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Alex BraudePodepsáno: 01:17, 27/03/2013
John SimpsonPodepsáno: 01:09, 27/03/2013
Melanie Gates-ManarPodepsáno: 00:41, 27/03/2013
Alexandra NysPodepsáno: 00:19, 27/03/2013
"Very zeitgeistian- will share with my zeitgeist friends. It's time for a resource based economy. I'm sick of wasting time chasing money just to eat, ignoring the needs of people around me."
Jodie Curtis Podepsáno: 00:03, 27/03/2013
Carlee Rundell-GordonPodepsáno: 23:50, 26/03/2013
"There is nothing that I can say that will improve on this charter. I hope and pray that one day this becomes our reality xxx"
Jason StroobandPodepsáno: 23:23, 26/03/2013
"The world is a sad place, let's not be scared and make the changes necessary to live better more fruitful lives."
Vera LynnePodepsáno: 22:48, 26/03/2013
"This kind of system would decrease crime by a huge margin as almost all crime, with the exception of sexually motivated crime and crimes of passion, is motivated by poverty. "
Tristan PearsonPodepsáno: 22:24, 26/03/2013
"I really hope this will happen in the near future. I've been speaking of such a system for a while now and normally get laughed at by friends but I will insist on spreading the word and showing how it can work until it registers with more people. I wish humanity would just realise money isn't the only way this world can be run and we have a choice. Everyone has a choice and there is no better time then now to exercise that!!"
Adam PhillipsPodepsáno: 13:54, 25/03/2013
"If money was no object people would only consume what they NEED. There would be no hording. Ego would also not factor into the equation. If getting is free, giving would become free too. Humanity would eventually reach their full potential."
Nicholas WimbornePodepsáno: 12:34, 25/03/2013
Sime FowlPodepsáno: 09:44, 25/03/2013
"Hello free world"
Michelle FenwickPodepsáno: 04:53, 25/03/2013
Nicole WhitmanPodepsáno: 02:01, 25/03/2013
Andrew GaydonPodepsáno: 00:16, 25/03/2013
"Life is what you make it"
Samuel CurriePodepsáno: 17:24, 24/03/2013
Christine O'DeaPodepsáno: 12:30, 24/03/2013
david martinPodepsáno: 07:32, 24/03/2013
"not sure about career focused education being measurably detrimental, or whatever the quote was. would like to see evidence of that."
Liam FletcherPodepsáno: 06:13, 24/03/2013
"I support 'The Venus Project' and the 'FreeWorldCharter'. I will do EVERYTHING I can to make these principles a reality in my lifetime. "
chris vinkPodepsáno: 04:11, 24/03/2013
"how do we make this happen? "
Rachel KarranPodepsáno: 02:58, 24/03/2013
Christine SlatterPodepsáno: 01:39, 24/03/2013
Bruce VerrallPodepsáno: 00:34, 24/03/2013
Jamie GentryPodepsáno: 22:33, 23/03/2013
Indi ShanPodepsáno: 18:14, 23/03/2013
"It's time we stood up and claimed our freedom, and realize this planet belongs to all living species... and not just the Human race... and it's greed! "
Simon GalipoPodepsáno: 17:50, 23/03/2013
"very interesting info so truth full."
Dheeraj AgrawalPodepsáno: 15:39, 23/03/2013
"Thanks fro working towards making this a reality."
Xoannon WalkerPodepsáno: 15:08, 23/03/2013
Jonathan GazaPodepsáno: 14:53, 23/03/2013
"Thank you. Let's make this work. It makes sense."
Laura FilbeyPodepsáno: 14:31, 23/03/2013
Tea ClarkePodepsáno: 14:28, 23/03/2013
"Id love a world without money !! Please send me more info thank you i want to help make this world better "
John TheodoridisPodepsáno: 14:28, 23/03/2013
"If only the big corp's, bankers/global elite could be toppled, or better still jailed, for their crimes against humanity this would seem somewhat achievable!"
Mark FallaizePodepsáno: 14:14, 23/03/2013
louise hartmannPodepsáno: 12:52, 19/03/2013
Aleksandra AndjelkovicPodepsáno: 03:58, 16/03/2013
"the truth shall set us free"
David LashinPodepsáno: 02:12, 14/03/2013
vincent buvatPodepsáno: 07:34, 13/03/2013
"i am pleased by the concept voting doesn't make me feel that i'm contributing to anything. it only happen once any one citizen is 10 times smarter than a politician and we outnumber them by billions... "
Chris AUPodepsáno: 04:02, 12/03/2013
"Until more of us can relate to the land as caretakers, not as owners/tenants, we can't have sustainable development. @landrights4all Man can no more own the land we walk upon than lay claim to the air we breathe - Chief Seattle "Access to land is should be determined by basic principles of human rights and social justice, rather than exclusively by market forces." Aust Human Rights& Equal Opportunities Commission "The foxes have holes & the birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head." JC "Whether you’re a logger, a politician, an organic farmer or run the Body Shop, the economic bottom line is that you must pay the rent or mortgage. This starting point of commitment to the market involves us in a high level of specialisation, marketing and competition. While many of us do attempt to work for the good, this increasing pressure to pay is proving to be no basis for our ability to live in a sustainable way." Neighbourhood that Works"
Anne SchroederPodepsáno: 11:30, 10/03/2013
Kylie ClarkePodepsáno: 20:37, 08/03/2013
Robert MannPodepsáno: 04:15, 08/03/2013
wade libbisPodepsáno: 11:55, 25/02/2013
"I could die a happy man knowing the children of today and tomorrow would be inheriting and living in such an, love, peace and freedom are all the same thing...we have those tools :)"
Rick KlappersPodepsáno: 01:01, 25/02/2013
"It's sounds all good, But I believe a batar sytem would be more effective. Just my opinon :)"
casey DavidsonPodepsáno: 23:27, 24/02/2013
"Fantastic video... a very simple explanation... I'd love to show this to my less open minded friends... rbe all the way!"
Janette MarshallPodepsáno: 21:13, 24/02/2013
"I have beening waiting for this to happen for a very long time,so here we are changing the world for the good of all and the harm of none."
Michael KeanePodepsáno: 13:04, 24/02/2013
"All for one and one for all (:"
Peter EdwardsPodepsáno: 03:10, 24/02/2013
"Thank you for the great work you guys have done and continue to do. I am an OPPT-in member an also Hope Girl, manuscript how to fix the world and also there business plan. Are you guys connected or do you communicate ? I believe the way forward for humanity is if the efforts of our beautiful world changing people begin to combine, uniting the people into one unstoppable force. So much Love and Respect Thank you "
Courtney MoranPodepsáno: 10:52, 22/02/2013
Thomas MorganPodepsáno: 12:37, 21/02/2013
Sebastian MillicayPodepsáno: 10:42, 21/02/2013

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