPodepsáno: 12:10, 03/09/2012
Madeleine SerongPodepsáno: 11:00, 03/09/2012
"Nice work team. You've inspired the following idea in me; I thought I'd share it here as I wouldn't know how else to get the ball rolling! I think it would have a massive impact if we could produce a full length, high quality film about the evolution of humans from where we are now to a money free society. This could be used to demonstrate that it is actually possible. The most important thing would be to produce and distribute the movie without using money. With enough momentum and support, I think all the necessary resources and people would come forward voluntarily. If you need a driver.. in Melbourne, let me know :) Cheers"
Anne GueldenpfennigPodepsáno: 12:07, 02/09/2012
"...for a better world..."
sandra cairnsPodepsáno: 11:22, 01/09/2012
pete ellisPodepsáno: 09:57, 27/08/2012
Jared TylerPodepsáno: 16:43, 24/08/2012
"Amazing initiative!!"
Jamie CooperPodepsáno: 15:19, 23/08/2012
"I am generally in agreement. Abolishing money is vital for any real progress on this planet."
J PPodepsáno: 14:58, 22/08/2012
Nicole MorrisPodepsáno: 12:33, 22/08/2012
"Thanks to whoever took the time to put this together and may we reach critical mass."
Nic BarnshawPodepsáno: 12:33, 19/08/2012
Jeffrey WellsPodepsáno: 04:22, 17/08/2012
brooke watsonPodepsáno: 05:36, 16/08/2012
"you might have a problem convincing people to open their borders and permit the free flow of people around the world which will be essential to this fine vision"
Nicole HibberdePodepsáno: 00:49, 16/08/2012
Andreas PanasPodepsáno: 11:02, 15/08/2012
"Money is only evil, It eventually leads to become a negative outcome whether be emotionally or physically. "
Neil JamiesonPodepsáno: 12:10, 14/08/2012
Darren SharlandPodepsáno: 12:53, 13/08/2012
"I trust your vision and believe in your goal, however I believe that it can only be achieved with a bridging structure that would plant the seeds of this value system whilst migrating from the current one. I am eager to collaborate with a group of people to devise 'usage' currency that is an algorithm pegged directly to living area, population, resources, energy, time and more shared equally with it's participants at a minimum usage or 'free use' value. Additional contribution to the proliferation of the system and sustainability of the 'living area' would merit higher usage, but only to a maximum usage allowance deemed sustainable and only marginally higher than the minimum usage. It's a large idea that requires collaborative thinking and work to achieve, but is feasible as method of graduating from the free market system towards a sustainability currency until the need for a currency is obsolete altogether. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with skilled people to do this"

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