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Justine WilliamsPodepsáno: 09:15, 21/06/2012
Julie BiddulphPodepsáno: 00:24, 21/06/2012
Giselle SheehyPodepsáno: 23:31, 20/06/2012
Anthony HillPodepsáno: 10:47, 20/06/2012
"To rise to the highest expression of self."
Caroline RentelPodepsáno: 14:09, 19/06/2012
Claire BamfordPodepsáno: 15:17, 18/06/2012
"Brilliant. I have been dreaming of society like this for so long. I hope I live to see it implemented."
Kimberley McCleanPodepsáno: 17:48, 17/06/2012
oliver johnson-barrettPodepsáno: 03:10, 17/06/2012
Matthew McInerneyPodepsáno: 03:18, 16/06/2012
"This is an excellent idea, and i would love to get on the band wagon. It's time the world woke up and saw its true potential."
Daniel TroyPodepsáno: 09:34, 14/06/2012
"Point 5 needs refining. Something like "Education and the sharing of knowledge is a common asset. The only asset which is boundless and is therefore precious. We each should do our utmost to contribute to this free and open knowledge pool of books, recordings examples and devices to ensure the continued evolution of humanity and society as a whole"."
Hoby ButchartPodepsáno: 13:16, 10/06/2012
"A firm believer in these concepts. I've been following the progress and evolution of TZM and The Venus Procect for a few years now. I'm a student of permaculture and am optimistic that my 2 children will be able to experience living in a free world. "
Brent Forsstrom-JonesPodepsáno: 21:57, 06/06/2012
"This is a great foundation for guiding society in the right direction. "
karen shawPodepsáno: 12:57, 06/06/2012
Bridie BainPodepsáno: 09:30, 06/06/2012
Luke GibbsPodepsáno: 08:21, 05/06/2012
Thomas FootPodepsáno: 15:43, 04/06/2012
Jon VernonPodepsáno: 09:34, 03/06/2012
werner burgerPodepsáno: 03:10, 03/06/2012
Christine PettittPodepsáno: 02:50, 03/06/2012
"Star trek here we come. Ready or not "
Elizabeth MitchellPodepsáno: 00:29, 03/06/2012
"bless u, thank u.x x x "
Lauren AllenderPodepsáno: 06:56, 02/06/2012
Leigh KellyPodepsáno: 02:28, 02/06/2012
"Finally. Humanity is making a plan for its future."
Richard BellPodepsáno: 22:34, 01/06/2012
Christopher McNallyPodepsáno: 14:00, 31/05/2012
John BrooksPodepsáno: 10:13, 31/05/2012
Mitch RobsonPodepsáno: 06:13, 31/05/2012
Samyo DalgarnoPodepsáno: 13:52, 30/05/2012
"I confess I am not entirely on board with number 8 and whilst I can appreciate the sentiment I believe science needs to pull its head out of its newtownian thinking and seek a more wholistic approach ... in some respects science is responsible for our current mess by looking at a thing in isolation (and that may have been monetarily motivated) ... we also need a spiritual evolution, the current religious systems tend to be little better than stories told to frightened children .. when we come to understand our place in the cosmos these ideals which you espouse will arise as a matter of course.... I would like to acknowledges a good start though. ;-)"
Keryn StevensPodepsáno: 05:13, 29/05/2012
monique wakelinPodepsáno: 01:48, 29/05/2012
Mitchell PatersonPodepsáno: 18:49, 28/05/2012
"Patented inventions should be considered a contribution to the Earth community to better our world, and about recognition of the inventor! NOT hidden behind a number, slowing evolution and promoting GREED!"
Natalee NataleePodepsáno: 15:55, 28/05/2012
"No tax at all on natural resources!"
Julie CrispPodepsáno: 06:05, 28/05/2012
Grant-Anthony: SeePodepsáno: 00:51, 28/05/2012
"We are many but we are all ONE!"
Deborah JackamanPodepsáno: 00:04, 26/05/2012
Christopher Temple-WattsPodepsáno: 02:56, 19/05/2012
"Capitalism is bringing pain to the poor, especially in countries where there is limited money. Why do people who have everything they need seem to be so flippant about those who are starving and lack the other basic necessities such as clean water, shelter, and medications. Capitalism is fostering hate, consumerism (waste) and indifference. I, for one, hope this is not the face of the future of humanity or the future will be a bleak one."
Leo BunyanPodepsáno: 01:21, 18/05/2012
Sarah GamblePodepsáno: 13:18, 17/05/2012
"Me and you, you and me an open mind will set you free... "
Lilyana ZivkovicPodepsáno: 08:33, 17/05/2012
Wyt RavenPodepsáno: 06:45, 15/05/2012
"I am here to serve "
Ruben PrietoPodepsáno: 02:56, 15/05/2012
Su Wild-RiverPodepsáno: 13:49, 14/05/2012
kasia wondolowskiPodepsáno: 12:54, 14/05/2012
"Hi, I really love and support this idea to the up most. However I would like to go into the specifics- methods and plans to how this could be made possible. How will we voluntarily teach children, heal the sick, help the elderly without the motive of money? If you can explain this to me then I will spread this idea with confidence and ruthless motivation! -Kasia."
Geoffrey GriggPodepsáno: 10:28, 14/05/2012
sei oshPodepsáno: 09:08, 14/05/2012
Kyle SinclairPodepsáno: 08:01, 11/05/2012
"wonderful! and i know i speak for not only myself but a broad, broad community of family and friends."
Patrick SebbensPodepsáno: 17:19, 08/05/2012
"Time will tell if the fate of our humanity is a choice made in unity or separated by the shackles of our socioeconomical paradigm. "
Alexandra SigmundPodepsáno: 05:21, 04/05/2012
Ryan ConnorPodepsáno: 04:42, 04/05/2012
"I whole heartedly and without reservation agree with the 10 Principles stated in the Free World Charter. This is an excellently coherent and comprehensive statement on how we want to be living our lives both as individual and community (human society and total biosphere) on this beautiful planet Earth. Bring it on!"
Timothy PearcePodepsáno: 03:03, 04/05/2012
Ben HopePodepsáno: 23:54, 03/05/2012

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