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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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rebecca smithPodepsáno: 11:04, 02/09/2011
John ZambelliPodepsáno: 15:47, 01/09/2011
Eon MorozovPodepsáno: 13:28, 01/09/2011
fabio sapigniPodepsáno: 17:57, 30/08/2011
"immagine all the people living together in peace, in harmony and no money, no war for resources..."
Gregory GigginsPodepsáno: 16:43, 30/08/2011
"We must make change, it's the only humane thing for us to do."
Eddie SimPodepsáno: 00:57, 30/08/2011
"Am a good cook, more than happy to share a meal or 2 for anyone hungry around Sydney:) "
John McQuadePodepsáno: 02:30, 29/08/2011
Cathy VoganPodepsáno: 13:39, 28/08/2011
Edward DavidPodepsáno: 13:15, 28/08/2011
"We want a free world now!"
Natacha Rooney Podepsáno: 11:18, 28/08/2011
Mykel carlierPodepsáno: 10:35, 28/08/2011
Owen WalkerPodepsáno: 02:42, 28/08/2011
"If only the world was run by such ideologies..."
Ian BarkerPodepsáno: 01:34, 28/08/2011
yvonne shawPodepsáno: 00:15, 28/08/2011
Tegan EvansPodepsáno: 14:59, 27/08/2011
"This charter is fantastic step in the right direction, it comes down to our accepting of the laws of science and nature as our own, before we destroy ourselves with the rules we made up. Though a few questions regarding checkpoint 4, I agree entirely, but if everyone has equal right to everything, how do we deal with crime? I'd like to think that in a society free from disadvantage crime drops to near non-existent levels, but there will still be those who wish to take advantage, machines cant do everything and at the end of the day we will always need inventors and technicians. So in a society where work becomes a labour of love how do we ensure everyone is still contributing? and fairly? Regardless of the answers, we still need this, we live in a world where half is starving and the other obese and we spend more time working to get stuff done for people we never met rather than being with the people we love, in this disgusting wasteful world, something has to give."
Navneet MahayPodepsáno: 09:39, 27/08/2011
Tayne BurridgePodepsáno: 07:31, 26/08/2011
Pete NaylerPodepsáno: 01:11, 26/08/2011
Angela WhelanPodepsáno: 11:28, 25/08/2011
"Would like to be on the team !!"
Greg MadderPodepsáno: 11:02, 25/08/2011
"Couldn't agree more. We need to make this happen! Fantastic idea to get a charter up to bring people together!"
Stephen HawtonPodepsáno: 10:04, 25/08/2011
maria economouPodepsáno: 02:29, 25/08/2011
rachel briggsPodepsáno: 23:52, 24/08/2011
Laurie TooveyPodepsáno: 23:44, 24/08/2011
Corey BaynePodepsáno: 23:29, 24/08/2011
El BrujoPodepsáno: 03:02, 18/08/2011
"I am advocating for a global Resource Based Economy system replacing the actual monetary system, towards our next step in our human evolution: to become unconditionally free."
Amy RossPodepsáno: 05:11, 05/08/2011
Nick BlewettPodepsáno: 02:35, 01/08/2011
"Without needing to work to pay bills I would happy serve my fellow man and planet "
Jayne ClarkPodepsáno: 04:28, 31/07/2011
Guech Ly LimPodepsáno: 02:37, 30/07/2011
"Money is the root of all iniquity. Banking is modern day slavery. It must be eradicated. "
Nonnette DayPodepsáno: 10:08, 29/07/2011
Gabrielle DaddPodepsáno: 13:34, 24/07/2011
Elisa OrsiPodepsáno: 13:20, 23/07/2011
Emily PerrinjaquetPodepsáno: 11:14, 23/07/2011
Michele GordonPodepsáno: 16:59, 22/07/2011
Helen OsbornPodepsáno: 08:42, 21/07/2011
"What a wonderful alternative system to the lies and corruption we are being force fed now "
Jake CheesemanPodepsáno: 16:00, 20/07/2011
William BeaudoinPodepsáno: 13:14, 16/07/2011
"I have received two liver transplants and i'm awaiting on a kidney transplante due to the poison of my medication. If I'm still here today it's not only because of the advances we've made in science and technology but also because a group of humans (doctors, nurses etc...) worked together to help an other human being survive and for that i will always be gratefull. I belive that toghter we can achieve anything. There is a reason why we all live on the same planet. We are here to love and help each other in this garden of possibilities. No one is better than anyone, we all complet each other that is why i think we are all different yet the same. Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts. A human."
Mark GarciaPodepsáno: 04:20, 14/07/2011
"I love this kind of thinking and thoughts, very Zeitgeist.. I hope to see this in my life time "
Mark KoumantakisPodepsáno: 23:52, 13/07/2011
Ursula DutkiewiczPodepsáno: 08:52, 13/07/2011
Lance LiebPodepsáno: 15:03, 11/07/2011
"we can create an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just planet!"
Gareth HaymanPodepsáno: 11:00, 10/07/2011
Daniel MavPodepsáno: 10:06, 09/07/2011
guy pattenPodepsáno: 08:28, 09/07/2011
Pia MacDonaldPodepsáno: 03:13, 09/07/2011
Tracey MacDonaldPodepsáno: 23:04, 08/07/2011
"The Earth thanks you for this, bless us all."
Mengjun Mengjun ZhuPodepsáno: 16:04, 08/07/2011
Tracey MacDonaldPodepsáno: 04:48, 08/07/2011
"The Earth thanks you for this. Bless us all."
howard higgsPodepsáno: 12:53, 05/07/2011
"Surely the time is now."

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