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Missy LouisePodepsáno: 10:53, 21/07/2022
"Would love more information please. "
K PurcerPodepsáno: 07:02, 31/05/2022
Darcy VerevisPodepsáno: 03:22, 10/04/2022
John GentPodepsáno: 02:05, 09/04/2022
Domini Magpantay Podepsáno: 01:59, 01/04/2022
"A "Life Reformation" embracing this Ten Principles is an Ideal and Sound idea."
Paul MoricPodepsáno: 14:46, 11/01/2022
Christopher LovellPodepsáno: 13:53, 23/12/2021
Glynis ColePodepsáno: 02:23, 22/10/2021
"One race, the human race My religion is love"
Scott RobertsPodepsáno: 02:47, 22/09/2021
Brahamjot SinghPodepsáno: 04:25, 01/09/2021
David AndrewsPodepsáno: 05:53, 02/08/2021
Siobhan Kempton-RodenPodepsáno: 15:53, 23/07/2021
Lyle CreganPodepsáno: 01:35, 08/06/2021
Bree Schembri Podepsáno: 20:27, 06/06/2021
"Let's be free and share the world. ?❤️"
Catherine SmithPodepsáno: 00:47, 01/06/2021
Oscar DaveyPodepsáno: 17:33, 19/05/2021
linda rayPodepsáno: 06:18, 04/05/2021
Mark RogersPodepsáno: 14:06, 06/01/2021
Annette PiggottPodepsáno: 16:16, 02/01/2021
"This Charter honours all. With love in my heart I sign."
Derek DoranPodepsáno: 13:43, 17/10/2020
Terence BoardmanPodepsáno: 04:45, 05/10/2020
Peter SmirniosPodepsáno: 01:32, 26/09/2020
Tim LethbridgePodepsáno: 19:01, 25/09/2020
Trisha Ellard triPodepsáno: 15:43, 04/09/2020
Lisa SpagnuoloPodepsáno: 05:36, 04/09/2020
Bruce FeeneyPodepsáno: 06:10, 15/07/2020
Maxine GayPodepsáno: 19:03, 11/07/2020
Sandy LucasPodepsáno: 03:19, 11/07/2020
Regine KohlerPodepsáno: 22:49, 10/07/2020
Tricia AshtonPodepsáno: 01:04, 26/06/2020
Alex MacDonaldPodepsáno: 10:37, 19/06/2020
"Count me in. Take me back to the days when money was created for free and the planet wasn't exploited for commercial means. "
Hildegard MacdonaldPodepsáno: 23:08, 01/06/2020
"Spirits need a loving environment to thrive, love is the truth that sets all free. That we learn to love ourselves, eachother and the environment."
Nicholas CassanitiPodepsáno: 01:21, 24/05/2020
Nicholas CassanitiPodepsáno: 04:50, 23/05/2020
"Money, and institutions of authority, I believe, are the roots of all the world's problems. Whether that be socioeconomic indifferences, climate change, scarcity of resources, declining mental health, conflicts where artificial countries have been drawn on a map - it all stems from the same. That being money and authority. In order to achieve true freedom in this world, I believe we must work towards achieving abundant amounts of resources for oursleves, in a sustainable way without encroaching on Mother Nature. That way things can truly be openly accessed and we can have more time to focus on things which benefit society and hold higher value in our lives."
Tony PepperellPodepsáno: 20:47, 26/04/2020
Svetlana ArutyunyanPodepsáno: 09:44, 07/02/2020
"Life is amazing:)"
lyanne comptonPodepsáno: 03:11, 29/01/2020
Graeme AitkenPodepsáno: 22:58, 27/01/2020
"Surely all but the top of the power pyramid must realise that there is no future for the majority with the current system."
Tara RobinsonPodepsáno: 05:37, 27/01/2020
"What an incredible, insightful, freeing paradigm for our Earth and all it's inhabitants. Please sign for your freedom, joy, laughter and cleaning up our Earth."
Nicholas ParthenisPodepsáno: 01:51, 26/01/2020
Jenny BrownPodepsáno: 01:38, 26/01/2020
Tenar DwyerPodepsáno: 21:30, 24/01/2020
Prince Van Ross Jucuzi Podepsáno: 09:39, 05/12/2019
"Passionate and happy Elect me as President of Australia "
Keryn JohnsonPodepsáno: 03:41, 23/11/2019
Eric BizotPodepsáno: 15:05, 11/11/2019
Eric BizotPodepsáno: 14:54, 11/11/2019
Leila Khan Podepsáno: 16:11, 26/09/2019
Tom Schwerkolt-BrownePodepsáno: 13:43, 24/09/2019
Michele BuringPodepsáno: 22:09, 20/09/2019
"Thank you. This is an important message of compassion and hope. Had only the action of such a charter been able to start over 100 years ago... Certainly many individuals have tried all along, and entire cultures have lived this way... and then been overridden. Maybe this time the collective conscience has learnt better?"
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