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Stephen DaviesPodepsáno: 00:12, 04/07/2014
Adela KacPodepsáno: 12:21, 29/06/2014
CHRISTOPHER HARCOANPodepsáno: 10:58, 29/06/2014
Fintan WallisPodepsáno: 09:44, 29/06/2014
Rolf KrahnertPodepsáno: 09:15, 29/06/2014
Lewis KellyPodepsáno: 06:34, 29/06/2014
sue mustillPodepsáno: 05:20, 24/06/2014
Simon DrewPodepsáno: 04:23, 22/06/2014
James JablonkaPodepsáno: 13:48, 20/06/2014
Alf McKeonPodepsáno: 22:14, 19/06/2014
"There is movement towards this way of living, with more than a half of the countries in the world as signatories. Look up G77."
Robyn WilliamsonPodepsáno: 15:17, 19/06/2014
Claire BathgatePodepsáno: 03:56, 19/06/2014
Bel McQuillanPodepsáno: 00:06, 18/06/2014
"I believe that in order for us to live full enriched lives. We need to build sustainable communities on youtube they're referred to as earthships where we live free and give back to mother earth living with nauture naturally.. free of war and violence against humanity xx in love light and harmony xx <3 xx"
Craig RenshawPodepsáno: 19:27, 17/06/2014
Shane McAllanPodepsáno: 11:55, 17/06/2014
"If it's not good for everyone then it's not good at all."
frank iorfinoPodepsáno: 09:55, 17/06/2014
Ben ChamberlainPodepsáno: 12:13, 15/06/2014
monica grataniPodepsáno: 09:58, 14/06/2014
Beau DavidsonPodepsáno: 07:17, 14/06/2014
Alex McDermottPodepsáno: 03:29, 13/06/2014
Trevor CarleyPodepsáno: 12:06, 12/06/2014
"If I could be a part of a global community such as this outline proposes, I would be where I am meant to be. I have always felt like an outsider in this world because i have never placed value on money. I despise the concept of it! NONE OF US SHOULD HAVE TO PAY TO LIVE. Thank you for moving forward."
kelli swadekPodepsáno: 13:08, 11/06/2014
matthew RogersPodepsáno: 12:51, 11/06/2014
"This is a great concept and i would love too see it happen keep up the good work :)"
Debbie SusanPodepsáno: 10:38, 10/06/2014
"My wish and prayer is for all humanity too live a life in peace and happiness without fear or harm.."
Errol WilsonPodepsáno: 02:00, 10/06/2014
Leanne ReillyPodepsáno: 02:10, 09/06/2014
Ricky DavidsonPodepsáno: 16:16, 08/06/2014
Ben KonstantinosPodepsáno: 11:26, 08/06/2014
"This is the dream. I at first thought this is a pipedream, but as they say - Why not?"
sandesh raiPodepsáno: 02:19, 08/06/2014
sherri HoarePodepsáno: 13:23, 06/06/2014
Loic PanassiePodepsáno: 15:05, 01/06/2014
"i feel this is what human nature was suppose to be, know one to rule or to be ruled, just equal people living life in a true sense of fairness and peace and creating better technology for the future of the community."
Lyn CarterPodepsáno: 03:10, 01/06/2014
Craig. George HensonPodepsáno: 09:39, 30/05/2014
aaron wormaldPodepsáno: 14:01, 29/05/2014
Louis MillsPodepsáno: 13:25, 29/05/2014
"Money in it's essence is a virus, banks are parasites. Diseases are the only things that come easily through greed and destitution, the polarities of monetisation. A virus must change it's state from host to host to survive as money changes it's value in order for the economy to survive. Money in it's physical state is one of the dirtiest thing in the environment literally at about the standard of a communal handkerchief or toilet washer. The Black Death appeared when cities had been built to be sustained by state figures stamped onto bargaining chips which proved to corrupt the resource utilisation such that it could not survive proliferation of disease. Modern day pandemics and depopulation in every level of the environment is the final phase of the immutable law of natural process that enacts itself when population begins to expand beyond man made limits and controls which limit what is possible for the environment to reflection of sustainable economic systemisation. Abolish money."
Liz TeariiPodepsáno: 20:32, 28/05/2014
"Moving forward to a better future.."
Geoff CapperPodepsáno: 02:35, 28/05/2014
Joe GardenerPodepsáno: 05:38, 27/05/2014
lee smithPodepsáno: 23:58, 26/05/2014
linda rayPodepsáno: 04:41, 26/05/2014
"I love the concepts and thinking behind this Free World Charter, working from the bottom up with the ideas to help change the world, one idea at a time, one share at a time, one smile at a time... but most importantly to end poverty for so many in this world, starting today "
Morpheus BeingPodepsáno: 03:08, 26/05/2014
"I am from Gaia - I do not like continuing the political boundaries."
Nathalie AnderssonPodepsáno: 07:42, 24/05/2014
Zane HamblinPodepsáno: 11:39, 21/05/2014
stuart mortonPodepsáno: 05:48, 21/05/2014
Christopher JackPodepsáno: 04:56, 21/05/2014
Felix MortonPodepsáno: 04:41, 21/05/2014
"The beginnings of The United Federation of Planets. "
Stewart KerrPodepsáno: 07:01, 18/05/2014
"I wholeheartedly support any initiative to create our home-Earth, into a free-will zone that supports all of life and is free to evolve into the galactic community. A world that can fulfil it's full potential and radiates its beauty into the vastness of space."
Rome BanksPodepsáno: 03:10, 16/05/2014
chrissy carterPodepsáno: 23:23, 15/05/2014
"Its time for man to finally realize what freedom really is and that we are all connected and one humanity that is to live together equally..this is our world so time to reclaim it and find our talents and use them as intended"
Tamara OtelloPodepsáno: 02:24, 08/05/2014
"I have signed this a couple of years ago ... doesn't look like that we have advanced, in fact, may be it has become worse as neo-liberal policies tighten their grip ... we are right in the middle of it in Australia as we have voted in a regressive, conservative government that is run like a corporation, and as we are witnessing a large-scale wealth transfer from ordinary citizen to the already wealthy and rich. Quite likely we haven't hit rock bottom yet ... but people are starting to realize that we are no longer the mythical "lucky country" ... nor do we deserve to be, considering the land was stolen by the invading imperialist power. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, I hope we realize that we are all in this together and that we can change it. "

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