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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Alalasunderam NavaratnamPodepsáno: 06:50, 07/02/2012
"wonderful initiative. Count me in to support you all the way.."
Michael ReidPodepsáno: 06:45, 07/02/2012
"I am the coordinator for TVP Gold Coast Australia. It saddens me and confuses me why the people of this planet do not see the need to change for the better. Hopefully one day people will start to see that the only way we can be happy in this life is to be free of everything. There are none more helplessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
Robert NiumataPodepsáno: 18:22, 04/02/2012
Kylie OhlsonPodepsáno: 12:13, 04/02/2012
Oliver Blood-McDonaldPodepsáno: 01:51, 03/02/2012
sam kinkadePodepsáno: 12:26, 02/02/2012
Sam HallPodepsáno: 08:18, 31/01/2012
Adam BickfordPodepsáno: 21:52, 30/01/2012
"Great initiative. Lets hope we can the planet on board for the sake of our children and future lives."
Christopher GamblinPodepsáno: 06:28, 29/01/2012
"I signed this charter as I believe this is the only way we can progress as a species, but unfortunately I believe the greed and ignorance of mankind and the grip that fear has on the primitive brain of ours that this will never be reality and we will destroy ourselves. I hope and pray for our children's children's sake that we wake up and change our ways and break free of the fear driven human condition."
Reiana KingPodepsáno: 09:46, 28/01/2012
Tony SlaterPodepsáno: 10:13, 27/01/2012
"All of the above makes sense and is obtainable, with it will come peace, love and understanding. We have had the chance to learn our lessons in a competitive world, a world that is totally impossible. Lets live now how the creator had intended us to live, in abundance, every man woman and child all as equals all contributing what ever talents they have been blessed with. Thank you."
joel medleyPodepsáno: 00:43, 27/01/2012
David BrownPodepsáno: 13:45, 26/01/2012
Craig HonemanPodepsáno: 03:23, 26/01/2012
linda adamsPodepsáno: 10:03, 25/01/2012
"i know that at this point in time the planet on which we exist is in eschatol thoes of us who survive this period shall inherit a world/planet such as u speak of...her name is gaia she is the agape of the beloved. ***befitting 42 life ....g3 love light and life"
Ben Ben RorkePodepsáno: 02:48, 23/01/2012
Garry LeePodepsáno: 05:20, 22/01/2012
Mathew MytkaPodepsáno: 05:01, 22/01/2012
Carley ScurrPodepsáno: 05:01, 22/01/2012
Daniel FryPodepsáno: 05:00, 22/01/2012
Gavin RorkePodepsáno: 04:50, 22/01/2012
Aditi BhonagiriPodepsáno: 03:19, 22/01/2012
Annika HeenanPodepsáno: 02:57, 22/01/2012
Duncan MacMartinPodepsáno: 07:14, 21/01/2012
"We also must recognise that we all can grow and develop not just physically but intellectually and empathetically. It should also be our desire and responsibility to promote this growth in ourselves and others in everything we do and in every relationship we have. The world is as it is today because empathy in a competitive societal dynamic is a serious liability. The recognition of the systemic pernicious nature of competition and the deliberate abandonment of this fear-based energy coupled with the conscious adoption of cooperation, and the trust and trustworthiness it requires, needs to take place in each of us for such a grace based economy to be born!"
Linda McKennarieyPodepsáno: 21:59, 20/01/2012
Michael MelvillePodepsáno: 13:44, 20/01/2012
"These 10 principles are covered loosely in both the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project of which I have followed for some time now and do fully believe in and support this direction of society."
Marc SciortinoPodepsáno: 23:45, 19/01/2012
Steve LockiePodepsáno: 07:22, 17/01/2012
"About time this was put forth... amazing how it takes us to be backed into a corner to finally stand up as one..."
Peter HermanPodepsáno: 06:37, 17/01/2012
Melanie WithersPodepsáno: 01:58, 17/01/2012
"Have spent my whole life wondering why this has not been deemed an option, when really, it is the only option. Free as a bird- thank you x"
ricardo afonsoPodepsáno: 01:02, 17/01/2012
Brad FranklinPodepsáno: 20:52, 16/01/2012
Marie-Anna RivièrePodepsáno: 20:04, 16/01/2012
Stephen WardPodepsáno: 17:58, 16/01/2012
Guido GrzinicPodepsáno: 10:56, 16/01/2012
Constance NealPodepsáno: 08:10, 16/01/2012
lara mcmahonPodepsáno: 00:36, 15/01/2012
Kerry SoorleyPodepsáno: 00:11, 15/01/2012
Ellen McCarthyPodepsáno: 03:56, 14/01/2012
Amanda Douglas-SmithPodepsáno: 11:29, 09/01/2012
chelle bryant-leePodepsáno: 04:54, 09/01/2012
"What an amazingly beautiful idea.. Ive been meditating on financial freedom, never once did i think it could be achieved like this!"
Rian FinneganPodepsáno: 04:04, 08/01/2012
"The State exists not in a Palace or Parliament, but in the minds of the people and their culture. Revolutions occur first within thought, which is followed by revelation and finally action."
Guy SpendelovePodepsáno: 16:53, 06/01/2012
"It's a wonderful idea, but beyond ideas the reality of creating such a system seem an overwhelming task. The people who control the world and those within it are generally those who have the most money, or the most money to make. Do you really think they will give up their position and power over everyone else so easily? Not likely. But there is one inherent flaw in such a system, overpopulation. As terrible as it sounds our wars, famine, diseases, natural and accidental deaths among other things kind of keeps us in check, as do similar effects with other living organisms. Sure, 6 Billion might not be much and could easily be supported with technology, but what happens when we reach say, Trillions? When tens of Billions more are born into the world everyday. Then what happens at Quadrillion, or even Quintillion, as the more people we have the faster our growth. How can you possibly prepare and provide for such massive increases in population? At some point, I'm not sure you can. "
Anfernee ChansamoothPodepsáno: 01:37, 03/01/2012
"All for one and one for all! I agree with this charter 100%. The present and the future is in our hands. Time to let go of what's not working for us and focus on working together for a better tomorrow. "
Justin WinmillPodepsáno: 00:02, 03/01/2012
"The Rockefella family and the global elite isn't going to support this. And they have all the guns. Great idea. Implementation is impossible without serious friction."
Matthew MorrisPodepsáno: 17:01, 02/01/2012
J JonuziPodepsáno: 08:40, 02/01/2012
Dan RosePodepsáno: 08:01, 02/01/2012
"love it love it love it The western ppl are vastly controlled & conditioned by the controlled main stream media. I would plead to any 'more devoloped' race of beings, to help mankind re-focus or conscience. Mankind could certainly do with some help, to allow us to step outside the 'matrix'."
julie skinnerPodepsáno: 05:50, 02/01/2012
Simone SurgeonerPodepsáno: 00:53, 02/01/2012

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