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Matthew SoutarPodepsáno: 04:52, 23/07/2013
"its breathtaking to consider a world without money...difficult to wrap your head around the idea it is however also breathtaking to consider that you have two eyes, each composed of 130million photoreceptor cells. In each one of those cells, there are 100trillion (100,000,000,000,000) atoms... that's more than all the stars in the milky way galaxy. However, each atom in each cell in each eye formed in the core of a star billions of years ago, and yet, here they are today, being utilized to capture the energy released from the same process. All to expand the consciousness that is "you" we fail to see the beauty of the world and the possibilities of the human race.. with the world ridden of money our possibilities are truly endless "
jodi mitchellPodepsáno: 10:43, 19/07/2013
Steven PottsPodepsáno: 17:32, 18/07/2013
"Thanks, if there is anything I can do, please feel free to contact me... Please save the world"
Linda GallandPodepsáno: 13:11, 18/07/2013
"Wonderful!! Thank you. My family and I are so on board with this. We live the idea of an RBE and this concept is so well delivered by the charter."
Shaun Shaun QuaylePodepsáno: 10:33, 18/07/2013
Sunita ProwsePodepsáno: 11:09, 16/07/2013
"Thanks for your site! I am a huge believer in The Venus Project and now you guys so thanks for making more of us aware. I think that my generation and the ones to come will be all about awareness and learning how to make this free world or resource based economy a reality. I can only hope that it will happen sooner but I am happy just to inform and be informed for now."
Katelyn BoultonPodepsáno: 01:20, 14/07/2013
kelly bowPodepsáno: 02:05, 12/07/2013
libby cPodepsáno: 23:35, 11/07/2013
Debbie KallinPodepsáno: 15:40, 11/07/2013
"With our hearts and minds focused on humanity as One we will all understand that this change is necessary for the survival of all of earth's species. I believe this is possible if we change our minds and our ways .May all of our lives be filled with abundance. "
Caitlin JohnstonePodepsáno: 07:12, 11/07/2013
Timothy SimonsPodepsáno: 06:44, 11/07/2013
"This will sucseed "
Gai WaterlowPodepsáno: 01:51, 11/07/2013
"Thank you. For taking the time to create such a wholesome idea for moving into our evolution as an intelligent, compassionate and humble civilisation. I'm on board. I hope that at 53yo i may see some of this change before i leave this amazing planet Mother Earth. I've always cherished animals, trees, rocks, insects, and the unseen and always will because it all cares for me beautifully. i suffer from chronic pain 24/7 and i choose to live within my means instead of swallowing chemicals and mother nature is the most healing of energies for me. just a few hours walking and breathing in the cleanest freshest air here in cape jervis lightens my body and eases my pain incredibly. why wouldn't i support her? The time is now. The power is us. all we have to do is band together stop using money to pay bills and begin doing it differently. the banks wont last very long neither would the ruling governments. so exciting! lets go!"
casey MayellPodepsáno: 15:25, 09/07/2013
Rhys AshwellPodepsáno: 14:08, 09/07/2013
Simon BullPodepsáno: 13:26, 09/07/2013
"I agree with the sentiment, however I have my own specific solution strategy and I do not believe we will do away with money any time soon. But this will make some people think. A more realistic solution has been defined in the Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsch. Everyone gets a "social wage" and anyone earning $20 M a year or more must donate that amount to. This HUGE disparity is what is evil. Personally I favour a systems approach and I aim to create or facilitate 144,000 EcoVillages by 2050 using my own inspired model - the Evolutionary Living Fractal. Please let me know if you would like to find out more"
Adrian Mark Dameral ChambersPodepsáno: 12:30, 09/07/2013
Remy GrangienPodepsáno: 11:55, 09/07/2013
"This is a simply put, logical analysis of the human condition, and provides perfect, logical and simple solutions to best create a sustainable world ecology where suffering, for all, is minimized. Good job."
Shannon JamesPodepsáno: 10:00, 08/07/2013
morgana lefeyPodepsáno: 02:51, 07/07/2013
"this is excelent very good"
Chari JollyPodepsáno: 01:18, 07/07/2013
Frances Kelly-LockyerPodepsáno: 17:15, 06/07/2013
"I agree with all of above, however what about the people who are the walking dead, meaning asleep and have no respect for life in any form, or the environment. People who are narcissus, and who are not interested in joining forces for good will? What about the people who do not want to jump on board? and do not want to make an effort to support themselves in any way, as some do today in our societies. What if...hmmmm"
Rob CrombiePodepsáno: 00:33, 06/07/2013
"Mother Nature is the only driving force behind evolution. She adapts herself to accept changing environments. She was doing quite well ..... then man started to get clever and then man started getting greedy. Poor Mother Nature"
Ashley Tuck-LeePodepsáno: 13:58, 05/07/2013
Kylie SchoemakerPodepsáno: 11:55, 04/07/2013
"I would love to see a world that is built on all these foundations. It's the greedy and power hungry people of this planet that hold us back from actually living a life that can be considered free, I'm lucky enough to be born in a first world country and Im grateful for that, but I as a lower middle class women i would gladly give what little I have to help improve the lives of those born into a country that can't offer what Australia has. I wonder every day why is it that the Rothschild family (and many more in power) are able to suppress the basic needs of the people of this planet by continuing to go along with this concept of money.... Money isn't a real thing, it's digits on a computer, its not a necessity, if only one day everyone could just agree not to use it anymore. Ofcourse, this is a fairy tale... I have no faith in the men and women who are at the top of societies food chain to ever want to see a change like this made. They have it to good there, with their backs turned. "
Michael WillsonPodepsáno: 00:45, 03/07/2013
Tessa GoodallPodepsáno: 12:38, 01/07/2013
"I've been thinking this way for sometime... I'm glad someone else thinks the same."
mallissa awadPodepsáno: 04:14, 01/07/2013
michele epplerPodepsáno: 22:44, 30/06/2013
Leesa McCuePodepsáno: 22:52, 29/06/2013
"Something like this is long overdue. "
Atlanta FrithPodepsáno: 09:32, 25/06/2013
Phillip LightPodepsáno: 14:46, 24/06/2013
Mardi ShaktiPodepsáno: 13:49, 24/06/2013
""Whoever controls the media controls the mind." ~ Jim Morrison"
John HollomonPodepsáno: 06:15, 23/06/2013
Andrew Forbes SmithPodepsáno: 01:49, 22/06/2013
Scott AbrezPodepsáno: 18:14, 20/06/2013
"Thanks Guys Keep up the Great work.. Scott,"
Justin DentPodepsáno: 15:32, 20/06/2013
Uwe SchaferPodepsáno: 06:49, 20/06/2013
"on ya guys, great work"
Robin HaeuslerPodepsáno: 03:01, 20/06/2013
Vivienne BrookesPodepsáno: 22:35, 19/06/2013
Kerry FirkinPodepsáno: 04:44, 17/06/2013
"I agree with everything Simply because we have to take care of the envirnment"
Gorica LulicPodepsáno: 10:03, 16/06/2013
"Ignoring the catastrophic state of our world is no longer an option."
Simon ColePodepsáno: 10:03, 13/06/2013
"I am hesitant to say, 'the challenges before us are enormous', because thinking that only helps make it so. There are more and more people open to this Charter, and the first step is to move toward a critical mass in support of it."
Bruce NeighbourPodepsáno: 02:57, 13/06/2013
"I have been talking about this concept for twenty years, but people can't get past their programming ! All they can say is it won't happen, they have no reason except; because that's the way it is, whether they think I am right or wrong doesn't matter to them, cognitive dissonance ! Peace and love <3 "
Mary GrubelichPodepsáno: 14:15, 11/06/2013
Renee DunnPodepsáno: 08:03, 10/06/2013
"How do we get this started!"
Toula AdamakakisPodepsáno: 13:03, 07/06/2013
Tanja MurrayPodepsáno: 09:33, 07/06/2013
"awesome lets make it happen. "
Clay HenryPodepsáno: 08:56, 07/06/2013
Heidi BlundenPodepsáno: 02:11, 07/06/2013

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