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Meegan ThompsonPodepsáno: 22:50, 29/12/2011
Jeremy FellowesPodepsáno: 18:58, 29/12/2011
"Gratitude <3 Excellant ideas."
Lucas KingPodepsáno: 09:39, 29/12/2011
Cara ThurstansPodepsáno: 10:26, 28/12/2011
William KainPodepsáno: 09:01, 28/12/2011
"this is the best idea out there. Jacque Fresco needs to be at the head of this idea. we can achieve greatness!"
Janez ŠubicPodepsáno: 11:35, 26/12/2011
nathan williamsPodepsáno: 03:22, 26/12/2011
"I've had the same idea for a long time now . down with the throwaway society wasting our resorce's to make rich people richer"
DEREK walterPodepsáno: 14:41, 25/12/2011
Dan HarrisPodepsáno: 11:57, 25/12/2011
"Love it! Sounds like a resource based economy =)"
Mathew KerrPodepsáno: 01:56, 25/12/2011
Julian BernhousePodepsáno: 00:40, 25/12/2011
"I agree 100% with every single word."
anthony rickettPodepsáno: 12:51, 22/12/2011
"Simlpy the truth!"
Emma AndersonPodepsáno: 05:12, 22/12/2011
"By agreeing with the terms of this charter, I agree to it's spirit. I do not agree to any particular proposal that it may directly or indirectly support. I consider this a first step, not a final say, and express my right to withdraw support for any and all terms of the charter in the future, should I see fit."
Helene KippertPodepsáno: 13:56, 09/12/2011
James MiddlemissPodepsáno: 04:49, 07/12/2011
harshini bartlettPodepsáno: 12:09, 05/12/2011
Graham DavidsonPodepsáno: 05:07, 04/12/2011
Elisabeth LabbertonPodepsáno: 04:51, 04/12/2011
Ross KirbyPodepsáno: 00:13, 04/12/2011
"The sooner all people of the world acknowledge these principals the better, I have been a supporter of the Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement for many years now, my contributions have been, by way online supportive comment, at 65 years of age this is the best I can do, in my circumstances, but one thing is certain I will keep doing all I can for the making of a better World. "
Outback ALPodepsáno: 02:40, 03/12/2011
"Check out: for more on how to do it. "
Makere HammondPodepsáno: 08:03, 28/11/2011
"I want a free world where humans live in complete harmony with one another and our planet and all animals. I support the Venus Project and Im part of the Zeitgeist Movement."
Michael WatsonPodepsáno: 00:53, 27/11/2011
terri-lee foranPodepsáno: 13:05, 26/11/2011
"free the herb, free the people, free the land, free the planet"
Daniel Keski-nummiPodepsáno: 09:54, 25/11/2011
Wojciech ZbikPodepsáno: 02:25, 25/11/2011
"As humans, we are inperfect and that was the flaw of Communism- Right in principle, but not acnowledging our human greed and lazyness and hunger for power. what would be a source of discipline and coordination in a society based on such principles? We all know, that administrational controll would ot work!"
Katesa WeschePodepsáno: 21:15, 23/11/2011
Myles O'ReillyPodepsáno: 22:08, 22/11/2011
Adam SkupienPodepsáno: 02:11, 22/11/2011
Jay Te TeiraPodepsáno: 11:58, 21/11/2011
Gitta SzanyelPodepsáno: 04:00, 19/11/2011
Rex ArmstrongPodepsáno: 23:51, 18/11/2011
"I love the Charter. It's clear and concise goals are devoid of ideology. It is the key that may unlock our potential to create a truly unlimited future, for our species and every other, if we decide let it..."
Jessica ShawPodepsáno: 02:45, 18/11/2011
ANDREW FRANCISPodepsáno: 07:08, 14/11/2011
"I offer my services as an Artist.....for FREE and with grateful thanks."
anne stantonPodepsáno: 12:31, 13/11/2011
Ayla KuronePodepsáno: 12:30, 13/11/2011
Edwin HoganPodepsáno: 02:17, 07/11/2011
Erin EllisPodepsáno: 11:29, 05/11/2011
della parkinsonPodepsáno: 06:58, 04/11/2011
Joseph de la CernaPodepsáno: 16:13, 02/11/2011
Nathanial BannerPodepsáno: 12:29, 31/10/2011
Nick MargerisonPodepsáno: 02:16, 30/10/2011
Adam GaffoorPodepsáno: 09:11, 29/10/2011
Ben MateiPodepsáno: 06:09, 29/10/2011
"Yes, about time. We as a collective must transition above the current system in order to maintain life on our planet and achieve our potential. It is time each of us acknowledges and understands our part in the problem and become the solution. We are all emergent and must be open to new information and possibilities. Simply upholding traditions and maintaining that the injustice in the world is somehow 'just the way it is' and that as individuals are powerless, is not good enough. We live on one world, we are part of one species, it is time we grow up and take charge. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
guy pattenPodepsáno: 17:18, 28/10/2011
Ren GeorgiouPodepsáno: 02:00, 27/10/2011
"The charter us a brilliant idea. As with all things though, there should be some basic laws in place. We don't want to end up in a similar situation to the one we are in now. The reality is, no matter how much you refuse to believe it, there are people who must at all costs control everything. The label is irrelevant. Sociopath, greedy, selfish; irrelevant. Currently we are controlled by banks who control the flow of money through. In turn, thier minions through greed assist in this scheme through self preservation & greed when the right offer is on the table. You don't want someone to have the power to control the flow of resources through the same methods used now. what would stop mr greedy who owns the largest corn farm accepting a "bribe" to have every resource made available to him & give up control to a self appointed authority? Again we are at the mercy of who controls that resource. I have a solution that is a stepping stone towards this charter. Contact me if your interested "
Amelia SayersPodepsáno: 07:35, 25/10/2011
"Wonderful. Erase the money, hence erase the lack, greed and power hold created by it. Plenty and peace for all."
Glen GiblettPodepsáno: 06:57, 25/10/2011
Shaun CorlsonPodepsáno: 06:43, 25/10/2011
Andrea Da CostaPodepsáno: 03:21, 24/10/2011
Tony HillePodepsáno: 14:15, 23/10/2011
"Now wouldn't all that be nice."

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