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Bernie LaiPodepsáno: 05:14, 23/10/2011
Benjamin SeiverPodepsáno: 15:52, 22/10/2011
"I agree with the Free World Charter"
Kieran SleyerPodepsáno: 10:03, 22/10/2011
"All it takes is 1/10th of the worlds population to meditate with intent, on a better and more enlightened way of being. Let's now actualise this change together, and co-create a new utopia!"
jessica baulmanPodepsáno: 09:58, 21/10/2011
Pierce CollinsPodepsáno: 04:39, 20/10/2011
Kieran WayPodepsáno: 14:48, 19/10/2011
Philip JennoPodepsáno: 03:29, 19/10/2011
Sharon HarveyPodepsáno: 00:42, 19/10/2011
"THANKYOU!!!! This is the first time i have been hopeful about the future of our world for a long time! THANKYOU XXX"
Angelina BrittPodepsáno: 00:13, 19/10/2011
"i can only hope too see this in our lifetime...i have shared and will continue too promote a resource based economy..thank you for the wonderful insights"
Lynne RobbinsPodepsáno: 07:17, 18/10/2011
"Wow - how wonderful is this. As I read each principle I felt lighter and happier. Here in words is what I have felt inside for so long. The beginnings of real change!"
Elaine ErskinePodepsáno: 00:38, 18/10/2011
regina sebrightPodepsáno: 23:06, 17/10/2011
Sarah BradfordPodepsáno: 03:06, 16/10/2011
Vanessa FarquharsonPodepsáno: 05:18, 15/10/2011
Sarah GuevaraPodepsáno: 04:20, 15/10/2011
Andrew HighstonePodepsáno: 15:50, 14/10/2011
Silvia MogorovichPodepsáno: 12:05, 12/10/2011
Jordan RadfordPodepsáno: 11:33, 12/10/2011
Adam DouglasPodepsáno: 03:56, 12/10/2011
Ricardo AmadoPodepsáno: 20:49, 11/10/2011
Julie LeitlPodepsáno: 18:17, 11/10/2011
Brad GriffinPodepsáno: 10:25, 11/10/2011
"It makes perfect sense, the only way the human race could survive."
Katey HigginsPodepsáno: 08:54, 11/10/2011
Tanya ChearyPodepsáno: 13:29, 09/10/2011
aaron waltonPodepsáno: 20:58, 07/10/2011
Joel DunnPodepsáno: 04:21, 06/10/2011
"I am not entirely comfortable with the "scientific method as primary means of problem solving". This is well intentioned and I do acknowledge the general efficacy of science, but the scientific method as we know it priviledges so called "objectivity" and denies the subjective humanity of the scientist (values, opinions, agenda etc), hence creating a superficial, valueless worldview. Inappropriate technology and misused science are not just a result of the monetary system, also a result of the methods being used. We need a values based, action research based science for a free world, and I strongly suggest this issue should be included in the charter."
Michele HuthnancePodepsáno: 23:21, 04/10/2011
"I've already started!"
Drew NixonPodepsáno: 01:37, 04/10/2011
"This is the kind of society that should have been planned, proposed and executed a long long time ago. I'd rather work for free and live for free than work for money and live in a monetary system where we are slaves to the rich."
Jesse ChapmanPodepsáno: 23:26, 03/10/2011
Talia GPodepsáno: 19:19, 03/10/2011
Jenny MeenksPodepsáno: 15:35, 03/10/2011
"I as a mother, a creator of life, solemnly promise My children and future grandchildren that I will Do everything within my abilities to leave behind A world just like this for them. I am young, full of Love and compassion and believe whole heartily That we CAN do this!!!! "
Leah ChearyPodepsáno: 14:18, 03/10/2011
Olgaa FiencoPodepsáno: 12:52, 03/10/2011
"I hope this comes to beare."
Luke GostelowPodepsáno: 11:55, 03/10/2011
Huw GregoryPodepsáno: 11:25, 03/10/2011
Daniel TroyakPodepsáno: 11:10, 03/10/2011
"Money served its purpose though time and allowed for the creation of incredible technology that we have today. But like everything in life it has an expiry date and its time for the next chapter in humanity!"
Fiona BradleyPodepsáno: 11:04, 03/10/2011
Chris BaconPodepsáno: 10:54, 03/10/2011
Ryan MullinsPodepsáno: 01:25, 21/09/2011
Kara GranshawPodepsáno: 13:44, 19/09/2011
Wade MortimerPodepsáno: 00:29, 15/09/2011
andy grayPodepsáno: 22:02, 14/09/2011
"this is a long time coming"
Bobby KPodepsáno: 19:31, 14/09/2011
Mark RogersPodepsáno: 00:12, 14/09/2011
"Excellent Work, and the website is along similar ideas I have had recently (I'm a member of TZM)"
silke keilPodepsáno: 05:56, 13/09/2011
"inspiring and very possible - love, peace and gratitude shall lead the way "
Damon FisherPodepsáno: 12:38, 12/09/2011
"Hi Guys , I like the ider ,I like it all , but we need to scientific show that this can work , buy method of applercashion, when we can do that , then we may have a chance, what i mean is we could try putting a number of poeple in a community in environment were they use money , and have them doing jobs they do not want to do , becouse that is the real world today ,there are alot of poeple doing jobs they do not want to do , then take the money away and see what happens , i have seen some things like this being tryed , but it needs to big done on a larg scale, say for instents , a small town , and have anther town near buy so that if things get out of controll ,we can step in and resolve it , and if that worked , then this could be inplermented town buy town and tell we are all working with out money, and that would also show people, the jobs nobody wants to do, and then we could work out how to automate it. "
sivshanmugam chittrarasuPodepsáno: 17:11, 11/09/2011
"together,lets end the poverty together,lets end the starvation together,lets end the war together,lets end the animal cruelty together,lets begin "
Lee HamiltonPodepsáno: 09:22, 08/09/2011
Dean RobertsonPodepsáno: 16:22, 06/09/2011
David VaracalliPodepsáno: 09:11, 06/09/2011
"Signed with unconditional love..."

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