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Amelia Ellen WignellPodepsáno: 15:02, 09/11/2012
"In the view of some, my views may be dismissed given my age and supposed naivety to the workings and limitations of reality. Yet, I know on the most innate level, this is the next required shift for the evolution and likely our survival as a Planetary Ecosystem. I have spoken often of this subject and I find my longings for a "Free" existence is mirrored in the hearts of my peers. We have been Economic Slaves for long enough, though what is called for is not cynicism of judgement of our global community but rather proactivity and belief in the innocence and wisdom of Humanity. We must dare to dream to expand our horizons and quality of life. The greatest findings of any age were born of Inspiration, Vision... the love and passion to birth an idea into physical manifestation. We have nothing to loose and all to gain. I call to the inner child and inner guide within us all who knows Unconditional Love is more than a concept, it's the Law the binds us together and gives life true purpose."

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