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Jessica BarnesSigned: 15:49, 30/12/2020
"Moneyless World = Perfect World "
Mark BendonSigned: 12:32, 30/12/2020
ANGELA SchubertSigned: 23:18, 29/12/2020
Floyd Van DorenSigned: 16:23, 29/12/2020
Michael PhelpsSigned: 13:42, 29/12/2020
Ken ScraggSigned: 11:37, 29/12/2020
"I have been promoting the RBE since 2001 and would love to meet with the organisers. I have solutions."
Markus Dr. UlrichSigned: 11:06, 29/12/2020
Franz WeberSigned: 10:32, 29/12/2020
"Ich danke den Ideengebern von FREIE WELT CHARTA für diese wunderbare Möglichkeit sich zu verbinden mit Gleichgesinnten "
Chris SandovalSigned: 20:47, 28/12/2020
John Hartley John Hartley McGeeSigned: 20:17, 28/12/2020
"The Venus Project would be an excellent foundation. "
Howard StanleySigned: 13:23, 28/12/2020
"De-commoditize everything related to the sustenance, advancement and maintenance of life. "
Christopher BechholdSigned: 11:09, 28/12/2020
Tasha ChangSigned: 11:04, 28/12/2020
Mike BruntSigned: 09:08, 28/12/2020
"Imagine our World if these principles applied now. I would recommend your looking at the Earth Dollar project."
Mary FinneganSigned: 09:06, 28/12/2020
Kasper BoersSigned: 09:03, 28/12/2020
Steven HarrisonSigned: 08:57, 28/12/2020
"These are also the basic principles of the Venus Project which I also support."
Gleb SokolovSigned: 08:06, 28/12/2020
Giuseppe Di CarloSigned: 07:23, 28/12/2020
Dan AtkinsonSigned: 07:22, 28/12/2020
"All laudable and necessary goals. But to achieve them we must universally apply scientific principles of global resource management, prioritizing public health and ecological sustainability via a Resource Based Economy free of all monetary trade."
Paul BowenSigned: 06:39, 28/12/2020
John DescySigned: 03:18, 28/12/2020
SARA NEISSigned: 16:03, 27/12/2020
Daniela Cristina NunesSigned: 04:31, 27/12/2020
Sophie KeySigned: 12:46, 26/12/2020
Josilaine PintoSigned: 06:32, 26/12/2020
Rolf BieliSigned: 23:18, 25/12/2020
raymond lalandeSigned: 08:43, 25/12/2020
Lea SchäppiSigned: 13:46, 23/12/2020
Timea FahrniSigned: 12:32, 23/12/2020
Jelena KellerSigned: 11:52, 23/12/2020
erik carapia erik Signed: 09:48, 23/12/2020
"A nossa "humanidade começou errado! Mas acredito ser possível legar uma vida melhor aos nossos descendentes. "
helen zaniniSigned: 07:24, 23/12/2020
"A grande verdade foi dita ...destruímos o nosso planeta por ganancia e egoísmo ...não respeitamos nenhuma forma de vida ,nem a "humana"!"
Simon TapsellSigned: 12:37, 21/12/2020
Albert KohlerSigned: 12:31, 21/12/2020
"I am 63 years young and for decades have wanted to see a movement like this. Humanitys survival is dependent on Embracing these principles."
Emiliano EstebanSigned: 19:47, 20/12/2020
"Está información me parece súper valiosa, la estoy compartiendo con amigos y conocidos"
Philippe Saint-ArailleSigned: 03:51, 20/12/2020
"Puisse chaque instant t'être un présent!"
George KazakidisSigned: 16:15, 19/12/2020
Kate KennedySigned: 07:31, 18/12/2020
Manuel FernandesSigned: 04:02, 18/12/2020
Stefanie KietzSigned: 06:04, 17/12/2020
Michael MaeßSigned: 23:22, 16/12/2020
Bianca JanossySigned: 15:26, 16/12/2020
"The flood of barium and lithium planned through the EV industry is threatening to the uneducated opportunistic minors in the Congo if not regulated responsibly, as well as all life if not recycled responsibly from the beginning!"
Rosalba RibeiroSigned: 22:48, 15/12/2020
"Sim, eu quero assinar a carta, assisti o filme é me apaixonei!!!"
Michał KowalskiSigned: 15:42, 15/12/2020
marie christine fontaineSigned: 11:53, 15/12/2020
Lodney NazaréSigned: 09:21, 15/12/2020
Deepak GuniaSigned: 16:38, 13/12/2020
Tamara Gruber- KaiblingerSigned: 13:26, 11/12/2020
"I believe in what you doing and made of. Thanks"
Elizabeth Faye ZornSigned: 23:21, 09/12/2020
"My heart's desire is to virtually see the END to human trafficking & all it's forms. Enough of the endless suffering from greed. #AskMeHowIno? #HaffaFukkinCentury. End of #HerStory."

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