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Djuna Van der Borgt Firmato: 07:43, 20/03/2019
Rinaldas MitkusFirmato: 14:01, 19/03/2019
"I want better world for my daughter"
Ellen KrikorianFirmato: 01:54, 19/03/2019
"I am a PDD-NOS adult which I suffer for all my life and climate change, the environment it hurt me so much it triggers my all sensory system I am one of who is affected so severely, I can`t stand the corporations who poison me and the world "
Lino SilvaFirmato: 22:26, 18/03/2019
Domingo Ocaranza BouetFirmato: 20:50, 18/03/2019
Cecilia Vélez ViteriFirmato: 20:14, 18/03/2019
s kayeFirmato: 18:24, 18/03/2019
"where’s our commune? ::willing to relocate, comes with own tinyhousing::"
vincent marattyFirmato: 18:04, 18/03/2019
"This is the only way to end capitalism"
Clara TorresFirmato: 10:34, 18/03/2019
"Sí se puede. Se puede todo lo que podamos imaginar porque el Universo es cuántico"
José Manuel Sánchez SánchezFirmato: 10:24, 18/03/2019
Ian HartleyFirmato: 10:12, 18/03/2019
Jan PonsfordFirmato: 09:55, 18/03/2019
Terry PackFirmato: 09:29, 18/03/2019
Luis SousaFirmato: 09:12, 18/03/2019
"Eu só quero ter um mundo melhor e saudavel."
Luis SousaFirmato: 09:10, 18/03/2019
Ewerton Fernandes DiasFirmato: 02:40, 18/03/2019
RICHARD ALFRED SPENCER SEGUELFirmato: 02:39, 18/03/2019
Maria de Fátima CompõeteFirmato: 00:28, 18/03/2019
Veronica SuarezFirmato: 00:20, 18/03/2019
Margaret Balcom Firmato: 23:27, 17/03/2019
Agueda González DominguezFirmato: 23:26, 17/03/2019
Silvia NegredoFirmato: 23:07, 17/03/2019
Patrick Acosta LozadaFirmato: 23:01, 17/03/2019
Hamish GrahamFirmato: 22:41, 17/03/2019
Naomi FritcheyFirmato: 21:15, 17/03/2019
Israel FritcheyFirmato: 21:10, 17/03/2019
Pete WhitehurstFirmato: 21:01, 17/03/2019
"I was literally talking about the worlds money problems a few hours ago and it gave me inspiration to write my thoughts and try to come up with some solutions The phone was obviously listening and a link to this appeared in my newsfeed, the first time this capability has ever proven useful! And the charter covers all of areas and more that were discussed. It’s good to know there are already people working to make this a reality although I fear the major stake holders involved and benefitting from the monetary system will not let it go without a brutal fight"
Ricardo Junior Rodrigues FerreiraFirmato: 20:19, 17/03/2019
Lelanie FavaFirmato: 19:57, 17/03/2019
"I want everything is free."
Daniel PascuasFirmato: 16:09, 17/03/2019
"This is the next step in our evolution and we must take it fully. "
Marli Kewitz MarliFirmato: 18:52, 16/03/2019
Therese AntoineFirmato: 13:25, 16/03/2019
Danielle DuventruFirmato: 08:33, 16/03/2019
Michael LindFirmato: 21:03, 15/03/2019
Robert DimaFirmato: 23:14, 14/03/2019
Aditya KasarlaFirmato: 23:06, 14/03/2019
Markus WittkeFirmato: 06:37, 14/03/2019
"Ich weiss, dass ich nicht mehr alleine bin.Aber dennoch das gefühl alleine zu sein.Immer mehr sammel ich an erfahrungen.Das wissen darüber, schon 50 jahre vorher die Welt zu ändern.Venus-projekt,Auroville,Die freie welt charta.Nur warum ändert sich immer noch nix?Und solange Währungssytem existiert,sehe ich keinen Sinn meehr zu bleiben."
nataly BustamanteFirmato: 02:20, 14/03/2019
Naqaa MohammedFirmato: 16:12, 13/03/2019
"I support this IDea "
alex chmeleFirmato: 13:47, 13/03/2019
Glenn StanleyFirmato: 08:34, 13/03/2019
"Is this being trialled anywhere in the world at the moment? UBI is another idea being proposed in Norway. A basic income wether you work or not no strings attached but I believe it should be attached to good social behaviour. I would love it if we woke up and thought, great im going out to help someone today without the pressing thought of needing to get paid for it.I agree with the concept completely but we need a volunteer small country to take this idea and trial it for the rest of the world to see how it develops. Love peace and kindness towards each other Amen "
Armani CochranFirmato: 16:04, 12/03/2019
"Let’s get this done"
Pierre CotFirmato: 12:45, 11/03/2019
Adam RoseFirmato: 12:32, 11/03/2019
"We are the medicine to one another."
vanessa dominguesFirmato: 23:33, 10/03/2019
"O mundo inteiro precisa assistir o documentário e ler essa carta."
Urs BolenderFirmato: 09:23, 10/03/2019
Walter DuitsFirmato: 04:10, 10/03/2019
"Let's make our beautiful planet a better place, let's do it quickly ! Freeworlders feel welcome to visit my place in the Ardeche, south of France.( contact per e-mail) "
Helen YorkFirmato: 06:40, 08/03/2019
Helen YorkFirmato: 06:21, 08/03/2019

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