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Helene BaranyaiFirmato: 09:19, 19/07/2019
Helene Lalita BaranyaiFirmato: 10:38, 19/06/2019
"Namaskara ich freue mich auf unsere wundervolle gemeinsame zukunft auf unserer Mutter Erde om tat sat "
Daniel Mc LaughlinFirmato: 06:29, 14/02/2019
Dennis HenryFirmato: 08:16, 28/11/2018
"Who does the organising? Will it be tryanny free? "
Ole NorheimFirmato: 07:37, 22/08/2018
Franklin CruzFirmato: 05:21, 18/03/2018
Steffen HannemannFirmato: 07:12, 08/03/2018
"Meine Zukunft Vision: 2030 ist das Jahr, wo wir global die Star Trek Gesellschaft umsetzen zuvor wurde bis 2025 das UBI global umgesetzt und damit Armut überwunden, in der Folge konnte jeder seine besonderen Begabungen fördern, wodurch die Menschheit ihr Wissen exorbitant vervielfachte. Man erkannte, dass man nur zusammen die Weltprobleme lösen konnte, was schon 2028 zur Weltvereinigung unter einer Roboter Weltregierung geführt hat. Das UBI wurde jedes Jahr an die wirtschaftlichen Bedingungen angepasst und stieg stark an, bis Geld und Besitz sinnlos wurde, sich jeder das nehmen konnte was man benötigte - die Star Trek Gesellschaft das auf Geld und Mangel basierende System überwunden hat."
Gunar KunzFirmato: 11:51, 12/04/2017
Satida ThipasathienFirmato: 06:37, 02/11/2016
Brian Arthur SOLOMONFirmato: 03:09, 23/07/2016
Deano millsFirmato: 06:22, 04/01/2016
Erich SysakFirmato: 07:27, 18/09/2015
David PuckeyFirmato: 01:59, 20/06/2015
Andrew Stuart InghamFirmato: 10:11, 29/05/2015
Ron StephenFirmato: 14:26, 05/02/2015
"This is a wonderful concept, and it might even work once it is established, but the implementation is logistically impractical if not impossible."
Justin Vaillant Firmato: 07:58, 19/11/2014
Steven SteinFirmato: 06:15, 24/09/2014
"I have been wishing and wondering, pushing to evolve past money for years.We are all just slaves to the banking industry and have no real life,just look around.Even the blind can see this is wrong! This is fantastic and feels natural. Im in, Where do I sign?!"
Jan GelderloosFirmato: 03:58, 01/08/2014
"I AM a free citizen of Earth. Above I have entered Thailand as my current place of residence, since I am now volunteering there as an English teacher at an NGO. I am a citizen of the Netherlands, born in Amsterdam, but also have a US permanent residency (green) card, because I lived there for thirty years before taking on this volunteer gig. In my life I have traveled the world and immersed myself in the study of diverse cultures and lifestyles. One thing I know, is that all living beings have in common the desire to be happy and live a fruitful and productive life. One fact stands out, namely that selfishness, greed, the lust for money and power makes this world a place of suffering for many, while for the very elite few it results in decadency, perverted values and outrageous wealth at the expense of the oppressed, the hungry and the poor. If that is not enough reason to declare sovereignty for all in a world free of slavery, and free of money, then I wouldn't know what is! ONE LOVE"
Chanyut PhrukkumwongFirmato: 16:16, 05/06/2014
Michael Werner GrausnickFirmato: 02:54, 16/01/2014
"Dem kann man nur zustimmen. Leider werdeich (60 Jahre alt) die Verbesserung wohl nicht mehr erleben. "
Rene MayenzetFirmato: 04:29, 15/01/2014
"Find ich super, weiter so und ich hoffe mit der Weitergabe der Website, etwas kleines beizusteuern. Vielen Dank für Ihren Einsatz für die schöne Welt ohne Geld."
Waewrawewong SangaFirmato: 05:01, 15/07/2013
"Thanks for everything that will be free in the future."
Nicolas LanzaFirmato: 08:02, 15/05/2013
"Excellent, lets set the wheels in motion to make this possible."
Jimmy HyndFirmato: 14:53, 24/03/2013
kim-liên schintgenFirmato: 15:16, 25/02/2013
REINHARD DIETHELMFirmato: 21:04, 02/02/2013
"ich kann die nur unterschreiben reinhard diethelm"
roberta capriccioniFirmato: 16:07, 23/11/2012
Silvio FalcinelliFirmato: 02:55, 20/11/2012
yael camailFirmato: 14:06, 08/11/2012
Nikita PapillonFirmato: 10:16, 07/09/2012
michael kellyFirmato: 13:22, 09/07/2012
"I hope this message can be translated into as many languages as possible. "
robert gepfordFirmato: 13:00, 07/07/2012
"much of this is how i have lived my life...of course with adaptations as needed to survive in the current system. but these are and have been my goals..."
ALAN JOHNSTONEFirmato: 11:39, 02/07/2012
""I have no country to fight for; my country is the Earth, and I am a citizen of the World." - Eugene V. Debs To contact a political organisation that has been struggling for one world for over a hundred years see here "
Manfred MietheFirmato: 15:31, 01/07/2012
Privat SomalFirmato: 21:33, 08/06/2012
bruno kusterFirmato: 01:38, 08/06/2012
CJ HinkeFirmato: 09:29, 09/05/2012
"Eliminating the military in every country is the crucial step to enable human freedom."
Luca SodduFirmato: 19:45, 03/05/2012
jose Carlos Menendez GarciaFirmato: 10:07, 21/03/2012
jhon DupontFirmato: 19:37, 24/02/2012
Jared FranksFirmato: 04:28, 24/02/2012
Phattharawan PrasresthasutFirmato: 12:50, 23/02/2012
loic HALATREFirmato: 11:41, 23/02/2012
"Deja commence avec ma famille..."
Vajira SubhasathiraFirmato: 19:02, 16/02/2012
Frankie BishopFirmato: 04:47, 10/02/2012
"- A World without money is very viable today, however, it does have inherent flaws. But, not as much as a World with money as like today. Eliminate money from the equation and the rest can be very easily resolved..."
Duquenne HerveFirmato: 09:24, 04/01/2012
Rob GallFirmato: 02:23, 03/12/2011
"Will common sense prevail??"
Jimmie CoxFirmato: 02:55, 13/11/2011
Damien GOGETFirmato: 08:35, 27/10/2011
"Earth is not a gift from our parents but a loan from our children. We have the duty to take care of it and give them back in the best state possible according to our technology and our knowledge. With no money, you have no more possession. With no more possession, you have no more power. With no more power, you have no more authority but only natural leaders. Our generation has the duty to suppress the use of money within our community. "When the Power of Love will overcome the Love of Power, the World will be at peace""
scott yatesFirmato: 13:26, 20/09/2011

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